Chapter 207: 99 Declarations of Love (7)

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This silly girl… Why would she ask in such a roundabout manner? She should have asked about where I was having lunch that day directly and double-checked with the restaurant. After all, for someone of my stature, the booking would certainly have had my name on it.

Su Zhinian placed the document slowly on the table and turned around to look at Song Qingchun. His gaze was serene, but there seemed to be questioning and probing behind it, like he had seen through her ploy, and it made her feel quite uneasy.

Thankfully, Su Zhinian soon looked away and signed his signature on one of the documents.

Just as Song Qingchun thought he was not going to answer her, he replied in his clear voice, "Golden Corner."

After that, as if refusing to give her time to mull on it, he continued speaking without pause. "I still have work to do, do you mind leaving me alone for now?"

Even though Song Qingchun still had many questions on her mind, she knew she had to leave after Su Zhinian said so. She glanced twice at Su Zhinian before turning slowly around and leaving his study.

When Song Qingchun closed the door behind her, Su Zhinian finally dared to release the paper he was holding, only to reveal a palm that was covered with a layer of sweat.

That was too close… She has started to suspect me as the person who hugged her while she cried in the bathroom. She has even started to question the injury on my head. If not for the mind-reading, I would have been exposed just now!

He was also thankful for the many coincidences that could not be logically explained or else he really did not know how he would have explained himself.

Su Zhinian sighed in relief and raised his hand to loosen his top button

He was reminded of the looks of pity mixed with disbelief people directed at him when he told them of his mind-reading and mind-controlling powers, and the looks of fear and evasion when he named their deepest and darkest secrets. Eventually, they had even sent him into a sanatorium because they thought he was really crazy.

Su Zhinian's lips were stretched into a thin line, and his gaze, which stared at where she had just stood, was filled with pain and anxiety.

If she really found out about his superpowers, would she hide from him, despise him, or be scared of him like everyone else? Just like his childhood friends who called him names and wished for him to disappear from this world.

After Song Qingchun returned to her bedroom, she sat down on the carpeted floor, and her brain was in a mess as she stared at Su Zhinian's bloodied shirt before her.

Her mind had come up with multiple possibilities, but they were quickly refuted by common sense.

In the end, she started to settle on illogical answers, like, could it be that Su Zhinian was similar to Professor Du from 'My Love from the Star' and was actually an alien?

Song Qingchun ended up making herself laugh from the ludicrousness of her mind. She told herself that she had lost her mind and stood up to walk to the balcony, hoping the breeze would help clear her thoughts.

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