Chapter 1204 - The Palace

I soon reached in front of the Gigantic Building, which looks to be some Palace or a huge mansion. It is enormous, and many parts of it have been collapsed and some buried in the ground, but one could still guess what it was before it became like this.

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This is the first building I have seen the Subterranean space, though there signs of some building but all of them have been turned to dust by the ravage of time and the Cosmic Energy.

If my guess is right, then this Subterranean space is new or did not exist when Ruin was part of the world. Over the years, this subterranean space had formed, and many buildings collapsed in it as I did with my abode.

While most of them have turned to dust, this one has survived, and its survival spoke enough of its specialness.

Even facing mild cosmic energy for thousands of years, the buildings above have turned to dust, but this building, even after the ravage of such dense cosmic energy, has survived for such a long time; there must be something special about it for it to be surviving till now.

I stare at the building for a while before I walked away from it; I plan to scour this building but not today. It is already late, and I planned to rest and sleep before stepping into this building with a fresh mind.

Half an hour later, Ashlyn found a well-hidden place to set up the abode. The night had passed with any incident on both of us shift, and after having early lunch, I walked out of Abode with Ashlyn on my shoulder.

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I again stood in front of the building, but this time with the intention to enter inside. I chose to walk enter the building through the left side instead of the center, I will scour the building whole from left to right, and I have to do it in three days; that's how much time I have given to myself.

With that throught, I walked toward the left side of the building; as I reached left, I walked toward the building. As I got close enough, I saw many big gaps through the collapsed part of the building.

"Looks like I won't have to find a way inside," I said as I looked at big gaps in the wall and walked toward them, and scanned them through my senses.

To my surprise, I saw that I saw that my senses could not be passed through the walls. They are made of special materials that suppressed the soul sense. "Ashlyn, did your soul sense work on these walls?" I asked Ashlyn, who was on my shoulder.

I long before found out that Ashlyn's soul sense is a little special that it even worked in a restricted environment.

"Chew Chew Chew…" I got her reply from her second. Her soul sense is also suppressed, but the suppression is no way stricter than mine. She said her soul sense is working on half efficiency, and with time, she will gain full efficiency.

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"Which way you suggest?" I asked Ashlyn since only her soul sense is working, "Chew!" She chirped as she motioned toward the one particular gap, this gap is not big as others, but I could pass through it as long as I bend down.

I stepped on the broken parts of the building and appeared in front of the gap; there, I crouched down and walked inside. When I stepped into the other side, I found myself in what seemed to a hallway.

It is a wretched condition; a pile of dust and rocks are everywhere, parts of the column that survived the ravage of time. It is completely broken down, but I am not disappointed; there are many rooms seen in front of me; I am hopeful if I check everything, I will fight something worth it.

"Let's start the treasure hunting," I said with excitement I could muster before I float toward the first room on the right. Learning from my experience, I did not walk but float an inch above the ground.

This building seemed quite sturdy even after so much time, but some parts are very precarious and could turn to dust with the slightest touch and might collapse the whole building.

Soon I reached in front of the room on the right. The room did not have a door, likely disappeared in the river of time; I slowly floated into the room but stopped soon after seeing everything in the room have turned to dust.

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There are some scarp metals and stone pieces, but I do not have any interest in collecting them. "Ashlyn, see if you find anything interesting there," I asked Ashlyn; though I did not see anything interesting, I am not willing to go out without trying.

So, I asked Ashlyn to scan the room with her senses in case she might pick something interesting.

"Chew, Chew!"

A few seconds later, Ashlyn chirped as she shook her head in disappointment. I couldn't help but sigh, hearing that I am not hoping to find a treasure in the first room before I float out of the room, but I would be quite happy if I found something interesting.

With the crappy result, I moved to the room on the left, which have the door what left of it. There are metal pieces attached to the wall; I gently pushed them away before entering the left room.

It is also filled with crap, nothing is interesting was found there, only dust and stones. With a heart filled with disappointments, I started to check the other rooms in the hallway and found all of them filled with crap; not a single one had anything interesting or valuable.

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Two hours passed by, and I checked all thirty-three rooms present in the hallway, and all of them filled me with desspointement.

Seeing that, I want to leave this crappy place, but I stilled my heart; this building is enormous and what I explored is just 1% of it, and since I planned to explore for three days, I should explore at least give it a day before giving up.

If I did not find anything even slightly valuable within a day, I would leave this crappy place.

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