Chapter 676: “Memory Shards”

When Nouvan heard what happened, although he couldn’t see the Godfather, he was instantly taken aback. 

The Godfather lost his memories of their family head? Isn’t that dangerous? He has to help! 


Nouvan scratched his cheeks and looked at Ainsley with a trace of embarrassment in his eyes. 

“Uh…family head, I can only heal human beings…I…I can’t heal a spirit. You know…to heal a spirit, we need a special healer…” 

If there’s a soul healer that could heal one’s soul, and there were exorcists who could harm spirits, there would also be spirit healers who could heal the dead spirits. 

This kind of ability user was usually very close to the shamans and would always be the shamans’ number one saviour. 

After all, one couldn’t heal a wounded, dead spirit without potions. Only spirit healers could. 

Well, of course, usually, the spirits wouldn’t be wounded unless they met exorcists. That’s why the soul healer was more popular than spirit healers. 

The number of exorcists was small, and so, the number of spirits they could hunt was also not that many. 

Now…spirit healers…a soul healer is already rare, even rarer than shamans. Spirit healers…their number is even smaller than exorcists! 

Even the number of soul healers are more than spirit healers. 

Of course, what Ainsley wanted was a soul healer who had already turned into a dead spirit. That way, she could borrow their soul healer ability. 

Now…uh…she needed a spirit healer. Heck…that’s even rarer than soul healers! 

Ainsley felt a massive headache. She thought that Nouvan could heal the Godfather, but she forgot that the Godfather is just a spirit. 

He’s not a normal human being anymore. 

Ainsley looked at Zev with sorrow overflowing from her eyes. 

[Zev, we need to find a spirit healer to recover the Godfather’s memories instantly…is there any other way?] 

Ainsley paused before explaining her intention. 

[Maybe we can try to recover his memories bit by bit, no need to rush…if there’s a way to recover the Godfather’s memories slowly but surely, we should try.] 

Zev was disappointed that Nouvan couldn’t heal the memory loss status ailment on the Godfather’s body. 

Well, it’s not because Nouvan is weak, but because he’s not the right healer to heal the Godfather. 

Even when the Godfather was seriously injured, he could only rely on Axelle’s potions and absorbed a lot of spiritual energy from the mausoleum’s unique field. 

Now…getting rid of the status ailment…yeah, that’s hard. 

[Hmmm, let me think of another way to stimulate that dumbass’ memories.] Zev refused to give up on recovering the Godfather’s memories. 

If they couldn’t find a spirit healer, maybe they should use another method…such as…what? Showing things or a scene that can trigger the Godfather’s memories? 

How about acting out the same scene again to help the Godfather remember? 

Zev thought that this was quite a good plan and they should try it. He quickly explained his plan to Ainsley before telling her which scene she should act out. 

[Since we are now at the mausoleum, is there any scene between you and Dave involving the mausoleum? Maybe the mausoleum battle…] 

[…it is impossible. At that time, the Godfather possessed me…and then I massacred people. Can you ask the Godfather to have me again this time?] 

The Godfather didn’t remember her, after all. Would he do that? 

Still, Zev insisted that Ainsley tried asking the Godfather to possess her. Maybe he would feel familiar with the possession process and would recover his memories bit by bit. 

Just like that, Ainsley turned to look at the silent Godfather and nodded.

[Uncle, how about you try possessing me? You have kept me countless times before. If you do it again, maybe you can remember something.] 

The Godfather heard Ainsley’s words, but he subconsciously furrowed his eyebrows. 

Mmmmm ….possessing a shaman…he couldn’t remember this little shaman, but if he could recover his memories…sounds good. 

[Okay. This Lord will try. Don’t resist and trust this lord. This Lord won’t be so bored to harm you or anything.] 

It was obviously the Godfather’s ‘first time’ possessing Ainsley, but he subconsciously knew to adjust his aura and not to influence the little shaman heavily. 

All of this was his instinct, his reflex that was etched deeply inside his mind. 

He didn’t know why but he knew that if he wasn’t careful, he could end up harming the little shaman, and whenever he thought of it, he would feel uncomfortable! 

Thus, while the Godfather slowly possessed Ainsley, he controlled his aura very well. 

Without him knowing, when he firmly took control over Ainsley’s body, a familiar feeling touched his heart. 

It was as if he had done this countless times. He was so calm and casual, even though he should have been very excited to move using a human body once more. 

Because of the familiar feeling, his memories were triggered bit by bit, and memory shards slowly invaded his mind. 

The shards are chaotic and weren’t neat, his memories were jumbled here and there, but he could remember the days he spent at a mansion, possessing a certain baby again and again. 

It was as if he was training with the bit of shaman…

And he knew the little shaman. She’s Ainsley, the one he took as his disciple. 

He couldn’t remember how they first met or anything after that, but he remembered the harsh training he gave to the baby. 

He was somehow a bit speechless with his former self who still had the whole memories. 

Why are you so cruel to such a tiny baby? This kind of training is too difficult for a toddler! 

My other self, you’re so cruel! 

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