Chapter 640: “A Deal”

The youths let Ainsley sit on a small chair directly across their seats. The five people quietly observed each other before Azkar’s oldest brother made the first move. 

“So you want to buy drugs from our family. Is it for the high-ranking promotion tournament?” 

Ainsley didn’t deny and immediately nodded. 

“I already secured the customer, but I lack the supplier. I know that big bwo and big sis usually only sell drugs to those in high-ranking mafia society, but..” 

Ainsley bit her lips and stayed silent. 

She knew that these people wouldn’t steal her customers, but what she was worried about was the fact that they never sold drugs to those outside of their high-ranking circle. 

Would they make an exception? 

Hearing Ainsley’s words, Arlin’s older brother shook his head and sighed. 

“You already knew our rules. Why bother trying? As you can see, our drugs are top-notch and rare drugs, which are also dangerous. We can’t just sell them to just anyone.” 

In other words, since it was ‘dangerous’, the family wanted to minimise the chance of getting caught by the government by only selling the drugs to people around their circle. 

Their family owned the drugs factory, and this was why their loss would be numerous if they got caught in a drug business scandal. 

So far, they only did business with their trusted customers and wouldn’t make an exception. 

“We barely knew you a few minutes ago. You know that we can’t just sell the drugs to your family, right?” This time, Larsen’s elder sister also joined the conversation. 

Even Caca’s older sister nodded in silence. 

They were determined not to sell the drugs to Ainsley…and it’s not only for their benefit but also to protect the baby from the government’s evil claw. 

Once the government suddenly launched a large-scale inspection and Ainsley’s family was caught hoarding drugs, they would be done for, and even the Mafia council couldn’t openly protect them. 

Ainsley knew all of these, but she still wouldn’t back down. 

If others could, why couldn’t she? 

Ainsley pursed her lips and shook her head. 

“I don’t want to ask big bwo and big sis to sell me the drugs just for nothing. Of course, in exchange, I can provide you with things that you need…” 

Ainsley’s eyes flickered slyly as she continued. 

“Rare potions made by the elves, monster-taming service, and the mausoleum business. Just name it. I’ll trade the items fairly.” 

When Ainsley mentioned her three unique businesses that no one could imitate so far, the four youths’ eyes lit up. Their attitudes changed as fast as flipping one’s palm. 

“The potion…can we ask for a custom potion?” Azkar’s eldest brother curiously probed. 

“Yes, you can, but you better prepare several lists in case we can’t make the custom potion that you want.” 

“About the monster-taming service…can I get a monster on par with a sacred beast?” Arlin’s older brother immediately asked with a bright smile on his face. 

Ainsley looked at the young man and nodded. 

“Yes, you can, but it depends on how many drugs you will give to me and the quality. After all, a monster on par with a sacred beast is rare and hard to get.” 

But Ainsley could charm the monster easily by lowering their luck level. 

“The Godfather mausoleum…” Larsen’s eldest sister had just about to ask when Ainsley interrupted. 

“I can give you a seven-day free entrance ticket, and I guarantee your little brother will be able to form a contract with the spirit that he wants, as well as strengthening his shaman ability.” 

A seven-day free entrance ticket! 

Other shamans couldn’t possibly get this treatment, but her little brother could get this as long as Ainsley made her decision. 

Of course, the big sis had to give the baby what she wanted too. 

At this time, Ainsley even coaxed the albino elder sister. 

“I have various potions that can help with one’s physical health. Only elves can make this kind of potion, but my family has a way…” 

The albino big sister was obviously interested in Ainsley’s proposal. After all, she had been weak for 20 years, and her family couldn’t buy an elven potion to help her. 

It was just too hard to get the right potion from the elves. The elves’ potions were rare, and one that could cure her unique illness was even rarer. 

Her albino constitution wasn’t an illness, but she had a rare disease in her body, and that made her as weak as papers. 

If Ainsley could give her the potion that could heal her…just selling a few tons of drugs wouldn’t matter. 

The four youths were obviously tempted and for a long time, they had to discuss among themselves before slowly making a decision. 

“Well, I can agree to this transaction, but you have to sign a contract to fulfil your promises. We can give you the drugs first, and you can pay us with the items that we want.” 

Azkar’s eldest brother acted as the leader of the four youths and negotiated with Ainsley. 

They didn’t want money. They wanted rare items that one couldn’t easily get. 

Would Ainsley refuse? Of course not. She immediately agreed and proceeded to negotiate the number of drugs she would get along with the quality. 

Ainsley gave the list of drugs that Jake wanted from her, and after making sure that the four youths could supply the drugs, only then did Ainsley carefully take out her printed contract and show it to the four people. 

“Here it is, the contracts. We can adjust the content first before we sign it. How is it?” 

The four youths agreed and immediately scanned the contract before editing it. 

It’s a deal! 

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