Chapter 132: We Have All Been Forgotten (2)

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Then… why are you still standing here? Su Zhinian raised his brow, dropped the document, leaned into the chair, and looked at Song Qingchun.

Song Qingchun noticed Su Zhinian's gaze on her, so she too lowered her head to look at herself.

There was nothing out of place with her, was there? She then turned to look at Su Zhinian with deep confusion in her eyes. She realized he was still staring at her without moving his eyes, so she blinked confusedly at him, using her gaze to ask him wordlessly, Why are you staring at me?

Her eyes were wide and clear. It was cute yet seductive when she blinked. Why did she have to blink at me? She has nothing better to do than seduce me?

Su Zhinian raised his hand to undo his tie and averted his eyes to avoid her 'seduction'. He calmed his beating heart and lowered his head to continue reading the document he had opened earlier.

Fine, if she wants to stand there, then let her stand there.

In the study, she stood there looking at him while he looked at his document. The audio system in the room was playing a slow, long song.

Initially, probably because he knew she was looking at him, Su Zhinian had a hard time concentrating; the words were running all over the pages. However, ten minutes later, as the sound of her steady breathing drifted into his ears through the music, his heart felt strangely calmed, and there was a feeling of rightness to everything.

When Song Qingchun stood until her legs were tired, she realized the audio system had been playing the same song.

It was sung by a female artist. Her tone was clear and comfortable, but the song had a sad undercurrent to it.

When the song repeated itself, Song Qingchun paid special attention to the lyrics, and she realized the lyrics were as melancholy as the tune.

I said I fear most the breeze before the rain,

You said it's the same for you too.

We both laughed while looking at the sky,

Talked and talked until we were both crying.

It seems that we've both been loved by someone before.

Those dreams that were perfect to the point of not needing to be remedied,

The many similar kinds of tenderness,

There were also different kinds of sadness.

Two people who had been friends for many years,

The reasons that our two loves came and went.

After the events happened and the times changed,

We both reminisced on the side of the road.

That dream in which we were slapped in the face,

was like the sound of rumbling thunder…

At this point of the song, Song Qingchun could not help but ask, "What song is this?"

Su Zhinian did not take his eyes off the document; he flipped over another page calmly and answered softly, "We Have All Been Forgotten."

As Su Zhinian gave the answer, the song reached its chorus.

We have all been forgotten,

All have been forgotten for a long time.

Time is a roadside thief.

That sleeve under the umbrella,

That face that is awaiting an answer,

How much happiness has turned into loneliness in the end…

"It's a nice song," Song Qingchun commented.

"Hmm." Su Zhinian answered noncommittally, his gaze still on the document.

"Who's the singer?" She was going to download it later for herself.

We have all been forgotten,

All have been forgotten for a long time.

How many words should be used to describe 'love'?

You spoke so calmly and easily,

I watched dark clouds fly away,

because I understand all the things you say.

Love often has a beginning but no ending.

Su Zhinian was doing three things at the same time; he was listening to music, reading the document, and maintaining this conversation with Song Qingchun. "Kay Tse."

Perhaps it was because Su Zhinian had helped her that night or perhaps it was because she had seen his smile earlier, she had gotten a lot more comfortable in his presence, and she managed to ask more questions, "But this song is not that popular right? How did you find it?"

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