Chapter 192: Learning How to Stop Loving You (2)

Translator: Lonelytree Editor: Millman97

Song Qingchun stared blankly at the laptop, which had been completely unresponsive no matter how hard she pressed the on button.

Know some? The man took less than a minute to fix everything and that is just knowing some?

Song Qingchun stood beside his bed. Since she wanted to see the computer screen, her head was leaned slightly forward. Her long dark hair fell onto Su Zhinian's hand.

This meant that he could read her inner thoughts easily.

Su Zhinian heard the impressed shock in her heart and continued working on her laptop, with no change in his expression other than blinking occasionally. His other hand that was not attached to the IV drip slid on the laptop's touch pad and would move to press a few keys once in a while. Various windows continuously appeared and disappeared on screen.

Song Qingchun had a hard time catching up. The computer suddenly restarted before Song Qingchun had chance to ask, What are you doing?

Su Zhinian turned to look at her as if he knew the question on her mind and answered nonchalantly, "There was a little problem with the system; I've helped you check and fix it. It should be fine from now on."

Song Qingchun's long lashes flicked twice after he finished. She nodded dumbly and answered with a dazed "Oh."

He had not only helped her fix her current problem but had also helped ensure the same problem would not occur in the future. She would not have to worry about her laptop dying on her anymore. Maniac Su is too humble. How can he say that he only knows some when he is obviously so good at this? This alone is enough for him to be called Technician Su…

Su Zhinian stared at the restarted computer screen and his gaze mellowed. Technician Su… Another new nickname?

He pressed a few more buttons to check the computer was fully working before exiting to the desktop interface. He told Song Qingchun in a clear voice, "It should be fixed now. The backlog in the system, I've helped you clear as well; it should run noticeably faster now."

Su Zhinian reached out to close the laptop, but he stopped when his gaze fell on a shortcut icon on the desktop. It was an online game that was released many years ago.

Su Zhinian's eyes started to falter as he stared at that icon. It was not until the girl beside him started to wonder what was wrong that he swallowed a mouthful of saliva and asked in a tone as calm as he could, "You… are still playing this game?"

Seeing as Su Zhinian was going to close the laptop, Song Qingchun was ready with her 'Thank you.' However, the words of appreciation never did leave her mouth because the man had stopped moving as he stared at her computer screen. She looked at him curiously and was going to ask him what was wrong, but the man posed her that question.

Song Qingchun looked at the screen to check what Su Zhinian was referring to before nodding and answering without hesitation.


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