Chapter 1146 - Healers Quarters


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Seeing the beds empty, I couldn't help but take a sigh of relief and collapsed on the bed beside me. It has been nearly twenty hours since I am healing, and I am utterly tired that I would fall asleep if I closed my eyes for a second longer.

I closed my eyes to sleep. I do not care; I am sleeping a hospital bed and not in my dorm; I am too tired to care about it.

"You have quite shocked us." "I've heard that the Headmistress of Riverfield Academy's students have very good Healing Skills but did not expect your skills being this good." The Voice said.

"There are only a few in Wisdom Tower that could compete against you in healing talent." The voice continued.

I opened my eyes in irritation; I had just fallen asleep a second ago when I got awakened. I opened my eyes and looked at the girl who had rudely awakened before I could sleep even for a second.

It is Georgina, the girl who is in charge of this Ward. "Thank You," I said with much effort. "You have already been assigned the quarters; It is just beside the hospital." She informed me with a smile, I nodded and got out of bed with much effort.

"I am looking forward to your shifts Micheal," she said when I was by the door, I nodded faintly and sped out of the ward. I would be on the field, but on my free days, I will have to do shifts in the hospital.

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The healers barely get any time off; there is always someone to heal. Especially people like me who have better than average healing ability, we have to do some shifts in the hospital whether we want it or not.

It is a burden of being a healer that even people like my teacher and old powerhouses that retired could get away with it. Every day, the teacher would spend some time of her day in the hospital, treating patients that came to her.

Soon, I walked out of the hospital and sped toward the fifty story building that is beside the hospital. It had 'Healer's Quarters' written on; I barely take a look at it before I walked into and directly moved toward the Elevator.

I would like to fly away directly at the window, but since it is my first time, I had to go through the elevator. 'These stupid rules.' I cursed, and as I walked into elevation and clicked twenty-seven.

A few seconds later, the elevator reached the 27th floor and I flashed out of it. Three seconds later, I appeared in front of Door no. UY04 and opened the electronic key on my holowatch before flashing it at the door.


Seeing the lock turned green, I opened the door with clicking and sped inside. I did not even observe my new quarters, I flashed toward the first door I saw, and luckily it was a bedroom.

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A smile couldn't help but appear on my face as I saw the fluffy bed. Without wasting any time, I threw away the shoes and jacket I was wearing before sleeping on the soft bed, and within a second, I fell asleep.

When I woke up, it was an early afternoon; I felt very good. The earlier tiredness all but disappeared. I laid on the bed for a while before getting up and walking to the bathroom for freshening up and shower.

When I finished, I wore new clothes and walked outside of my bedroom. I am feeling very hungry, except for breakfast in the morning yesterday. I have not had anything.

I was about to walk into the kitchen when I noticed some notification on holowatch; there are some messages from friends, teachers, and parents; there is even one from Charlotte.

I replied to all the messages in quick succession and asked Charlotte to come for lunch if she was free. She is; when I messaged, she had just returned to the hospital finishing her morning shift. She said she would come after freshening up.

When I walked through the kitchen, I found Ashlyn there sleeping on the counter. She must have eaten earlier, and now she is napping. It was a good thing; I had brought lots of package food of excellent quality; it is even better than what I cook.

I had given Ashlyn some of it, so she could eat when I could not cook for her. There will be many days like yesterday when I will not cook for her, whether during the mission or my shifts in the hospital.

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Without disturbing her, I took out the cooking materials and started to cook. I am cooking a simple dish, I am feeling very hungry and did not have the patients to wait for long, so the simple but delicious things are on the menu.

I had brought many things to the Academy that could easily feed me for years.

Twenty minutes later, the doorbell rang; I opened it with my holowatch and let Charlotte in.

She came into the kitchen wearing black trousers and a white shirt; it suits well with her vibrant green color hair. "Take a seat; lunch will be ready in five minutes," I said. She nodded.

We sat in comfortable silence; she is not a talker nor I, even in an airship when we talk, we mostly talked about healing the arts; there are very few times we have talked about the other things.

Soon the lunch was ready, and I served the three people; Ashlyn had awakened smelling the lunch and was now eating it without waiting for us. After serving, I sat on the opposite of Charlotte, and we started eating.

"You were amazing yesterday; I did not think anyone could heal so many people with such speed," Charlotte said with an awe-filled voice.

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"Haven't you heard the screams that came with it?" I asked with a smile to that; a soft smile on her face faltered a little; seeing that smile on my face couldn't help but brighten up a little.

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