When Ainsley recalled Jake, her eyes immediately lit up. She knew that she could do business with Jake and also offered some benefits to him. 

She absolutely wouldn't make use of their friendship to ask Jake's help for free. 

Thinking like this, Ainsley, who hadn't talked to Jake for a while, immediately texted him through the phone number that he gave her. 

[Jake, Jake, this is Godtoddler! Are you busy now? I have something to tell you…] 

Obviously, Jake, who didn't know that his cover was already blown by his own mother, almost choked to death when he saw this message. 

The young man was at his office at the mansion, overseeing some important business projects when the tablet in his hand dropped to his laps with a plop. 

Fck. Since when did the Godtoddler know my new name? Ahhhh! Don't tell me that my cover is already blown to pieces? She knew that I'm from the Billios Family? 

Countless suspicions and guesses ran around Jake's mind, but the young man forced himself to keep his calm. 

He took his tablet and slowly replied to the message. 

[Hahaha, you call me Jake, so you already know my true identity, Godtoddler?] 

Jake didn't immediately ask why Ainsley contacted him first. After all, he also knew that the baby was extremely busy and she was involved in tons of troubles. 

For her to suddenly contact him now, maybe she's also in another big trouble. 

Ainsley also tacitly didn't mention anything about her messaging Jake first and very sensibly replied to the message first. 

[Yep, yep, your mom told me about your real identity. It turns out that...you lied to me. Humph!] 

Ainsley sent an animated sticker of herself in the chibi version making the 'humph' gesture. 

Receiving such a cute animated sticker, Jake almost had a nosebleed. 

Too cute! Save! Save! 

After saving the sticker, Jake coughed before replying to Ainsley's mistake. 

[Hehehe, I'm sorry, Godtoddler. I didn't mean to hide my identity...I just didn't want to scare you, that's all.] 

This time, Jake also sent over a customised animated sticker of himself wearing his iconic casino attire, but this one is a chibi version. 

The sticker was bowing several times, looking extremely apologetic. 

Of course, it would have been more sincere if there were no cards, casino chips and dollars raining in the background. 

Ainsley's lips twitched as she secretly saved the sticker. It turned out that she's not the only one ordering a set of stickers of her chibi version…

Of course, Ainsley didn't mention this and hurriedly replied. 

[It's okay, I don't mind. I also hide my identity behind the Godtoddler name...so we are even.] 

Ainsley sent a sticker of her chibi self, who was giving a cute wink. The sticker wasn't animated, but Jake felt as if the sticker was moving, ah! 

He's about to have another nosebleed. 

[Hahaha, okay, okay. We are even.] 

Jake sent a 'grinning' sticker of his chibi version before sending another message. 

[So, milady, what's up? Why did you suddenly message me like this? Did you get into another trouble?] 

Jake curled the corner of his lips as he sent a 'smirking' sticker of his chibi self. He truly looked like a teasing and annoying little Cheshire cat in that art, inviting anyone to slap him to death. 

Ainsley also had the urge to slap him, but she endured. She almost sent a 'slap face' gif to Jake…

Taking a deep breath, Ainsley hurriedly typed. 

[It's like this. I'm joining a tournament to promote my family to a high-ranking family, but the first round requires us to sell drugs…] 

Ainsley explained the overall situation within a few paragraphs. 

Jake received the message and immediately read them carefully. 

A few minutes later, after Jake finished reading the long text, he sent a sticker of his chibi version, who was letting out a small sigh, looking extremely distressed. 

Of course, the sticker would look convincing if the chibi didn't have such chubby cute cheeks…

Following the sticker was Jake's short reply. 

[So you find me...to sell drugs to my family? After all, my family is considered a non-mafia family.] 

Ainsley didn't shy away and immediately sent an animated sticker of her chibi self, who was nodding cutely. 


Jake quickly saved the sticker before sending another reply. 

[Well, that's not impossible. My family does need some types of drugs that are illegal, and we can only purchase them from the mafias…] 

Jake usually sold these drugs to non-human races who wanted to try drugs made by humans–for research purposes. 

But the human government wouldn't let the non-human buy that kind of drugs that were considered as the humans' black history. 

Thus, the non-humans had to buy the drugs at the human's black market or other forces. 

The humans that did the most business with non-human races were the Billios Family, known for their trades reaching the non-human markets. 

Thus, many non-humans demanded various types of drugs from the Billios Family, even when the Billios Family was a law-abiding family...on the surface. 

Well, what kind of successful business doesn't have one or two dark sides? 

The Billios Family wasn't an exception. 

To avoid the government' eyes on them and to avoid getting ratted out by their business partner who worked in the dark side, the Billios Family never used the same partner twice. 

In other words, they used another identity to purchase drugs from one source, but after that, they wouldn't buy from the same seller. 

They always buy drugs from many sellers, and just once. 

Thus, it's hard to track the Billios Family down when they're using various identities to buy drugs and from different sellers too. 

This month, coincidentally, they hadn't picked a seller! 

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