Chapter 1222 - Strengthening I

We are now standing at an impasse, at a spot where dry and small trees end, and sprawling seedling trees start.

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In this Impass, there are very few monsters, as monsters from the rest of Crown Forest did not come here due to a weird combination of Cosmic Energy and Vitality.

Though it may seem like one could remove their protective measure due to the thick vitality, then one would be utterly wrong.

There is indeed dense vitality that could heal any injury; there is Comic energy, making the boy stay in a weird limbo of injuring and healing, which is very uncomfortable, and the normal monster did not want to bear it.

While others may have a problem with experiencing the limbo, I don't. I very much want this vitality, and that why I opened the small gaps around the Armor to refine my body with vitality and Cosmic Energy.


As I opened the holes in my Armor, I barely stopped myself from hissing in pain. The Cosmic Energy is too strong that the pain it has given me is immense; If not for daily refining, which got me used to such pain.

It is a good thing I have Armor covering my whole body; otherwise, my teammates would have gotten quite a shock seeing me currently who is one-second man horror before another second completely by vitality before turning man horror again.

"It is getting late; we should find a safe place to set up the abode," Jim said; nobody has a problem with that, and we started searching for a safe place. On the way, we have come across a couple of pounds, which we emptied; everyone understood its value.

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Finally, half an hour later, we have found a safe spot, and Jim had brought out its space abode. Inside the abode, I first showered, and before going into the kitchen.

Jim was already waiting for me, and with him in, I sealed the kitchen and started to cook with now and then, asking me some questions which I am very happy to answer since I will be getting what I want tonight.

"Here, all the ingredients for Morowsky Solution," I said as I handed him the pouch, he took it without question and looked at them before nodding in affirmation. "It will be ready before midnight." He said, to which I nodded happily.

A few minutes later, the dinner began, and the sounds of appreciations began to come out of their mouths again. An hour later, the dinner is finished, and Jim excused himself while I stayed for an hour chatting before I excused myself with the rest.

In the practice room, I looked at a tub of water with bated breath. This water is different from the other water Ive used for the refining before, is from the seedling forest, which has thick cosmic energy and dense vital energy mixed in it.

The cosmic energy is very thick inside the water, and normally, it would be suicide for me to refine the body in such thick Cosmic Energy infused water; I will die less than a minute under it.

I am only taking a chance because it had dense Vital Energy mixed in it; still, I had taken enough precaution that if something went wrong, I would be able to save my life.


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With everything done, I took pushed my legs inside the water and felt like I had pushed my leg into acid as my skin had nearly all dissolved and bones of my legs started to show before skin began to appear on my leg.

Seeing such a scene, I had a huge urge to take out my leg, forget the pain I could deal with, but the potency of Cosmic Energy in this water is too great. It might turn to the skeleton and die before I got a chance to heal with vitality.


I took a couple of deep breaths before I dipped my whole body into the water in one go and three energies woked inside me to save me. Still, Healing Energy, Healing Rule, and my constitution only slow down the skin melting into the water.

While the skin is melting, I am biting a piece of wood in my mouth with all my strength, that my gums started bleeding.

My skin was still melting, and bones started to show when suddenly I felt a faint coolness around me, and my skin started to grow back; seeing that, I couldn't help but heave a sigh of relief as if the damaged had crossed limits, I would have flown out of the tub as that time, the damage would be irreversible.

My skin healed, and it seemed slightly more vibrant, but before I could take a careful look at it, the cosmic energy assaulted again, and my skin started to melt in water.

It keeps happening every second, and it beyond painful that I want to get out of the tub every moment, but I did not. I stayed there and experienced hell as nearly every part of my body get destroyed before reformed again.

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While Micheal is going through this hell-like refinement, someone invades his privacy and watches everything he is going through.

'How does he bear something like this?' She did not know how many times she had asked this question when she looked at him going through his hell-like refinement.

She had no intention of spying on Micheal, she did not even like him, but she got curious when he asked Jim to craft Morowsky Solution. Having been with Alchemist for a few years, she knows about quite much.

Crafting Morowsky Solution is no simple matter; it requires rare ingredients, including Miracle Fruit, and not to forget the skill is needed to craft it, which Jim has. He may not be much of a fighter, but her man is damn fine Alchemist that barely anyone has the same level of skill as him at his current level.

I was very curious about what Micheal needed Morowsky Solution. It had a fair range of use from refining the body to increasing the libido, and it is because of last use, she got curious about him.

Her sister always praised Micheal's nature and still do, but she never truly believed; she thought he was a country bumpkin who was latching on Micheal from the first time they met.

She did not think so, seeing who his mother is, and he became a student of one to best healers in the world. However, she still has prejudiced him, so she decided to fall stoop on low enough to spy on someone else's practice, which one most forbidden thing to do, and Jim would not like it if he knew I did that.

Still, I am happy I did that; it had given me the best reality check. She used to think she is forcing herself to challenge her limit but seeing what Micheal doing, she knew her training is nothing in front of him.

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While she basks in self-glory, people like Micheal training like madmen pushing through every limit they had. If she did not push her to her real limit, she would be left to dust by them.

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