Should we attack other bosses? 

At Jevon's question, Ainsley lifted her eyebrow and seriously pondered. 

She did have several targets that she'd like to eliminate because these families had sickening businesses involving children. 

But are the bosses still alive, ah? If not, there's no point in attacking other families. 

Ainsley rubbed her eyebrows before signalling Martin with a hand gesture. 

"Martin, find these ten bosses, and if they're still alive, immediately tell me through your Airpods." 

Ainsley immediately blurted ten family names and let Martin memorize it in a few minutes before letting him go. 

"Be quick, okay?" 

"As you wish, master." Martin bowed solemnly before he slowly morphed into someone else. The man did everything he could to sneak around the hall without getting killed. 

Of course, Cellino was constantly keeping an eye on Martin to protect him in case of an accident. 

As a result, Martin successfully inquired about Ainsley's targets, and around four of them were still alive. 

"Master. The Cailon Family Head, the Torah Family Head, the Moore Family head, and the Bosnian Family Head are still alive. They're our targets." 

At Martin's simple report, Ainsley nodded before asking him more about those four people's location. 

After getting their locations, Ainsley signalled her people to follow after her with just a single whistle. 

"Wuuuuuu– " 

When her people heard the long, sharp whistling sound, they instantly stopped whatever they were doing and immediately followed behind Ainsley! 

Cellino also stopped hitting others and hurriedly chased after Ainsley. 

Such a sudden movement of the whole family alerted the enemies. 

When they saw Ainsley suddenly break out of their encirclement and ran somewhere, their faces darkened. 

"Chase her! She's running away!" 

"Sh*t. How did she break out of our encirclement? I didn't even see when she ran away!" 

Of course they wouldn't. After all, Ainsley simply blew a cute kiss to one of the enemies, and they got knocked out. Her charm ability is still the fastest and most efficient ability, ah! 

When Ainsley 'ran away', her enemies naturally followed after while raining down various attacks. 

A pity that none of the attacks could even burn a strand of her hair! All they could do was to watch Ainsley approaching the Cailon Family head. 

The Cailon Family head was a typical fat middle-aged man with a beard and unpleasant face. He was notorious for his business in the prostitution world. 

And what set him different from other mafia bosses was the fact that he sold boys and girls instead of adults! 

Yes, it was underage prostitution. 

Such a filthy boss. How could Ainsley keep him alive? 

Even if the family wouldn't immediately go down after the family head was dead, at least she could shake up the family and give chances for the poor children to escape. 

Thus, when Ainsley saw the fat middle-aged man surrounded by five men in black, she immediately stopped before sneering. 

'Found you!' 

Just like how Ainsley saw the Cailon Family head, the man also saw Ainsley, and his eyes flashed with a cruel and disgusting light. 

The way he looked at Ainsley was just like how he saw valuable goods for trade. 

Ainsley is only three years old. She's cute and beautiful, exactly what some perverts favoured. 

The Cailon Family Head couldn't help but think that if they could catch the baby alive, he could sell her for a large sum of money! 

Not to mention that the baby was a mafia boss on paper. Many perverts would like to play with such a precious baby. 

The Cailon Family Head didn't think too long when he immediately asked his guards in a hoarse voice. 

"Catch that baby alive! We can sell her!" 

The fat man's belly jiggled as his face flushed red from excitement. His guards didn't even question the boss' words, and all of them rushed to catch Ainsley. 

In their eyes, the baby was nothing without her people, and right now, her people were a few meters behind her. 

If they kidnapped her fast, it would be plausible. 

Thus, the guards didn't hesitate to use their abilities to capture Ainsley. 

One of them used their ice manipulation ability, the other has a sticky net spread in the air, another one skillfully manipulated ropes that didn't seem to be ordinary. 

If this was other children, they would have freaked out and wouldn't be able to use their abilities seamlessly. 

But the one in front of the guards wasn't an ordinary toddler. 

Ainsley curled the edge of her lips before activating her luck manipulation ability. 

In that instant, rows of data appeared above these people's heads, directly showing Ainsley their luck level. 

Ainsley didn't even glance at the data and immediately dragged the luck level to the lowest level. 

All of you...just die! 

Ainsley didn't bother to look at the attacks coming to her, and with leisure steps, she circled the guards and walked toward the lone boss. 

Only seconds after she did that, the first guard's ability suddenly went out of control and the ice pierced his own chest. 

The second guard got entangled in his own sticky net, directly transformed into a cocoon. 

The third guard's rope suddenly circled his neck and, without warning, suffocated the man to death! 

The other two guards, who didn't go to catch Ainsley, almost peed their pants at this sight. 

Fck– that's a curse! It must be the legendary curse that could kill without touching! 

The two guards trembled from head to toes while the fatty widened his eyes in disbelief. 

Impossible. His elite guards were killed in a matter of seconds. And this baby didn't look like she did anything to them. 

She only circled his men, and they're all dead! 

He...he provoked a grim reaper. 

He's done for!! 

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