It hurts! It feels as if something is piercing her soul and slowly tearing it apart. 

Ainsley got this pain right after she used her curse ability on the fatty Cailon. It was right at that moment– her suffering began. 

Ainsley's face paled in an instant, and she couldn't help but retract her luck manipulation ability. 

Only then the pain subsided a bit, but the trauma was still lingering there. 

The fear of when she felt her soul tearing apart is there. It was such...such a scary feeling! 

Ainsley already broke in a cold sweat as she aimlessly called for Elliana, Axelle and Nouvan. 

"It hurts...c-check me. Check my soul. W-what's wrong with my soul." 

When Ainsley said that, the three people who knew that Ainsley fell into a coma because of her soul injury instantly freaked out. 

"N-nouvan, hurry, check!" Axelle already fished out a soul-nourishment potion from his storage necklace and hurriedly hugged Ainsley. 

At that moment, he forgot all his social anxiety and such. All he wanted to do was to protect his master!

Elliana also held Ainsley's hand, trying to be the baby's mental support while Nouvan did a quick check-up. 

He's not a soul healer, but he could faintly see Ainsley's soul. Of course, he couldn't see that Ainsley's soul was different from the native since the difference wasn't much. 

With Nouvan brief check-up, the guy could detect nothing wrong with Ainsley. Even when Axelle checked the baby's soul, he also couldn't determine what was wrong. 

He only felt that Ainsley's soul shook hard, and it was tearing apart bit by bit. 

He immediately urged Ainsley to drink the soul-nourishment potion, and only then did the soul stop tearing. 

However, it was still shaking wildly, as if about to run away somewhere. 

Such a situation was something that even the spirits couldn't understand. 

Logically speaking, when someone's soul shakes, it means that their soul is under attack, and if the soul shakes too much, someone could steal the soul, or the soul might do self-harm. 

But this kind of phenomenon only happens when someone was a victim of a soul-related ability user with high damage output. 

For Ainsley to be in this situation...someone really did attack her soul with an unknown method! 

But no one knew about the attacker, not even Ainsley and Zev. The two of them only knew about Ainsley's soul true state. 

When Ainsley's soul was trembling like that, Zev was the first one to shout in Ainsley's mind. 

[Host. One of the bullets inside your soul is rolling around right when you use your luck manipulation ability on that Fatty Cailon! Do you think that– ] 

[The bullet is suppressing my luck manipulation ability?] Ainsley bit her lips as she let her people take care of her. 

When she had this thought about the bullet, she immediately understood what's going on. 

Her luck manipulation ability was an exclusive ability bound to her foreign soul. She had this ability solely because she was a transmigrator. 

This was why the neutraliser couldn't stop her luck manipulation ability or seal it. 

But then, since the ability was linked to her soul, it means that if her soul is injured like now…

It turned out that one of the four bullets residing in her soul was in charge of sealing any abilities linked to her soul. 

But it was only activated when she took a large amount of energy to use the luck manipulation ability. 

No wonder the pain only came when she manipulated gold level luck. 

It means that from now on until she got rid of these bullets in her soul, she couldn't use her luck manipulation ability for those with gold-level luck and above! 

Ainsley instantly felt a sense of danger. If she couldn't manipulate the luck of those with gold-level luck and above, how could she fight and survive? 

All these times, her charm was effective against stronger beings because she lowered those beings' luck levels. 

And she could also save her people because she raised their luck level above gold level. 

But now...the gold level was the barrier. 

Isn't this the same as taking away her golden finger?! 

Ainsley's mind spun around. She almost spat out a mouthful of blood. 

Hateful! Whoever sniped this boss– pray that you're already dead. Otherwise, this boss will make you wish you're dead!! 

Ainsley gritted her teeth as she tried to calm down. 

The effect of the soul-nourishment potion was good to mend her teared soul, and in no time, she didn't feel the pain anymore. 

Still, Ainsley knew that she couldn't let this be. Especially when the Godfather was still in a deep coma, and she didn't know when he would wake up. 

Her trump card should be her luck manipulation ability, okay?? Fck! 

[Zev, is there a way to get rid of these bullets without a soul healer? These bullets are really annoying, ah!] 

It's hard to find a soul healer, even among spirits. But to find a soul healer within the living beings, Ainsley couldn't force herself to comply. 

After all, her soul condition was a secret, and she didn't want others to know. 

Is there other ways to heal her soul without alarming others?? 

Zev was silent for a moment before he flapped his ancient china's paper fan. 

[Actually, I think there's a way. Do you remember the second sacred beast of the Sloan Family? The one said to inherit the underworld guardian's bloodline?] 

[Ah...Code-B? Cellino's brother?] 

[Yes, that guy. I think he can summon souls and revive the dead, making him a necromancer, right?] 


[If...if he is lucky to summon a soul that has the soul healer ability and then revive that person to be a puppet for his necromancer ability…] 

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