Chapter 647: “Advanced Radar Ability”

Seeing that Ainsley didn’t insist on the topic, Zev hurriedly answered her in a jolly mood. 

[Once you apply the potion on your radar ability, you can hear sounds or voices from the 3D map that you create using your radar ability.] 

! I can hear voices too?? 

Before Ainsley could ask, Zev had already interrupted. 

[Remember, your radar ability is an evolved version of your keen hearing ability. Of course, when you level up the ability, you can hear voices from far away too.] 

Ainsley couldn’t help but nod in agreement. 

No wonder the levelled up radar ability gave her the skill to also eavesdrop on anyone inside the 3D map built by the radar. 

Although the map’s range didn’t change and she couldn’t hear those who were out of the radar range, this skill would surely be handy. 

Ainsley thought hard and finally decided to use the enlightenment potion on her radar ability. 

[My charm ability is already strong enough and I don’t really need to cultivate spies for the time being.] The baby gave her reasoning to Zev. 

Zev nodded and told Ainsley to drink the potion after dinner. 

At the same time, the baby remembered Zev’s words about her luck manipulation ability and she couldn’t help but ask. 

[By the way, why did you say the potion can’t be used on my luck ability? I thought if I used the potion, I could gain the luck thief skill…] 

After all, the ‘Goddess of fortune and misfortune’ skill was also the result of using the enlightenment potion on her luck manipulation ability. 

Hearing Ainsley’s question, Zev looked at the baby with a strange expression. He looked as if he had just swallowed a fly. 

[…did you forget the bullets in your soul? Your luck ability is linked to your soul. If we use the potion to advance your luck ability, it will unknowingly affect your soul too!] 

Zev didn’t stop talking and immediately spoke whatever came into his mind. 

[Look, I even think that you shouldn’t use your luck manipulation ability until we solve the problem with your soul. A slight mishap might directly kill you, okay?] 

Ainsley’s eyes widened at Zev’s words, and she couldn’t help but shudder from head to toe. 

So it’s like this! No wonder Zev said that I couldn’t use the potion to advance my luck manipulation ability…

If that’s the case, we really should hurry and summon out the second sacred beast. 

However, Ainsley had visited the prairie every day, and every time, she couldn’t enter the gate. The gate refused to open, and even Grandpa Yofan could do nothing. 

Recalling this unpleasant experience, Ainsley grumbled as she took Cellino to her lap and slowly stroked his furry back. 

[I don’t know why the prairie suddenly rejected me. Did the sacred beasts know my intention to use their ability? Or maybe they’re not satisfied with me? I really don’t understand.] 

Ainsley complained to Zev as she shifted her butt and found a better position on her bed. 

[You know just how important my luck manipulation ability is, especially when the Godfather is in a coma and I can’t disturb him…this is making me anxious.] 

Ainsley bit her lips as her mind travelled to the mafia council’s advancement tournament. 

She was sure that she could pass the first round at the end of this week, not to mention in a month. 

However, the tournament’s second round…she didn’t know why but she had a bad feeling regarding this. 

That was why she wanted to heal her soul quickly to make use of her luck manipulation ability. That way, even if the Godfather didn’t wake up soon, she could still protect herself…

Ainsley let out a long sigh, and Zev quietly watched her before sighing as well. 

[Just keep trying. Maybe one day, the sacred beasts will be annoyed enough to open the gate and let you in. Besides, I think the Godfather will wake up in a month or so. Then…] 

Zev dragged his voice before slanting his lips. 

[By then, you won’t need to worry about any danger. The Godfather will be there to help you fight the enemies.] 

Ainsley also thought the same, but whenever she recalled the Godfather who was suddenly injured by a group of ability user, Ainsley felt a lingering fear. 

She didn’t want to rely on the Godfather completely…

If only she could use the blood manipulation ability without the Godfather needing to possess her…

Actually, when she went mad on the battlefield, she managed to do that. 

But then, Ainsley couldn’t get into the right state to use the ability without the Godfather possessing her anymore. 

This is definitely troubling. 

Ainsley had tried various ways to achieve the same state as when she went berserk, but she couldn’t do it. 

Thus, her focus shifted to dealing with Zilla and her children’s afternoon weaknesses. 

It turned out that the Godzilla monsters slept in the afternoon because they became weak under the intense sunlight. 

Once Ainsley knew about this, she tried to give the monsters some protection against the sunlight, and now they could move around freely– 

Albeit, their movements were as slow as zombies. 

Well, at least, they could protect the mansions even during the day. 

After solving this issue, Ainsley also supervised Axelle on creating various potions to be sold to her five friends’ older brothers and sisters. 

She didn’t forget the agreement, and when Jake stayed at the mansion, Axelle managed to complete the custom order plus other potions that the clients wanted. 

It has been three days since Jake came to the mansion, and Axelle finally finished the order. 

That day, he quickly sold the potions to the four older brothers and sisters in exchange for the drugs! 

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