Chapter 681: “Super Beast Repellent”

Super beast repellent, a repellent that could even chase away sacred beasts! 

Of course, this only worked for a while and only one-time use, but it was enough to deter all beasts that would attack the carriage. 

Ainsley wasn’t stingy to use this repellent because right now, she basically could only use her charm, shaman, and radar ability. 

To fight against tons of monsters and beasts before the second round started was just stupid. If she could use the repellent, the carriage would be the safest place aside from the mansion. 

“Let’s use this repellent. But this can only deter beasts, not monsters. As for the monsters…kill those who are not too useful. As for the useful monsters, I’ll charm them.” 

Ainsley didn’t want to use her super beast repellent for nothing. 

Of course, she had to reap some benefits! There weren’t many flying-type monsters in her family. 

If she could catch tons of them and make them into a reward for her mafia members, her family’s strength would rise! 

“I only accept mid-level and high-level monsters. As for the low-level…if they’re not unique or rare, kill them all.” 

Ainsley was confident in Axelle’s ability. Besides, Cellino was also here, and the Godfather as well…she could let the Godfather possess her for a while to massacre the low-level monsters. 

Of course, first, she better charmed the chosen monsters and used the monsters to battle the other monsters. 

Just right after explaining her plan, Ainsley and the others suddenly heard bird noises from afar, and even the wind seemed to be blowing harder than before. 

The group simultaneously looked out and saw the sky over the horizon slowly turning colourful. The horde was still far, yet one could already see their silhouettes. 

The powder’s smell was really strong to attract beasts and monsters from that far away! 

Ainsley immediately got Axelle to spray the super beast repellent around their body, the carriage, and the Pegacorns. 

The Pegacorns might feel uncomfortable, but since they’re under Ainsley’s command and contract, they endured the uncomfortable feelings and kept flying around the mansion. 

Contracted beasts and monsters usually could withstand this kind of repellent as long as their connection with their master was strong. 

The powder too. 

The Pegacorns didn’t go crazy because they were already tamed, and Ainsley skillfully coaxed them, letting go of their instinct and anxiety to act upon the powder or the repellent. 

But the wild beasts or monsters couldn’t do that…

Of course, the reason why Ainsley also sprayed the super beast repellent to Pegacorns was so that the other beasts did not attack them. 

After all, those people might also have sprinkled the powder on the Pegacorns! 

At the same time, Cellino also received the repellent, and he subconsciously howled weakly. 

[Master, this repellent is really effective, ah! I feel like running away! Ugh! I’ll block my sense of smell! Gahhhh!] 

Cellino was about to puke because the repellent was so sensitive to his nose. He hurriedly sealed his sense of smell, and the repellent’s effect was finally reduced by half. 

Still, the other half was there…and it made him irritated…

[Hahaha, sorry, Cel. Bear with it! After two hours, the effect will be gone too, and we will catch tons of monsters to sell. Okay, okay?] 

Or to strengthen their air force! 

[Hum….okay, awoooo.] 

After the group was ready, the flying beasts and monsters horde was also already so close to the carriage that the people inside the carriage could finally see how many monsters and beasts were coming their way…

Oh, God. It was definitely more than 100. 

There were just so many that Ainsley doubted whether they attracted ALL flying beasts and monsters in a radius of several hundred kilometres. 

Did the wind blow the powder’s smell everywhere, attracting this many enemies?! 

If there’s no super beast repellent, there’s no way they would survive! 

The group was already shuddering from head to toe as they watched the flying beasts and monsters’ eyes turn red from madness. 





Various noises penetrated their eardrums. If there carriage’s soundproof system wasn’t that good, their ears might have bled already. 

So noisy! It was like the end of the world! 

Ainsley and the others didn’t know that from afar, the flying beasts and monsters horde that surrounded their carriage looked like a colourful river. 

There were so many monsters and beasts that there couldn’t be more beasts and monsters than this. 

Right when the flying monsters and beasts entered the super beast’s repellent effective radius, the beasts’ faces instantly changed, and many of them suddenly didn’t know how to fly. 

They directly fell to the forests below them! 




Various beasts fell to the ground like shooting stars. 

Of course, the beasts immediately regained their sense of flying right after leaving the super beast repellent’s effective radius. 

But then, the beasts didn’t dare to come closer anymore. The powder’s effect wasn’t as strong as the super beast repellent. The beasts were too disgusted to charge! 

Unlike the beasts, the monsters were still charging towards the carriage. 

Their number was actually a lot more than the beasts, but because the beasts already given up their attack, their number didn’t seem that many anymore. 

At least, Ainsley was sure that she could handle these monsters. 

“Axel. Target the low-level monsters!” Ainsley commanded Axelle while asking Nouvan to turn on the carriage’s special feature. 

With just one button, the carriage’s wall turned transparent, and even the floor also turned transparent. 

Like this, they could see their enemies clearly even without going out of the carriage. 

“Stay in the carriage and attack through the windows! But make sure no monsters can come in.” 

Let the battle start! 

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