Chapter 135: We Have All Been Forgotten (5)

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It was only after the invitation had been made that Song Qingchun realized she had just invited Su Zhinian to dinner!

Then again, he had helped her on so many occasions, repaying him with a meal was the least she could do… However, he did not seem to have heard her by the way he kept his head lowered and did not reply. Could it be that he wanted to reject her?

Song Qingchun thought about it and added, "If not for your help, I would be in court. When will you be free? Can you please clear up your schedule so that I can treat you to a meal?"

Su Zhinian recorded every word Song Qingchun had said and ran them through his mind twice before affirming he had not misheard her. He then slowly raised his eyes to look at Song Qingchun.

To maintain his calm composure despite his raging emotions, the strength that he used to grip his pen was so great that his fingertips were white from stress.

He picked up the coffee that had gone cold, took a sip, and replied succinctly, "Okay."

Song Qingchun had thought her invitation was going to fall through since Su Zhinian was not replying. Just when she was going to say, "If you're not free, then we can take a rain check," she heard Su Zhinian say nonchalantly, "Okay". So, she quickly changed the words in her mouth. "Perfect, but when can we do this?"

Song Qingchun titled her head to the side to think about it. The next day was Saturday and also her day-off from work, so she mumbled, "How about tomorrow?"

After a pause, Song Qingchun added, "Tomorrow night?"

That way, she wouldn't have to make dinner…

Su Zhinian originally wanted to nod, but before he could, a message came into his phone. He glanced at it, it was a spam message, but with that glance, he noted the date on the screen, it was December 21st.

December 24th is Christmas Eve, and the 25th is Christmas…

Su Zhinian's nod paused in mid-air, and he started to think. He then raised his eyes slowly to say to Song Qingchun, "I'll have to ask Secretary Cheng about my schedule before I can decide."

Song Qingchun, who had seen Su Zhinian already start to nod, was shocked by this sudden turn of events. She blinked several times at Su Zhinian before realizing that he had practically just rejected her. She replied, "Then, tell me when you have decided on a time."

Su Zhinian nodded with a guttural "Hmm."

"If there's nothing else, I'm going to go rest."

Su Zhinian did not answer and lowered his head to study the document.

Song Qingchun shuffled out of his room, and when the door to the study was closed, her face dropped. She stuck her tongue out at the door, and as she stomped to her own bedroom, she could not help mimic Su Zhinian in a childish tone. "I'll have to ask Secretary Cheng about my schedule before I can decide.

"Huh… Who does he think he is? For just a dinner, he needs to check his schedule‽

"He really thinks he's the president?

"He must be kidding; does he think I would have dinner with anyone? He should be honored that I have even invited him!"

Song Qingchun slammed the door close heavily and jumped onto her bed. Staring at the chandelier above her head, she huffed out of her nose and grumbled under her breath, "Big-headed Su!"

Su Zhinian heard Song Qingchun's complaints, and a warmth that he did not notice appeared in his eyes. Just as he picked his pen to finish the note, he heard Song Qingchun from the next door say, "Damn, I forgot about the most important thing!"

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