In fact, after breaking free from the illusion back then, Ainsley could feel something was changing in her heart. 

She became more self-aware that this body isn't hers. 

The love of the people around her wasn't directed to her soul, but to this body. 

So...she had to know her place…

And that's why she was a bit more distant to Elliana and the others. She also put distance from Grandpa Yofan. 

Axelle was the only one she could truly feel close to because Axelle wasn't a part of the Sloan Family when she hadn't transmigrated into this body. 

Thus, Ainsley could feel that she existed and Axelle was the product of her actions, not this body's people. 

Axelle is Ainsworth's people. Not Ainsley's. 

But Elliana, the 9 generals, the five buds, Grandpa Yofan and the elders, they were Ainsley's. 

Those people truly loved Ainsley even when she was just a normal baby. 

Of course, they might have neglected her a bit before, but they didn't think of harming Ainsley or looking down at her.

Only some people in the family were rotten, and those people were already disposed of. 

This body deserved all the love that her people gave her, but what about Ainsworth? 

Ainsworth knew that she wanted to transmigrate into this body because she wasn't satisfied with her previous world, her old life. 

That's why she unknowingly stole this body. At first, Ainsley only wanted to survive, which is why she helped make the Sloan Family stronger. 

But now, she thought of the Sloan Family as her own family, her own people. 

That's why she avenged them. That's why she wanted them to thrive and wanted them to have the best things in this world. 

That's why...she wanted the Sloan Family to love her soul and not just the body. 

Ainsley's eyes flashed with a complicated thought, but soon, she suppressed her weird emotion and calmly looked at Grandpa Yofan's probing gaze. 

"I'm owkay, Gwandpa. Pwease, help me open the prairie. That's it." 

With Ainsley shifting the topic, Grandpa Yofan couldn't ask her why she suddenly acts distant like this. The old man could only sigh and nod. 

"When do you want to enter the prairie? This afternoon?" 

It was only a few minutes before lunchtime now. They might be able to open the prairie after lunch. 

"Hum. The faster, the better. Twank ywou, Gwandpa." 

Ainsley sincerely thanked Grandpa Yofan and accompanied him for a few minutes before they walked to the dining hall together. 

Just like usual, the two ate lunch with Elliana, and nothing seemed to be different. However, Grandpa Yofan was too quiet, and Ainsley wasn't as cheerful as before. 

Elliana couldn't help but notice this strange atmosphere, and she felt something was weird. 

...did the supreme elder have a fight with Ainsley? 

They seem to be nervous about something...and none of them wants to talk to each other without the other party making the first move. weird, ah. 

It's not like Ainsley wanted to keep silent like this. It's just that she was afraid Grandpa Yofan would notice something wrong with her. 

Thus, she kept her mouth shut. 

At the same time, Grandpa Yofan felt that if he asked Ainsley questions related to her abilities and soul, which was the reason why she wanted to take out another sacred beast, he's afraid that Ainsley would run away. 

He didn't want Ainsley to run away. So, even when he knew that Ainsley was hiding something from him, the old man tacitly pretended to be ignorant. 

'Maybe...Ainsley is injured and needs the second sacred beast's help, but she doesn't want me to worry. That's why she hid it from me?' 

Grandpa Yofan clutched his chest, feeling distressed for Ainsley. 

She's clearly only a toddler. Why should she carry so much burden on her tiny shoulders? 

What made him even more frustrated is that...there are little things that they could do to help lessen Ainsley's burden. 

He himself was trapped in this mansion and couldn't do much. 

The other adults weren't as capable as Ainsley and he's afraid that they would just bring down the Sloan Family instead of saving it. 

Grandpa Yofan let out another sigh before he quietly finished his meal and took Ainsley to the centre of the mansion. 

Even when they expanded the mansion, they didn't touch the center of the mansion that had many doors leading to the branch families' residences. 

Of course, the prairie gate was still there, shining in golden light. 

When Grandpa Yofan stood in front of the gate, Ainsley also stood next to him while hugging Cellino in her arms. 

The two of them were silent for a few seconds before Grandpa Yofan opened his mouth and spoke in a low voice. 

"Take care. Don't get into any trouble...and come back in an hour. Otherwise, you won't be able to leave the prairie and will have to wait for several months or maybe years." 

After all, the one controlling the gate wasn't the Sloan Family but the sacred beast inside the prairie. Usually, they would be punctual and open the gate once every 6 months. 

If they're in a good mood, they might open the gate once a month, and Grandpa Yofan, as the supreme elder, would sense it. 

This time, he didn't sense that the gate would be opened, but he could attempt to ask the sacred beasts inside to open the gate. 

Ainsley looked at Grandpa Yofan with teary eyes and nodded. "Twank ywou. I'll take care of myself." 

Once Ainsley said that, Grandpa Yofan immediately placed his hand on the gate, and was trying to open it when suddenly, the old man was bounced back by an invisible force! 

The gate...rejected him! 

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