Not only the big bosses but even the mafia council's representative also looked at Ainsley with a slight amusement on her face. 

So this is Ainsley Sloan, the person that the whole council members are paying attention to. 

The woman fixed her round eyeglasses and secretly observed Ainsley, who already went to socialise with the others. 

Didn't know how a 3-year-old toddler could act so calm in front of a lot of adults, especially when she's a family head, not a child of a regular mafia. 

Many people suspected that Ainsley wasn't a normal child, maybe she's brainwashed or something. Maybe she's an experimental subject…

Anyway, the council representative kept looking at Ainsley with a slight smile on her face. 

This baby is the reason why the mafia council holds a tournament instead of a normal coronation. 

The councils were worried that if the Sloan Family became a high-ranking mafia family when the family head was just a puppet head, the child would be in danger sooner or later. 

Such a talented kid, the council preferred to have the baby groomed well to be a good boss in the future. 

But if she already became a puppet boss now, who would know what would happen next? 

Thus, the councils agreed to suppress the Sloan Family so that the baby would stay out of the limelight. 

They knew that Ainsley was strong, but it didn't mean they believed that she was the genuine family head of the Sloan Family.

Who knows if she's threatened or something and was forced to be the puppet family head? 

Toward genius children, the mafia councils were biased. 

They're determined to keep Ainsley away from the high-ranking society, afraid that it would draw too much trouble and such a young kid couldn't possibly handle it all. 

The councils had a good intention, but for Ainsley, who didn't know it, their plan actually became her obstacle instead. 

Well, for now, the baby was still smiling here and there as she greeted the bosses. 

Of course, the bosses would also bring one of their concubines or illegitimate wives along with their illegitimate children to grey Ainsley. 

"Good evening, Miss Sloan. I have heard of you many times." A kind-looking middle-aged man laughed as he shook hands with Ainsley. 

"Hahaha, you flatter me, Mister Braun. I have also heard of your excellent achievements many times!" 

Ainsley smiled from ear to ear. 

She didn't use her cutesy language, but her tone and the way she spoke was so cute that people felt tons of feathers tickling their hearts. 

"Hahaha, you're more adorable than the rumour!" The man laughed while peeking at his children. 

Whenever these bosses looked at Ainsley and then looked at their own children, they unknowingly expressed dissatisfaction. 

Even though the children they brought were only illegitimate ones, when they recalled their heirs at home, their faces also couldn't help but darken. 

Compared to this prodigy who already became a family head, even when she's just a puppet, their heirs are leagues behind this baby, no? 

Most of their heirs are working hard to get into the Elton academy to hone their various skills so that in the future, they could lead the family well. 

But this baby is already involved in various wars, businesses, socialising, and so on. seems that this baby isn't just a simple puppet, ah…

After talking to Ainsley, most of the participants slowly believed that Ainsley couldn't be just a mere puppet. 

It seemed that she's really a genius, and her people at home also supported her to be the family head. 

Maybe, there were other people behind the baby to take care of various business, but in terms of special abilities, the baby already showed her worth. 

Compared to their children, who were still wet behind the ears, this obviously young toddler looked like a monstrous genius instead. 

Maybe she's even more of a genius than the Aretha Family's daughter and the Walter Family heir! 

At this thought, the people in the hall had various reactions. Some of them thought that it's not bad to keep a good relationship with this genius. 

Others thought that they had to eliminate such a genius, afraid that the Sloan Family would soar under the genius' care, and that would threaten other mafia families. 

Only a few actually pitied Ainsley for being such a genius yet forced to be a puppet family head. 

If she wasn't forced to become one, she could peacefully develop her talents without risking her life. 

The council representative was one of the people with such thoughts. 

She looked at Ainsley with pity in her eyes. 

'This baby...she should be surrounded with talented tutors, energetic friends, caring maids and such...but she already goes to the battlefield, having her hands soaked in blood.' 

No matter how talented Ainsley was, she's still three, ah! To make a toddler go to war and kill people...the Sloan Family is too much. 

Many mafia bosses also had the same thought. 

They couldn't understand how such a young baby could go to war and kill many people without having psychological set-back. 

Even their own children couldn't be as ruthless as this baby. 

What they didn't know is that Ainsley suffered from the set-back as well, but the Godfather and her people helped her a lot to overcome her trauma. 

Plus, she's originally a young adult and not a child. If she's really a child, she wouldn't be able to do this at all. 

Which kid could kill mercilessly when they're only three years old if they're not forced, or the circumstances forced them to do that? 

Thus, some of the mafia bosses, especially the women, felt sorry for Ainsley. 

They could only push their children to make friends with Ainsley! 

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