Chapter 682: “A Quarrel”

Ainsley only opened one window for Axelle to launch his attack. 

After all, her charm ability would work even when she’s inside the carriage. She only had to pick her target, and her charm aura would hit them. 

With Ainsley’s precise command, Axelle immediately started the bitter fight against the low-level monsters. 

Of course, he entrusted Blaze to Nouvan as he went busy shooting the corrosive black liquid to any low-level monsters that tried to get into the carriage through the window. 

Tak. Tak. Tak! Zzzzzzzhhhh…

Sizzling sounds mixed with the monsters’ screams echoed in the sky. 

The sunlight slowly fell on the carriage and the monsters, yet it only highlighted the bloody battle they were facing. 

Such loud noises and visual impact…how could those at the Sloan Mansion didn’t notice anything? 

Even if the flying monster horde was far from the Sloan Family’s mansion, their noises and number was enough to alarm the Sloan Family members. 

“Quick! Find out what’s going on! How come there are so many flying monsters gathering at that spot?” 

Grandpa Yofan, who usually woke up early, noticed the phenomenon and immediately asked his people to check out the situation. 

Using the magic telescope, the people at the Sloan Mansion could see the monsters’ horde is actually chasing something in the sky. 

And the monsters’ route seemed to be circling the Sloan Family even when they were so far away. 

How could they not be alarmed?

The Sloan Family’s air force and the scout team immediately tried to find out what happened, and after fifteen minutes, they returned to Grandpa Yofan with dark faces. 

“Reporting. The monsters are attacking a flying vehicle. We can’t see the vehicle clearly because the monster horde is too dense, but that vehicle should be a carriage.” 

The air force leader, the current Ale branch family head, couldn’t help but purse his lips as he hesitated to tell more. 

The young man who took over his dad’s position for this second round’s territory siege was a bit nervous since it was his first time contributing to the family. 

Seeing the young man’s hesitant expression, Grandpa Yofan suddenly had a bad hunch…

“What is it? What kind of carriage is it? Don’t tell me it’s our family’s carriage– ” 

“I…I saw the beasts pulling the carriage for a split second, and they’re Pegacorn. So, I…I think…” 

The young man didn’t dare to continue his words. He knew full well what it meant to be surrounded by a horde of monsters in the sky. 

Their family head is in big trouble. 

How could Grandpa Yofan not realise this fact? When he confirmed his suspicion, the old man was so shocked that he wobbled. 

“Supreme elder!” The other members hurriedly rush to support the pale old man, but they were also as anxious as Grandpa Yofan. 

Our family head is trapped inside a monster horde…this is bad! We have to save her! 

Even the five buds and the other higher-ups who just heard of the news had the same thoughts of these air force elites. 

However, Grandpa Yofan gritted his teeth and shook his head. 

“No. We can’t send any personnel there. It’s akin to sending a suicide squad.” 

Grandpa Yofan’s eyes reddened as he spoke in a trembling and hoarse voice. 

“Don’t you see how many monsters are over there? We can’t afford to lose personnel before the second round starts.” 

Elliana, Martin, the five buds, the elders, even the generals were stunned silly. 

What? What does it mean? Does it mean that Grandpa Yofan wants to abandon their family head?! 

The impulsive Jevon was the first one to explode. He didn’t care if he’s rude or anything, he suddenly rushed to Grandpa Yofan and grabbed the old man’s collar. 

Before anyone could stop him, the young man already shook Grandpa Yofan’s body as he looked up at the taller old man with a face looking like a wounded beast. 

“How could you! Old fart– how could you abandon milady?? She’s in danger! Fck! I don’t care. I’m going there to save her. I’m a monster tamer. I can– ” 

“Stop, stop, Jevon! Let go of the supreme elder!” 

Marietta hurriedly pulled Jevon, but the young man wouldn’t budge. He glared at Grandpa Yofan, as if disappointed in the old man. 

“Old man. We can’t fight well in the second round without the family head. You know that! And I refuse to believe this monster horde has nothing to do with the Naran Family.” 

Jevon spoke fast in one breath before he spoke in a more aggressive tone. 

“The Naran Family wanted milady to be dead! How can we just sit down and wait?? No matter how many monsters there are, we should at least try to rescue the boss from the horde– ” 

Grandpa Yofan suddenly slapped Jevon’s disobedient claw on his collar and snorted coldly. 

“Ignorant. You already know that the horde has something to do with the Naran Family. Have you ever thought about how the Naran Family did that?” 

The old man casually patted his wrinkled collar before looking at Jevon as if the young man was a brat. Well, he’s only 18, just like Raphael…and Jevon was hot-blooded and arrogant. 

Grandpa Yofan shook his head and spoke in a stern voice. 

“I suspect that the Naran Family poured something onto Ain’s carriage, attracting the whole flying monsters and even flying beasts in the area.” 

“What– that, I know, but– ” Jevon wanted to argue, but Grandpa Yofan was faster than him. 

“Listen. Ain can’t come back before the luring effect is gone. That’s why she only circled the mansion from afar! You get it? She doesn’t want to drag us down.” 

So, how could they disturb Ain’s plan or intention? 

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