Chapter 199: Learning How to Stop Loving You (9)

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In his memory, this was the first time she had genuinely been interested in his life. She had never shown much interest in him in the many years they had known each other, including that one year when they were close.

Was it because he was used to being ignored by her?

One simple question like that managed to touch his heart deeply.

"I attended some classes in high-school." Su Zhinian paused before explaining in more detail. "Perhaps guys are naturally interested in computers? I joined some lectures for it in university. My skill is probably just okay."

Joined some lectures? Just okay? Able to write a patcher on the spot like that and that is just okay? Please, that is very okay! My god, I should have known he is a humble brag kind of guy; no wonder he has no friends. Wait a minute, this means that he is very capable at computer stuff, then he can probably…

An idea cropped up in Song Qingchun's mind. After a short moment of hesitation, she asked, "Since you are so good at this, is it possible for you to retrieve messages that I have accidentally deleted?"

"Should be doable," Su Zhinian answered after some contemplation.

"What about deleted chat messages on WhatsApp?" Song Qingchun pressed.

Su Zhinian answered, "Should be okay too."

A flash of happiness appeared in Song Qingchun's eyes. "Does this mean you can recover deleted emails as well?"

When Su Zhinian heard this question, he could tell what Song Qingchun was going for. He should have known this would happen. When he controlled Qin Yinan's mind to save her, it had reignited her affection for Qin Yinan.

However, the situation had been too dangerous that day; he had not had the time to analyze the consequences; he just wanted to save Song Qingchun.

It had always been like this over the years; he was there for her sadness but would never be a part of her happiness because her happiness was his fatal venom.

Su Zhinian looked at the hope and joy in Song Qingchun's eyes, and he could not bear to reject her request. After a long silence, he nodded slightly and said, "Should be able to do that too."

Song Qingchun's eyes started to shine brightly. She opened her mouth to ask cautiously, "Then can I ask you for a favor?"

Even though she did not say it yet, he knew what favor it was.

Su Zhinian lowered his gaze and replied, "What kind of favor?"

Song Qingchun bit her lips and explained, "I deleted 99 emails a while ago, can you help me recover them?"

He knew about those 99 emails; they were the email correspondence she'd had with 'Qin Yinan' during the first year of his military training.

Su Zhinian swallowed deeply and, in spite of the pain in his heart, replied, "I can try."

Song Qingchun's face lit up with a smile when he agreed. She immediately logged into her own email inbox and passed the laptop to Su Zhinian.

Su Zhinian did not say anything and started working. Song Qingchun stood beside him for a while before slinking out of the bedroom and going to the kitchen to fetch a bowl of dessert she had cooked that afternoon for him.

When she pushed open the bedroom door, Su Zhinian had already closed the laptop, and he was looking out the window, leaning against the headboard.

Song Qingchun could discern sadness from his face, like he had stumbled into misfortune. For some reason, looking at him in this state, Song Qingchun's mood started to drop as well.

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