When Grandpa Yofan was pushed back by the Golden Gate, Ainsley was so shocked that she almost dropped Cellino. 

However, she quickly regained her sense and ran to support the staggering old man. 

"Gwandpa! Are you owkay??" Ainsley hugged Grandpa Yofan's waist, afraid that if she let go, the old man would fall on his butt. 

Grandpa Yofan was dizzy for a few seconds before he nodded at Ainsley. 

"I'm okay. Don't worry…" 

The old man touched his forehead before sighing. "Just now, when I requested to open the gate, the sacred beasts inside rejected me. They don't want to open the gate." 

When Grandpa Yofan suddenly explained what had happened before, Ainsley was caught off guard. The baby stared at Grandpa Yofan, dumbfounded. 

What? The sacred beasts rejected Grandpa Yofan's request? They won't open the gate? But why, ah? 

We did nothing wrong, okay? And there's no need to repel Grandpa Yofan too…

Ainsley felt distressed for Grandpa Yofan, but she wasn't the only one who felt that. 

Even Cellino was shocked when he saw his siblings reject Grandpa Yofan's request to open the gate. 

What is this?? My siblings are usually happy to welcome humans to the prairie since they're bored with no 'toys' to play with. 

But now, they're sealing themselves from the outer world? Don't they want to come out and play?? 

Cellino was sure that his siblings, one was his blood-related sibling and one was a non-blood-related sibling, were eager to come out and play. 

If not for him choosing to leave first, the other two would have fought each other to determine who could go. 

After all, usually, only one beast could come out of the prairie each time a human came in. 

But looking at the fact, his siblings didn't look like they wanted to come out? Or maybe they disliked Ainsley, the one who wanted to visit them? 

But for what, ah?? 

If even Cellino couldn't understand this bizarre phenomenon, how could Grandpa Yofan and Ainsley know the truth? 

The two of them could only retry to open the gate and every time, Grandpa Yofan was always pushed back from the gate. 

The sacred beasts were really unwilling to open the gate, ah…

Seeing this, Cellino had the urge to enter the prairie and smacked his siblings. 

Why are you guys so unreasonable? Or are you guys pretending to play hard to get, ah?! Fck! 

Cellino trotted to the gate and kicked the gate with his front leg. Of course, since he's just the size of an ordinary cat now, the gate didn't even budge for an inch. 

No matter what the three people did, they couldn't open the gate. After fifteen minutes of doing this, all of them gave up on opening the gate. 

"Let's come back tomorrow, okay? Maybe the sacred beasts are in a bad mood and don't want to open the gate yet…." 

Grandpa Yofan wiped his forehead and tried his best to console Ainsley. 

Right now, the baby's face was already turning as black as the kettle's bottom. She looked like she's about to explode…

Ainsley also knew that if she stayed here, she would have the urge to destroy the Golden Gate. Thus, the baby nodded at Grandpa Yofan with a solemn face. 

"Alwight, Gwandpa. Let's go back first." Ainsley sent another glare to the gate before dragging Cellino and Grandpa Yofan away. 

She's afraid that Grandpa Yofan would faint from anger or his blood pressure would rise rapidly…

The trio agreed to leave the area, and soon, no one was left around the Golden Gate. 

Just a few seconds after the trio left, deep inside the prairie, a dark brown Persia Himalayan cat curled his tail and whispered while lying on the pavilion's marble table. 

[Big sis, why did you reject them, nya~ ] 

The cat's voice was childish, similar to Cellino's. However, this one sounded a lot more coquettish and cute, totally unlike a male at all. 

The so-called 'Big Sis' scratched her belly before stretching her slim, pure-white body. 

She was of the same breed as the male, but her fur was less thick, and she looked almost bald. 

Still, she looked adorable overall, if only her crimson eyes didn't glint dangerously. 

[Hum. You want to know why?] The female cat's voice rang in the male cat's head, and her cold voice was enough to send a shiver down his spine. 

The furry dark brown cat shuddered before nodding. 

[Yes, big sis, tell me, nya~ ] 

The female cat yawned lazily before blurting out words. 

[You see...the one who wants to visit the prairie must be the toddler who came to our place a few months ago, yes?] 

[Hum. She must be the Sloan Family's new boss, nya~ and my stupid brother followed her, nya~ ] 

[Yep, that girl. I know why she wants to visit the prairie now.] The female cat licked her no-fur paw and squinted her eyes. 

[Why, nya?] 

[...her soul is injured. She wants to use your power to summon a soul healer and temporarily revive that soul so that they can heal her soul.] 

[Ah, is that so, nya~ I also sensed her soul, nya~ she's really unique.] 

The male cat didn't need to tell the female cat how Ainsley's soul was unique. 

After all, with the female cat's omniscient eyes, she knew everything at one glance, even when she's trapped in this prairie. 

All the things happening out there...she also knew. 

[Hum, her soul injury suppressed her exclusive ability, and that's why she urgently needs you.] 

[If that's the case, why did you reject her from entering the prairie, nya~ Shouldn't we just help her, nya~ ] 

Really, what is Code-L thinking, shutting the baby outside? 

So weird! 

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