Chapter 649: “The Glazier Mercenary Group”

The twins did inherit the same rare purple hair, but they didn’t inherit the blue eyes. Maybe their black eyes were from their mother. 

Still, it’s hard to say that the twins didn’t have any relationship with Ainsley’s scum father, who ran away and went missing for nearly a year. 

Ainsley sucked in cold air. 

In the end, are those two her father’s illegitimate children, or not? 

Ainsley bit her lips as she walked around the mausoleum hall. The hall was bustling with many shamans visiting, but Ainsley was still deep in thoughts. 

‘Back then, at the potion auction, I also saw a man with purple hair….’ 

Does this mean her scum father is back? 

Ainsley suddenly felt uncomfortable at the thought. 

She didn’t know what her father wanted to do, but whatever it was, surely it would bring a negative impact to her family, right? 

For example, he might create an internal disputes between the 6 branch families and the main family…or something else. 

After all, the Sloan Family might be united right now, but that’s only because the one in control was the absolute Ainsley Sloan, the new family head. 

What if the previous family head suddenly came back and interfered with the family’s matters? 

Ainsley wished she could just kick her scum father away. She didn’t need that man to come back into her life! He already abandoned the family by going missing without any notice. 

It’s not like he’s kidnapped or anything. He just eloped with his lover. Bah! And now, he wanted to come back with illegitimate children? 

Ainsley’s mom might be a surrogate mother only with no legal wife status, but Ainsley’s status was definitely the direct legal descendant. 

Not to mention that she’s the only heir that the family had from the main family. She was definitely eligible to inherit the family head position. 

But not with the other children born out of wedlock.

Even if they had purple hair and similar faces to Ainsley’s father, they weren’t registered to the Sloan Family tree and were considered illegitimate children! 

Thinking like this, Ainsley silently let out a relieved sigh. 

‘My family is at a critical point now. We can’t afford to have an internal problem. If my cheap dad suddenly came back, I’d get my people to refuse his visit and lock him out!’ 

With this, Ainsley took precautions in case her cheap dad suddenly came back with his lover and illegitimate children. 

Well, she actually hoped that there were no such children…

Ainsley looked at her phone once more before thanking Zenan. 

Ainsley: Thanks for the info. Those kids might be my step-siblings that I don’t know yet. If you’re free, can you provide me with more information about them? 

Ainsley sent a ‘cute begging’ sticker of her chibi version before sending another message. 

Ainsley: Don’t worry. I’ll definitely repay you for the information somehow. 

Zenan was on the way back home riding his carriage when he saw this message. He couldn’t help but purse his lips. 

Zenan: Don’t be too stiff. We are friends, aren’t we? This is just a small favour. I’ll definitely send you all the information about the twins. 

After that, Zenan didn’t wait for Ainsley to react and immediately contacted his own people he had cultivated ever since he was a child. 

As the child of a mafia family specialising in assassination, the boy had good networking with the intelligence guild in charge of information exchange. 

He also knew many people in the assassin guild, making things easier to gather information, especially on certain people. 

He might be anti-social, but it didn’t mean he didn’t have any connection with the other guilds and forces. 

The boy quickly gathered the information he got and sent it to Ainsley an hour later. 

Zenan: Consider this a gift to welcome you to our circle. Don’t be too polite to us, okay? We help each other freely. 

At Zenan’s words, Ainsley couldn’t help but feel touched. She had just known these children, yet they were already so close to her. 

At first, she approached them with a hidden intention but now, she could genuinely feel their friendship growing stronger and stronger. 

Despite Ainsley only joining the circle just a few days ago, she didn’t feel out of place at all. 

The five children might have grown up together as childhood friends, but they didn’t exclude Ainsley from their circle. 

If anything, the baby became the centre of the group because of her young age yet rich experience.

She was like a planet surrounded by a few satellites, like a sun surrounded by countless stars. 

Receiving Zenan’s help, Ainsley immediately thanked him before reading the information. 

The twins…they were five years old, one girl and one boy. Name…Maurie and Maure. The girl is called Maurie, and the boy’s name is Maure. 

Such a weird name…but it suited them. 

Okay, let’s see their parents’ information…

When Ainsley stumbled upon this section, she was slightly stunned for a few seconds. 

Uh…their parents are single-parent? Only a father…and this father is the head of a famous mercenary group, The Glazier. 

Mercenary had one single guild, and they’re quite large, but inside the guild, there were many smaller groups. 

The mercenary guild could be said to be an alliance of countless smaller mercenary guilds. 

The Glazier was one of them, and they’re considered a top group among the alliance. 

There were many powerful Ability Users that didn’t join the mafia, the government or other forces, choosing to be free-spirited to explore the world. 

These people became mercenaries. 

The mercenaries couldn’t be said to have a significant influence in Godlif country where the mafia force was definitely more influential. 

But they couldn’t be underestimated. 

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