Chapter 157: Sincerity Is Just Next to Misery (7)

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However, after that drunken incident, Song Qingchun started to push the time before she arrived at the bungalow to 7 pm, and she would faint from tiredness and worry rather than sleep naturally at night. Her sleep was so light that any small movement would wake her up instantly, following which she would rush to the window to check whether or not he had returned. Then, she would return to her bed and toss and turn until she passed out yet again into her dreams.

However, after that drunken night, Su Zhinian had not returned home since.

The two of them did not have any interaction beyond the confines of the contract, so if Su Zhinian did not return home, their paths wouldn't cross, at least, until New Year's Eve. If not for that New Year's Eve party, it would have been the exact same as what he had done five years ago. After the big fight, he had tossed her a cheque and vacated her house immediately, cutting all contact.

It was not a chance meeting at the New Year party; Song Qingchun knew she would meet Su Zhinian there before even she left her home.

This was because the party was the 100th day celebration 1 for her high school student council president's first child.

Song Qingchun believed the only person capable of getting all of their high-school classmates in one room was definitely her Student Council President.

When they were still at school, the Student Council President enjoyed great popularity. After graduation, while everyone dispersed to pursue their own thing, the Student Council President was the only one who kept contact with everyone throughout the years. When he got married, half of her high-school mates attended his wedding. For his son's 100th day party cum New Year party, most of her high-school friends who lived in Beijing attended. If not for the sign that said "百日宴" 2 on the restaurant entrance, Song Qingchun would not have trouble believing this was a high-school reunion.

Song Qingchun arrived rather early, and she shared a table with the few friends who she kept in contact with. Before the party started, Qin Yinan arrived. Qin Yinan had been in the Student Council Committee, so he was good friends with the president. He gave a thick red packet to his friend before coming to say hi to Song Qingchun.

Then, he bade Song Qingchun farewell and went to sit with the people from his own class. It was then that Tang Nuo and Su Zhinian stepped into the restaurant.

Song Qingchun was not the one who noticed them. It was her friend beside her who tipped her off. Her friend had been a star chaser ever since high school; she idolized Jay Chou, Nicholas Tse, Andy Lau, F4, but in her heart, Su Zhinian was her biggest idol.

When she gossiped with Song Qingchun in class, around seventy percent of the conversation would be about Su Zhinian. She was already married and had two children, but when she saw Su Zhinian walk in, it was like high-school all over again. She grabbed Song Qingchun's arm excitedly and sighed in great admiration. "Su Zhinian is here, my idol… For so many years I have not seen him, but he is still as perfect as I remembered…"

The expression on Song Qingchun's face froze when the name "Su Zhinian" was mentioned. She ignored her friend, who was gripping her arm a bit too tightly, as she instinctively retreated into herself. It was after quite some time that she dared to move her gaze toward the entrance.

He still carried a nonchalant expression on his face; his suit was sharp; every button was in place and his tie was straight and perfect, a complete opposite to Tang Nuo beside him, who had three shirt buttons open even though it was the middle of winter.

"Ahhh… He's looking our way!" her friend yelped rather excitedly. Her voice was loud. Song Qingchun forced a smile at her before turning her head away wordlessly, trying to avoid meeting Su Zhinian's eyes.

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