Chapter 663: “The First Friend Visit”

It was a pleasant surprise that Zenan was a special hacker. Ainsley knew that it was embarrassing to ask for help from Zenan, but she thickened her skin and went for it. 

Ainsley: If that’s the case…Big Bro Zenan, can you help me with this issue? Of course, I’ll repay you. If you want anything, just mention it, and I’ll give it to you. 

Zenan wasn’t polite either and didn’t refuse Ainsley’s offer to help her in exchange for a request. 

Zenan: Then, I want to have a mid-ranked monster specialised in scouting or assassination as my reward. Lil Ain will help me contract the monster. Ok? 

Ainsley: Deal! You just tell me the monster species, and I’ll try to find it. Or maybe if you already have it, just bring the monster, and I’ll help you contract the monster. 

Zenan: Good. I’ll come to your house with the monster. How is it? While also helping you deal with the hacker. Don’t worry, the mafia council won’t know. 

After all, it was a breach of rule that Zenan went to help Ainsley. 

The Naran Family could send a hacker because that hacker had a connection with the Naran Family and was considered in-law. 

Even if the hacker wasn’t a member of the Naran Family, being an in-law justified their dual status. 

That’s why the Council wouldn’t disqualify the Naran Family for using this hacker before the second round started. 

In the end, this attack wasn’t a military attack and didn’t count as a siege. Thus, the Naran Family was free to do this. 

If Ainsley could still use her luck manipulation ability freely, she would have done the same and cursed the Naran Family to have very bad luck, disturbing them. 

Unfortunately, she couldn’t. For now, she only wanted to stop the Naran Family’s hacker and Zenan was her saviour– even if it’s illegal. 

But, so what if it’s illegal? Mafia never abides by the rules, anyway. 

As long as the Mafia council stayed in the dark and couldn’t prove how she broke the rule, Ainsley would be free. 

Thus, Ainsley immediately arranged a meeting with Zenan the next day with the pretense of a friend visiting her mansion. 

It wasn’t the first time Ainsley met the gloomy boy Zenan, but when she saw him for the second time with a small bat-like monster trapped inside a cage behind him, Ainsley was a bit taken back. 

“Big bro Zenan?” The baby softly called out to the boy as they stood in front of the Sloan Family mansion’s gate. 

Right now, Zenan was leisurely waiting for Ainsley, and there were four people behind him to take care of the trapped monster. 

When the boy wearing a weird hoodie heard Ainsley’s voice, he immediately looked up and smiled stiffly. 


Just one word. Ah, really an introvert and antisocial. 

The boy’s bang covered his eyes, and in this aspect, he was quite similar to the shy Axelle. But Zenan’s black and dark red hair made him look gloomy and evil, unlike Axelle. 

Zenan should have dyed his hair or something to have that ombre colour…

“Hello, Big Bro Zenan. You’re finally here. Quick, quick, come in!” 

Ainsley suppressed the weird feeling she felt when seeing an eleven-year-old boy already dying his hair like a punk. 

The baby cast aside her thoughts and earnestly welcomed Zenan to her mansion. 

“Mmm. Let’s go.” Zenan nodded coldly before following Ainsley into the mansion. 

To be honest, this was the first time he visited his new friend’s house, and he also didn’t think that among the five children, he would be the first one to stop by the baby’s mansion. 

Even Arlin and Caca hadn’t visited yet. 

Thus, Zenan silently gestured to his people to bring the monster who was half as tall as himself while he quietly observed the mansion. 

Right now, they were still in the front yard, and he could already see many workers installing barriers and other defensive tools. 

There were a lot of drones flying around in the air, and every corner was filled with patrol guards. 

The security is extremely tight, and it was indeed hard to kill or kidnap a worker to replace them. 

After all, every group of workers had a drone supervising them…who knows how long they’re watched. 

Maybe 24 hours a day as long as they’re still working? 

Seeing this, Zenan stole a glance at Ainsley’s small back and quietly gave his approval. 

Good, good, our Lil Ain is really capable. She’s even better than most mafia bosses out there. 

While Zenan felt a bit proud of Ain, the two finally entered the mansion after verifying their identity. 

Yes, even those who wanted to enter the mansion through the main door needed to verify their identity. 

There’s even a security post to check the guests’ belongings, ensuring nothing harmful. 

In fact, the other entrances also had the same security posts. 

Not to mention that every lunch break and tea time, the people inside the mansion had to fill their attendance using the family app or simply go to the mission hall. 

When they went to report and filled their attendance, their identity would be checked once more, making sure that they were not spies. 

The guards were also checked by the other members who had passed the test. Even the higher-ups had to do the same. 

Zenan was really impressed when he saw all of this. 

It might look troublesome at first, but since the Sloan Family was in a war preparation state, this kind of double layer security is really good. 

No wonder the Naran family was forced to use a hacker…they simply couldn’t bypass Ainsley’s meticulous security system! 

And now he’s here to beat up that hacker. 

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