Chapter 684: “Returning Alive”

With Cellino’s excellent wind manipulation, the monsters found it hard to fly, not to mention attacking the beast.

They did have long-range abilities, but most monsters had close-range abilities, unlike the beasts that had a higher percentage of having long-range abilities. 

This was why Cellino’s wind manipulation was extremely effective against the monsters that had close-range abilities. 

The wind kept them away from Cellino and the carriage. How could they even attack, ah? 

Poor them. 

Well, right now, there weren’t a lot of high-level monsters, basically only twenty or less. 

But to tame one without using too much of her luck energy to assist her, Ainsley needed ten or so minutes to charm one monster. 

Even with Cellino’s help in restraining the monsters’ movement, the monsters’ instinct to defy humans was just too high. 

Without the luck manipulation ability’ assistance to boost the charm ability to the extreme or weaken the target, Ainsley had to double or triple her effort to tame the high-level monsters with her charm. 

Because of this, the baby repeatedly exhausted her charm ability’s energy and had to use various energy crystals to keep up. 

Still, Ainsley was determined to tame all the high-level flying monsters sent to her door! 

It took more than three hours to tame all the high-level flying-type monsters, but at the same time, the powder’s effect was finally gone. 

The super beast repellent effect was also gone, but because the timing was right, the beasts didn’t come back to attack the carriage for no reason. 

Three hours non-stop taming and battling the monster horde…countless monsters died in Axelle’s hand, leaving no corpses at all. 

Those that left corpses were all handled by Nouvan. Nouvan sucked the bodies into his spatial storage, and thankfully, he could fit all the monsters’ carcasses. 

He even cut the monsters’ bodies to pieces and only took the valuable part. 

Hum, we have to take advantage of this misfortune, ah! 

After the long, arduous battle, even Ainsley was so tired that she almost lost control of the monsters she had just tamed. 

Thinking that it would be dangerous if she lost her harvest, Ainsley didn’t hesitate to stuff all the monsters into her spatial bracelet! 

After all, even if the space inside the bracelet wasn’t that big since she never had a chance to upgrade it, the sky area was large enough to hold these flying monsters. 

With all the monsters gone to Ainsley’s bracelet, the crisis is finally over. 

Well, Nouvan and Axelle were startled when they saw that many living monsters were disappearing like that, but thinking about their boss…

Maybe their boss had unique spatial storage that could contain living beings? Possible. 

Even though they had never heard of that kind of item if it’s their miraculous boss…

Hum. It must be a miracle…because our boss herself is a miracle. 

The duo didn’t think that it was strange or anything for Ainsley to own spatial storage that could store living beings. 

If anything, they would only nod their heads in satisfaction. 

As expected of our boss! 

And that’s it~ 

Haaaa fanatical fans really can’t be saved anymore. 

After finishing the bitter battle that really wasn’t pleasant, even the Pegacorns were exhausted to death. 

However, they didn’t immediately enter the Sloan Mansion. 

The group decided to circle the mansion once more for safety purposes, afraid that there was still powder residue somewhere they didn’t know. 

While the Pegacorns circled the mansion from afar, the Godfather, who didn’t have any chance to help Ainsley, suddenly spoke to the baby through telepathy. 

[…when this lord saw you tamed tons of monsters in one go, this lord recovered some memories…it was the Aretha Family’s war.] 

The Godfather paused before continuing with a low tone of voice, sounding regretful. 

[But this lord only remembered the taming scene.] 

It was the shocking scene where Ainsley made a lot of flying-type monsters and beasts fall from the sky just to kneel and salute her. 

The scene was so impactful that what Ainsley did just now, even if not as grand as the one done at the Aretha War, was enough to trigger the Godfather’s memory once more. 

Although the Godfather didn’t trigger the rest of the Aretha War memories, it was enough to make Ainsley smile from ear to ear. 

[Really? That’s good news, uncle Godfather! I should really perform many things in front of you to recover your memories sooner…] 

Maybe she had to go to the casino once more and also had to meet the two high-level spirits belonging to the shaman guild master. 

If the spirits could scare her again, the Godfather would definitely feel a deja vu, and his memory would be triggered. 

[Hum. This Lord also agrees. Little brat, you should do many things…maybe do things that this Lord did when this lord possessed you?] 

Because the Godfather couldn’t see what he did when he used Ainsley’s body, but if Ainsley just acted out the scene, he would be able to see it and feel a sense of deja vu too. 

Although…it would be faster to possess Ainsley and re-act the scene. 

[Mmmm…there are many things that I can act out…but for now, let’s go back to the Sloan Mansion. We need to have breakfast as well as prepare for tomorrow’s tournament.] 

Ainsley put aside the matter of restoring the Godfather’s memory and urged the Pegacorns to enter the Sloan Mansion’s territory. 

The moment the carriage landed on the front yard, Grandpa Yofan and the others, who were constantly looking at the telescope to watch Ainsley’s situation, immediately rushed out of the mansion’s building. 

“Ain! You– you’re alright!” Grandpa Yofan was about to burst into tears while the other members’ eyes reddened. 

Our boss returns alive! 

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