Chapter 161: I Will Not Touch You Again (1)

Translator: Lonelytree Editor: Millman97

Song Qingchun, who was drinking the RIO, suddenly stopped.

It was indeed the tradition for the winner to treat the others, but her time was not hers after 7 pm. It would seem extremely selfish for her to disagree, but what if he did not allow her to agree?

Song Qingchun did not know what to do, so she unconsciously snuck at look at Su Zhinian.

"Yes, you should treat, and it shall be a big meal… Let me think, where shall we go?" The Student Council President agreed with Tang Nuo's suggestion. He tilted his head to look at Song Qingchun. "There's a nearby holiday villa that serves the best wild game, shall we go there?"

The Student Council President noticed Song Qingchun did not reply so he added, "Qingchun, don't worry, the money Su Zhinian lost to you is more than enough for a meal…"

Before he could finish, his gaze fell on Song Qingchun's wrist. With a frown, he asked instead, "Qingchun, what happened to your wrist?"

As he asked, the Student Council President reached for Song Qingchun's wrist to inspect it. Before his finger could touch her, Song Qingchun recovered and hurriedly hid her hands under the mah-jongg table. She acted so rashly and forcefully that the RIO was splashed all over her body.

"Why such a flustered reaction?" The Student Council President laughed. He pulled out the napkin nearby and passed it to Song Qingchun. Then he added with concern, "That was a big bruise on your wrist, what happened? Is it better now?"

Song Qingchun shook her head but said no words. Her face was white. She grabbed the napkin to wipe at her shirt and thanked the Student Council President.

"What? Little junior, your wrist is hurt? Did you put medicine on it? Is it serious? Let me see…" Tang Nuo then stood up and circled around the table to go to Song Qingchun.

Tang Nuo only took two steps before Song Qingchun jumped up from her seat with a stir. The sleeves of her wool sweater were pulled over her palms. With her head lowered, she said hurriedly, "I have to use the toilet!"

Then, she turned and ran away like she was running from some sort of life-threatening danger.

Tang Nuo stopped in his tracks and asked in confusion, "What's with her?"

The Student Council President shrugged as if saying, "I have no idea either." After a short while, he added, "But now that you mention it, Song Qingchun has a vibrant personality, so why was she so quiet tonight? Maybe something's on her mind?"

"Su Zhinian, what's wrong with little junior?" Tang Nuo turned to look at Su Zhinian. After all, they lived under the same roof; he should know the reason.

Su Zhinian lowered his head to study the tile in his hand. He seemed to be totally lost in thought. After a long while, he slowly raised his head, and with his eyes unfocused, he mumbled an "hmm". He stood up and grumbled, "Excuse me."

Then he absent-mindedly left the room.

When Song Qingchun came out of the toilet, she glanced at her watch, and it was already almost 7 pm.

The Student Council President lived in the city, and the party was also being held in the city. It would take her two hours to reach Su Zhinian's bungalow from the party venue. She was definitely going to be late.

However, regardless of whether she would be late or not, Song Qingchun already planned to leave the party.

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