Chapter 190: Sharing the Same Bed (10)

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Song Qingchun messaged Qin Yinan in the middle of making lunch; she found out he had returned home from the hospital.

Perhaps it was because the words Su Zhinian from the night before had touched her, perhaps it was because he had forgiven her for her late return, regardless, Song Qingchun, who had planned to visit Qin Yinan that day, started to have doubts.

If she left after making lunch, then Su Zhinian would be all alone at home. He was not staying with his mother and had lost his father when he was a child. Furthermore, he was seriously injured.

Song Qingchun bit her bottom lip and finally decided to write Qin Yinan an apology message. "Brother Yinan, thank you for saving my life yesterday. I know I promised to visit you today but something important came up; I don't think I'll be able to make it. I'm so sorry."

"No matter, Song Song, I'm already feeling much better," Qin Yinan's reply came quickly. Through the words, Song Qingchun could see his smiling face.

"I'm sorry, Brother Yinan…" Song Qingchun repeated. Then, she added another line, a question that she did not have the time to worry about yesterday. "Brother Yinan, why would you save me yesterday and not…"

Song Qingchun did not bring up Tang Nuan, but she knew Qin Yinan would understand what she meant.

Qin Yinan studied Song Qingchun's message for a long time before writing his reply. "Song Song, to be honest, when I saw the two falling flower pots, the sentence I was going to shout was, Tang Nuan, Song Song, get out of the way; however, I can only remember saying, Tang Nuan before I find myself collapsing on you."

Everything he said was the truth; even he himself had a hard time explaining the choice he had made then.

Qin Yinan paused for a while before telling Song Qingchun the most honest thought in his heart. "Song Song, actually, I was flustered facing that situation; I really had no idea what to do. Between you and Tang Nuan, I really did not hope any harm would come to either of you. Thankfully, in the end, no one was hurt."

He had no idea who to save, but in the end, he had chosen to save her. A warm feeling filled Song Qingchun's heart as she read the message from Qin Yinan. "Regardless, Brother Yinan, I am deeply appreciative of your help."

"What's the point of thanks between us?" Qin Yinan replied, and before Song Qingchun could respond, another message from him came. It read: "Silly girl."

Song Qingchun smiled and continued messaging Qin Yinan, telling him to take care of himself and rest before she stopped.

Her mind kept returning to the scene of Qin Yinan saving her life as she washed the ingredients. Even though it had been more than 24 hours since then, the memory was still fresh in her mind.

It was her impression that, in Qin Yinan's heart, Tang Nuan was more important than her. Even for the incident at City Clubhouse, she had only managed to reach a tie with Tang Nuan with her twenty years' worth of friendship with him.

Therefore, Song Qingchun was surprised that, at the most crucial moment, Qin Yinan had chosen to save her.

Song Qingchun felt her heart racing slightly; a strong feeling that was not unlike yearning was slowly growing in her heart.

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