Chapter 153: Sincerity Is Just Next to Misery (3)

Translator: Lonelytree Editor: Millman97

Her pleas fell on deaf ears as he feverishly munched on her bare skin.

An indescribable sensation of paralysis and disgust spread from his lips to the rest of her body, amplifying the fear within Song Qingchun. She instinctively tried to escape. Catching the opening when the grip he had on her wrist loosened, she shoved him away. She turned and ran for the nearest exit.

However, he was much faster than she was. Before she could get two steps away, he pulled on her wrist. Pain shot through her; his force on her wrist was so strong that it seemed like he was trying to snap it in two.

Before she could recover from the pain, she was pushed from behind and toppled to the sofa. He landed heavily on her, effectively pinning her underneath him.

He landed on her like a dead weight. The heavy feeling reminded her perfectly of the same event that happened five years ago. The moment his lips fell on her neck, she started to panic. She tried her best to struggle free, but her strength was miniscule compared to his. His hands clamped on her shoulder and kissed her even more forcefully.

Song Qingchun knew she had no way to run, so she opened her lips to plead with him. "Su Zhinian, let me go… You're drunk… Please wake up, please don't do this…"

Suddenly, a crisp sound of tearing filtered into her ear. Her whole body froze, then she felt the breeze and his fiery lips on her bare chest…

The same feeling of despair from five years ago enveloped her. Tears overflowed from her eyes, and she had dropped all pretension of pride and honor. The pleadings turned into begging. In a shaking tone, she begged, "Su Zhinian, please don't do this, please, I beg you… please…"

She repeated the word "please" like she could find no better word to express her desperation. Her tears, which fell like pearls from a broken necklace, muddled her speech; in the end, seemingly having no energy left or perhaps having surrendered to despair, her mouth was silent, and her body, which had still been struggling, suddenly stopped moving.

It was when Su Zhinian's fingers caressed her waist that he realized something was wrong. He slowly raised his head to realize her empty eyes were looking at a spot on the ceiling while tears flowed freely out of them.

His brows creased, and he pinched her chin to pull her face down to look at him.

In his sharp gaze, there was a dancing burning flame.

She only met his gaze for a second before hurriedly averting her eyes. Her lips were shivering conspicuously. She sounded like she was mumbling a prayer, but it was drowned out by the sound of her weeping.

He stared at her teary face for a long while before slowly moving his eyes downwards. His brows furrowed when he noticed her unkempt clothing, and then it slowly dawned on him what he had done under the influence of alcohol and anger.

Her lips kept moving, but this time through the tears, he could pick up clearly what she was saying.

"Please, please let me go…"

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