Chapter 1210 - Everwings Descent

"You must be wondering about me, why I left a speck of my soul here?" She suddenly asked, and I couldn't help but nod.

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I had been wondering about her for quite a while. It is clear that she is not a real person but a speck of soul left behind by a very powerful person.

"There was war, a war that was big enough that even bravest person will shudder seeing in the devastation it had brough." She said, her voice has gone very soft that it felt like a whisper.

"After fighting with our all, we won the war but ended up losing our world. The destruction it had caused was massive enough that our world has broken into pieces." She said with a grief-filled voice.

Just how powerful her their enemies had been to break the world powerful as theirs into pieces. Breaking the worlds, they are among the most tensile things that will survive even if half it has destroyed.

Her world was powerful; there were clear signs of it; the limit of power of their word had been far greater than ours, which means people of their world could reach a way higher level than the Tyrants.

"I and some leaders survived the war have saved as many people we can, but how can we save the world full of people? All of them died with our world." She said with tears welling up in her eyes.

She fell silent again and did not speak for a few minutes before she opened her mouth again. "Seeing world breaking, I and others have decided to leave our Inheritance in pieces of our as a remembrance, hoping the worthy ones to find them." She said softly.

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I had already expected something like it but did not felt happy when my guess held true.

"I was hoping someone of Pre Inheritance establishing would come here but seeing how thick the Cosmic Energy present in this broken piece, I don't think any pre Inheritance establishment pupil could survive here for even a moment." She said.

Knight would not survive here, hell forget even common Lords, Duke and Princes would turn to dust if they came to this subterranean world, only those with special means and strong bodies could survive in this subterranean place.

We again fell into silence before I felt her gaze on me, "This piece of soul awaked the moment you entered the abode, and once it awakened, it won't be able to sleep again." She said while looking me in the eyes.

"So, little one, I hope you can take my Inheritance." She said to me, hearing that I couldn't help but startled before a mirthless smile appeared on my face. "As you can see, I already have an Inheritance," I said.

"Hahaha.." hearing me, a smile appeared on her face before it turned into melodious laughter.

"No, I do not want you to imprint it, little one; your path is that of creation I will not restrict you in my Inheritance. I hope that you can take my Inheritance to your world." She said, hearing that bright smile couldn't help but appear on my face.

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I had understood the meaning of her words the first time, but I just wanted to make sure of saying that. One can guess these powerhouses' mentality, some of them super crazy; I come across enough of them to be careful.

"I am honored with such responsibility," I said while feeling giddy inside. The Academy would become even stronger with this Inheritance, and this Inheritance is not common Inheritance seeing its creator was able to become the leader of the powerful world.

"This piece of the soul does not have much time left, so I will now be handling you, my Inheritance little one." She said and motioned toward the purple wings, which are flapping in the center of the garden.

At her motion, the beautiful purple wings came flapping toward her and soon rested on her fair palm.

"The name of my Inheritance is Everwings Descent, named after my world. It is my proudest creation; find someone worthy for it, little one." She said as she handed me the delicate purple wings.

"I will," I said and carefully stored the delicate purple wings in my storage.

"If you do not mind me asking, may I know who were the enemies you have fought?" I asked after I put the Inheritance in my storage.

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Hearing my question, her face hardened, and fury appeared on it before it calmed down the next second.

"You know them as well and killed thousands of them." She said, hearing that I was stumped for a moment before understanding dawned on my face.

"Grimm Monsters!" I said, and she nodded, "We called them spawns of Abominations; they are extremely powerful and cruel; cut off that tumor from your before it spread and destroy it, little one." She warned.

"I do not have much time remaining; this piece of the soul will evaporate within an hour." She said before I could ask her further questions about the Grimm Monsters.

"With the last bit of my energy, I will give you something, consider as remuneration for handling the responsibility of my Inheritance," she said, and the next moment, the scenery changed in front of me. I found myself outside of the Gazebo.

I am not alone; Serena also beside me, and I opened me to say something when I found myself unable to form words.

Serena lifted her hands, and a tsunami of cosmic energy mobilized before it morphed thousand went in Gazebo. She is creating the runes from a tsunami of cosmic energy at an astonishing rate.

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Each second, hundreds of thousands of runes being created and seeped into the abode. A few seconds later, their numbers have increased so much that I could not see what is happening to Gazebo as they have wholly drowned it.

Shake Shake Shake…

I was wholly entranced in such a display of power, but that was just a started as what happened next have completely blown my mind apart.

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