Chapter 638: “Big Sis and Big Bro”

The children knew more or less how difficult it was to start a drug business. 

After all, their older sisters or brothers were managing drug businesses, and the children would often listen to their little rants. 

Thus, when they heard Ainsley’s explanation, they only felt sorry for the baby. 

She’s only three, but she had to attend this kind of party where no one were her acquaintances, and then she had to persuade people older than her to sell drugs to her family…

What a difficult life! At the age of three, we are still happily playing at the mansion, right? But this kid is already running around helping her family…

The five children silently teared up for Ainsley and after a few seconds of long silence, Azkar was the first to break the silence. 

“C’mon, c’mon! I’ll introduce you to my eldest brother. He spoils me a lot, so he should listen to you if I introduce you as my friend.” 

“Right, right! My eldest brother is besties with Azkar’s eldest brother. He will also listen to me or his bestie. He will help you!” 

Arlin chipped in, and Caca didn’t want to get left behind. 

“My eldest sister is sickly, but she should still be at the venue. I’ll take you to see her too.” 

“And me! My sister is quite afraid of you, but if she knows that you’re a shaman, she won’t mind!” 

Larsen was eager to introduce Ainsley to his sister and proved that the baby wasn’t as scary as she thought. 

Only Zenan was quiet because his family didn’t do drug business. Still, he also expressed his intention to accompany the group. 

Just like that, the six children entered the building behind the swimming pool, and they immediately spotted their eldest brothers or sisters hanging around together. 

The four young adults were close friends, just like the children. It’s not a surprise to see them playing together in harmony. 

When the children saw their eldest brothers and sisters, they immediately approached the group while dragging Ainsley. 

“Big bro!” 


“Big sis.” 

“Sis, sis!” 

Arlin, Azkar, Caca, and Larsen simultaneously called out to their eldest sisters or brothers. 

Since their voices were quite loud, the four people who were surrounding a glass table couldn’t help but look at the children and were instantly surprised to see all five children coming to look for them. 

The first one to react was Azkar’s eldest brother, a man with tanned skin and had the image of a majestic tiger. 

“Azkar? What are you doing here? I thought you guys don’t like playing with us.” 

The young man reached out to Azkar and casually messed up Azkar’s hair until the young boy glared at the young man. 

“Hahah, true, true. Arlin, you’re here too. This is strange. Usually, you guys don’t want to play with us.” 

Arlin’s eldest brother, an elegant and fashionable young man, also rubbed Arlin’s head affectionately. 

If Azkar’s brother looked like a tiger, this one had the vibe of a refined and cultured swan. 

Coupled with his super handsome face that seemed to be inherited from generation to generation, even Ainsley was slightly charmed. 

…damn. A super handsome young man. 

Azkar’s brother was also handsome but with a wild vibe of a tiger, giving off pressure to others as if he’s the king of the jungle. 

At the same time, Larsen’s eldest sister, a quiet yet elegant young woman, beckoned at Larsen with her gentle and magnetic voice. 

“Larsen. Why are you here? You told me that you want to play with your friends at the pool.” The young woman truly gave off a mystic vibe of a fortune teller. 

Her gaze was deep and mysterious, successfully attracting people’s attention but also making them want to hide from the all-knowing eyes. 

On the other hand, Caca’s sister was gentle and weak-looking. Pale face and red eyes, she’s a rare albino. 

However, her unique appearance only made her look like a white rose princess or a snow princess, ethereal and fairy-like. 

Straight white hair flowing to her waist, long eyelashes and a pale face. One could easily see her blue veins gathering around the back of her palm. 

Ainsley was in a trance when she saw the gentle young woman. The woman only nodded at Caca, but when she opened her mouth, a soft, ticklish voice came out. 

“Caca. You’re here.” 

This woman’s voice was like a real Goddess, able to tickle everyone’s heart. Even Ainsley felt that a feather was tickling her ears and heart, making it itchy. 

…damn it—a group of handsome young men and beautiful young women. This group is full of honey traps! 

Ainsley subconsciously felt that even if she used her charm ability, these four people would be immune to her charm. 

After all, they also excluded unique charms, and maybe they would be immune to all sorts of trinkets around them. 

It was only Ainsley’s thoughts, though. 

While Ainsley was deep in thoughts, the children already spoke to their eldest brothers and sisters. 

“Hum, hum, we are here to help a friend!” 

“Yes, yes. Let me introduce my new little sister. She’s famous. You guys must have heard of her too!” 

“…yes. She’s famous.” 

“And she’s also a shaman!” 

The four children spoke at the same time, and the atmosphere became lively. 

The four young adults would occasionally respond to their little brother and sisters or look at Zenan and talk to him. 

Soon, their conversation topic was full of Ainsley, and the four young adults couldn’t help but be curious. 

They had heard of Ainsley’s achievements and feats, but they had never seen her face-to-face. 

Their curiosity was pricked and the youths couldn’t wait to meet Ainsley. 

What will the baby be like? 

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