Chapter 178: The Most Silent Love (8)

Translator: Lonelytree Editor: Millman97

Before she could understand what was happening, Qin Yinan's body shook twice before collapsing fully on her body. Then, she saw the gaping wound on the back of Qin Yinan's head.

"Brother Yinan! Brother Yinan!" Song Qingchun called his name twice before realizing the two broken flower pots, soil, and twigs that littered the floor. Tang Nuan had her back stuck to the wall, her face was blanched and her eyes swirling with disbelief.

Song Qingchun then realized that everything was thanks to Tang Nuan!

This was the test or bet she mentioned earlier. She knocked into the partition as Qin Yinan walked out of the bathroom, causing the two flower china pots to fall.

Unlike Song Qingchun, Tang Nuan knew what was happening. The moment she pushed the partition, she already stealthy took a step. However, Song Qingchun and Qin Yinan did not know that… However, for some reason, even though Qin Yinan was yelling Tang Nuan's name, his body was charging at Song Qingchun.

Brother Yinan… Her Brother Yinan chose to save her at the most crucial moment… and not Tang Nuan, the love of his life!

Something struck Song Qingchun's heart heavily, and her whole body started to shake. Her hands that held Qin Yinan were shivering involuntarily. Her mouth was moving, but no words came out. It was not until the waiters rushed over that she cried out, "Ambulance, someone call an ambulance!"

Su Zhinian, who returned already to the private room by this point, had obviously lost his focus. His attention kept slipping, and he was clearly not listening or replying when the client was talking to him.

Cheng Qingchong felt the mood in the room turn increasingly awkward. She tried her best to lighten the mood. After downing a big glass of brandy with much difficulty, she was finally able to get the client to smile again. The client then told Su Zhinian, "CEO Su, then shall we sign on our cooperation?"

Su Zhinian replied with a non-committal "hmm" before going radio silent again. An annoyed frown appeared between the client's brows.

The business deal is almost done, what is Big Boss up to? Worried that the client would just up and leave, Cheng Qingchong sidled close to Su Zhinian and reminded him with a whisper, "CEO Su?"

Su Zhinian acted like he did not hear her, but the expression on his face gradually turned frosty.

"This…" The client turned to Cheng Qingchong with a drawn face.

Cheng Qingchong replied with an apologetic smile. She was going to remind Su Zhinian again when Su Zhinian suddenly slammed the chopsticks on the table angrily. Ignoring the shock of his secretary and the client, he stood up and dashed out of the room with a dark expression.

Su Zhinian pressed the elevator button repeatedly, and when the door opened, he dashed into it hurriedly. Inside, his finger kept hitting the button for first floor.

The elevator reached first floor in less than ten seconds, but the usually calm and collected Su Zhinian kept pacing inside the elevator to work off his agitation. Su Zhinian dashed out of the elevator when it was opened only a sliver. He headed directly toward the bathroom. He was several meters away when he saw the flower pot falling from the partition and heading directly toward Song Qingchun's head.

He was unsure who Qin Yinan would save, but he would definitely save Song Qingchun.

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