Ainsley already created a price list in her mind. The longer the spirits stayed here, the heavier the price they had to pay. 

Especially when the Godfather visited the mausoleum. 

The quality of the spiritual energy would be much better than the usual, and thus, the rent fee would also be doubled or tripled! 

[Others purposely trap these spirits, but I won't. I will give them a choice, and they can choose whether to give up an easy way to maintain their spiritual body or to pay the fee.] 

Ainsley grinned from ear to ear as she looked at the abundant spirits roaming around the hall.

[Let's place a spiritual energy-sealing barrier too. Get the array masters or a tool to do that.] 

Ainsley simply planned to make the spiritual energy stay inside the mausoleum so that it would continue to linger inside. 

When there weren't any spirits to absorb the spiritual energy, it would obviously become more abundant and concentrated…

It was actually good for levelling up the shamans and their contracted spirits. 

In fact, the mausoleum rarely could help the shamans and their spirits to become stronger because too many spirits tried to absorb the spiritual energy in this place. 

The main use of the mausoleum was only to trigger someone to become a shaman due to the sheer number of spirits in this place. 

But since Ainsley already thought of a plan to control the spirits' entry, she could use the mausoleum to nurture shamans instead of just triggering normal people to be shamans. 

How could she not reap the most benefit? 

And the most important thing was that, without her permission, there would be no spirits inside the mausoleum. 

The other families who only had eyes for the spirits gathering inside this building would have no choice but to abandon their desire to get the mausoleum, right? 

After all, in their hands, the mausoleum would go back to the previous state, and the spirits would be trapped again. 

Imagine the spirits who already lived in Ainsley's ruling where they could roam everywhere even after visiting the mausoleum...suddenly had to be trapped again…

Would they revolt? 

Of course they would! 

In fact, the number of spirits in the mausoleum could be a lot more than now if there's no spirit-trapping array. 

There would be more variants as well. 

The beast spirits, the non-human spirits, would also come to this place if not for the spirit-trapping array that had been here for a long time. 

Thus, Ainsley's idea of changing the mindset was actually beneficial for both sides! 

She wouldn't trap the spirits, but she would do business with them.

You want to mooch the spiritual energy in this place? Sure. You can pay by enlightening the children to become shamans or make a contract with the newly enlightened shamans. 

Or can lend your abilities to this little boss! 

And Ainsley could pay them by granting their wish to mooch off the spiritual energy in the place. 

That's another loophole that Ainsley discovered from her ambassador shaman type. 

She did have to grant the other party's wish, but if she could control what they wished for? Isn't that the same as her selling merchandise and the spirits pay by lending her their abilities? 

It's not her who rented the abilities but the other party who lent her their abilities in exchange for what she offered– which was the abundant spiritual energy. 

When Zev finished listening to Ainsley's explanation, his face already turned black, even blacker than ink. 

[You– this, t-this is cheating, ah! Cheating! You can't do this– ] 

[Hush, I can. Why can't I? I don't break any rules. There's no rules stating that I can't do my plan.] 

Ainsley whistled happily as she circled the Godfather's body on the floor. 

[For the first rental fee, I want to make these spirits to ask their acquaintances to send people to protect the Godfather.] 

Ainsley couldn't help but soften her gaze as she looked at the Godfather's sleeping face. 

[That way, I can be at ease when I go to conquer the other two missing territories.] 

Zev was instantly speechless. 

How come he didn't know that Ain could be so shrewd? Her idea was truly good. He didn't even think that far, ah. 

And this baby actually made use of her ambassador shaman type to communicate with the spirits…

Don't tell me this will be the first in history where a shaman did business with the spirits? 

Maybe Ainsley could even rent the spirits here to other shamans who didn't have a contracted spirit yet…

Oh no. Her business would drag the shamans too! Those wealthy eccentric people! 

Ah, wait, and she could also sell the shamans to the spirits who wanted to make a contract with the shamans. 

She could pick talented shamans and 'sell them' at a high price for the spirits who wanted to make a contract with the shaman. 

Well, they could do this outside of the mausoleum, but Ainsley said that if they involved the mausoleum, both spirits and shamans would benefit from the spiritual energy inside the mausoleum. 

Ainsley would let them enter the mausoleum freely. She only needed to register their soul aura to the array itself…

Or maybe they could carry around a token so that the array masters would let them in…

Zev already imagined how the mausoleum would turn into a market for both shamans and spirits to communicate smoothly and joined hands to get rid of the exorcists…

Yes. Ainsley didn't forget about the exorcists. In her plan, she wanted the shamans and the spirits to be highly aware of the exorcists, thus, trying hard to eliminate them. 

What a wicked plan! 

As expected of a mafia boss! 

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