Chapter 150: Lifetime Complementary Card (10)

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"The person hiding in his memory" is staying with him, right? If there are altercations between them, then they will have to talk it out. Big Boss spent so much to prepare the 'crown jewel'; it will be such a waste if it is not given to her! Any woman who receives this present will be overjoyed! Big Boss loves her so much, so he will definitely be happy when he sees the joy on her face…

Cheng Qingchong stared at the road ahead, and her lips curved into a smile.

No one knew she was also hiding a secret within her heart. The secret was related to her Big Boss.

She had liked him, from many years ago. During her interview, she had started to like him. That was why she tried her best to be efficient, perfect, and diligent; it was her only way to be able to stay by his side.

However, she knew very well that his love was not meant for her. Therefore, she had never once thought about pursuing her Big Boss; she had resigned herself to standing by his side and being his right-hand woman. She would be happy if he was happy, she would be sad if he was gloomy, and she would be satisfied if he could find bliss and happiness.

Cheng Qingchong parked the car by the bungalow entrance. She turned around to call him. "CEO Su."

Su Zhinian opened his eyes slowly. His gaze was still floating all over the place. It was after a while that he realized they had reached the destination. He grumbled a "Hmm" as he pushed the door open and stepped out of the car.

Su Zhinian floundered in his steps. Cheng Qingchong got out of the car to help him but was pushed away. He said, "Thank you, but you can go home now, come and fetch me tomorrow morning."

"Yes, CEO Su." Cheng Qingchong pulled back her hands and stood obediently by the car. She watched Su Zhinian stumble to the front door, key in the password, and get in before she got into the car and drove away.

Song Qingchun reached the bungalow at around 11:30 pm. She noticed the lights on the second floor were out, so she knew Su Zhinian had not returned.

She was feeling a bit bloated from the amount she scoffed down during dinner. Song Qingchun decided to do a 30-minute run on the treadmill in the downstairs gym to wind down after a long day.

The heater of the house was powerful, and when the run was over, Song Qingchun was covered in sweat.

She took a warm bath in her bedroom and went down to the kitchen to grab a bottle of water. As she twisted the cap open, her phone, which she had left in the living room, rang.

Song Qingchun subconsciously glanced at the wall clock; it was almost 1 am, who would call at such an hour?

She gulped down the water with a frown as she walked to the living room. She answered the call after she saw the caller ID. "Brother Yinan?"

Qin Yinan's mind had probably cleared from a good sleep because his words were much clearer. "I woke up to use the toilet and was reminded of the fact you had to return home alone. I was worried, so I called to check on you."

It was not until Su Zhinian stepped across the front door that he realized he was home.

He stood for a long time at the entryway. He finally took the first step, but it was unsteady, and he careened to the side. Thankfully, he grabbed the wall in time. He was bending over to untie his shoes when he heard a voice inside the house. "Brother Yinan?"

His brain was slow to process it due to the alcohol. He stood there frozen before soon realizing it was Song Qingchun's voice.

She's already home… His mind had only just reached this conclusion when he heard her say with a smile, "I reached home safely a long time ago."

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