Chapter 198: Learning How to Stop Loving You (8)

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Is he answering the questions or just showing off?

She knew how great his mind had been when they were in high-school, but she had no idea it was at such a level. This was practically the power of an omniscient being!

She was just saying how insane the game was, but now she realized how wrong she was; compared to Su Zhinian, the game was so sane that it was patently boring!

Because Song Qingchun had taken too much time at the start of the quiz, Su Zhinian was toeing the line when he finished the quiz. A gaudy 'Congratulations' appeared on the screen, in front of a pool of virtual flowers.

This was all Su Zhinian's handiwork, but for some reason, Song Qingchun was more excited than he was. Claiming all the chests that littered the floor, Song Qingchun exclaimed joyfully, "Su Zhinian, you're a god! A hundred questions, a hundred freaking questions, and you answered all of them without making a single mistake in less than ten minutes! Impressive, so impressive!"

Su Zhinian… His full name had slipped out of her mouth once again, probably because of the excited state she was in.

Su Zhinian's body froze, and his gaze fell on Song Qingchun's profile. Her eyes were smiling, and her long lashes were shaking from joy. Su Zhinian could feel his heart racing, following the fast tempo of her excited lashes.

After picking up all the chests, she turned to look at the questions of the quiz. Mathematics, game history, geography, language… it had truly all kinds of questions. For some, she could not even understand the question itself!

How could he possibly know all these‽ Is he still human‽ He shouldn't be called Su Zhinian; his name shall be Omnipotent Su instead…

Su Zhinian's arms were still around Song Qingchun's shoulders, so he could read her mind clearly.

Omnipotent Su… Su Zhinian's heart shook violently. She had given him two nicknames already that day.

Su Zhinian's fingers started to shake, influenced by the raging emotions in his heart. Then he suddenly realized that he was still hugging her, so he immediately but quietly took his arms away.

Song Qingchun was still focused on reading those questions, so she did not realize the weird situation going on with Su Zhinian. She turned around after she finished reading them with her eyes shining with sincerity and appreciation. "Su Zhinian, thank you so much. If not for your help today, I have no idea how long I would have needed to continue doing the levels before I could hand in the quest. And that quiz just now, I probably would have spent the rest of my life stuck at that impossible quiz…"

She had called him Su Zhinian twice, and his heart was blooming with joy. Even his tone had gotten much more gentle than usual. "It's fine; it's no big deal."

After a pause, Su Zhinian felt like she deserves a bit more of an explanation, so he added, "I write code to pass the time when I'm bored."

Writing code to pass the time when he's bored? Who in the world would do something like that when they're bored? Is he really not boasting?

If this was before, Song Qingchun would definitely have silently mocked Su Zhinian after hearing him saying that, but that day, she had a more pressing question on her mind.

"But didn't you study business? Why are you so good at computers?"

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