Chapter 189: Sharing the Same Bed (9)

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Having one or two long hairs on the floor was understandable if she did, as she claimed, spend some time in his bedroom. However, if her hair was found under his arm, didn't that mean that she had spent the night sleeping in his bed?

Song Qingchun's hand that reached for the phone slowed. She looked around, then she suddenly raised her eyes to look at Su Zhinian and asked, "Mr. Su, how's your fever?"

Song Qingchun raised her hand to touch Su Zhinian's forehead while her other hand surreptitiously swiped the hair away from his bed.

When her hand fell on Su Zhinian's forehead, he stopped moving, and her thoughts poured into his mind.

So, she was worried that he might find out she had slept in his bed from noticing her hair… Even though there was another reason behind her concerned question, Su Zhinian still felt warm in his heart.

The usually reticent man suddenly opened his mouth to initiate a conversation. "Did Doctor Xia come over last night?"

Song Qingchun nodded as she carefully felt Su Zhinian's temperature. Her mind was not on the words that poured out of her mouth. "I saw you collapsed on the sofa when I returned last night, and your whole body was covered in blood. I was so spooked. Thankfully, Auntie Sun gave me the number of your family doctor before she left, so the first thing I did was to call Doctor Xia. However, if I had known Doctor Xia was already at such an advanced age, I wouldn't have made him rush over so late in the night and would have called the ambulance instead."

Song Qingchun caught herself and stopped talking.

She berated herself for her stupidity. He was already unconscious when she returned, so he might not have known what time she returned, but now she was admitting to him openly that she had violated the contract by coming home late the previous night.

He did warn her that, if she violated the contract, he would make Song Empire disappear…

Song Qingchun's heart started to beat anxiously; even her palm on Su Zhinian's forehead broke out in cold sweat.

It was already past 7 pm when he fainted the night before, so he already knew about the infraction. He just wanted to chat, but he had scared her instead.

Those harsh words that he once said were simply to cover up his real thoughts, but who would have thought the girl had memorized every single 'threat' that he had made?

Just as Song Qingchun was going to admit her mistake and apologize, Su Zhinian suddenly said, "What are we having for lunch?"

Song Qingchun was startled and looked at Su Zhinian with disbelief. His face was serene; there was no trace of anger or displeasure.

As if surprise by his reaction, she was stunned silent for a long time. It was not until he prompted her with a "hmm" that she immediately pulled her hand away from his forehead and whispered in a flustered voice, "I'll cook something light. Doctor Xia said you have to watch what you eat for another few days."

Su Zhinian nodded easily. "Okay."

Song Qingchun continued to study Su Zhinian to make sure there was no displeasure hiding underneath the surface before wandering out of his bedroom with her phone in her hand. It was not until she was standing in the kitchen that she dared to raise her hands to slap her face lightly twice. She wasn't dreaming; Su Zhinian really had not pursued her mistake for coming home late the previous night!

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