When Ainsley heard her people's shouts, she flinched for a second before slowly stretching her stiff body. 

"Hwum….what's wlong?" Ainsley yawned, and her blue eyes teared up, looking a bit miserable and pitiful. 

However, when she yawned like that while stretching her limbs, she undoubtedly looked like a little kitten stretching her body after a comfortable nap. 

There's no way people would think that she was unconscious for several days instead of taking a quick nap. 

Jevon and the others looked quietly at Ainsley's calm actions, and they suddenly doubted whether they damaged their memories or not. 

The boss was in a coma, right? Her condition was critical, right? 

But how come she didn't look that way at all? If anything, she looked refreshed! 

Jevon, Elliana, and the others opened their mouths without speaking for a long time until Ainsley slowly rose from the simple bedding and walked toward the Godfather's 'empty' bed. 

"How ish the Gwodfathel?" 

Ainsley's childish voice resounded as the baby glanced down at the Godfather, who was still in a deep sleep. 

He was still recuperating without noticing anyone, not even Zev, who was still crying on his chest. 

When Ainsley suddenly asked this, the members snapped out of their daze and instantly surrounded Ainsley. 

"T-the Godfather is okay! Axelle just came and gave him the spirit-nourishment potion. We just need to keep giving him the potion." 

Jevon helped the others to explain things to Ainsley, and Martin also quietly backed him up. 

"The Godfather's wounds are closing and he's healing well. We just need to heal his wounds completely, and his spiritual energy won't leak out anymore." 

Since Martin was the only one aside from Ainsley that could see spirits, thanks to his spirit contact lenses, he became the Godfather's personal caretaker while Ainsley was unconscious. 

Thus, Martin subconsciously explained the Godfather's detailed condition to Ainsley. 

Hearing this, Ainsley nodded and carefully sat down next to the Godfather's body. 

As if noticing the baby's movement, Zev, who was bawling his eyes out, instantly looked up, and his gaze met Ainsley's gaze. 

At that moment, Zev was stunned before suddenly pouncing on Ainsley. 

[HOSTTTT!! You're awake! Ahhh, thank God!] 

Zev, in the form of a toddler, who was even smaller than Ainsley, immediately dived into the baby's arm, only to pass through her body. 

He's a spirit, after all. 

Zev only realised this after his initial failure and the toddler with his diaper showing everywhere couldn't help but blush. 

However, he's a shrewd system that had lived for a long time, after all. He quickly managed his facial expression and hurriedly fawned over Ainsley. 

[Host, I'm glad that you're awake! I thought that you won't ever wake up! Huhuhuhu.] Zev sobbed quietly as he circled Ainsley. 

Of course, his eyes would still dart to the Godfather from time to time. 

Usually, Ainsley would glare at Zev whenever the guy acted cutely around her. But now, maybe because it's been a while since she saw him, she couldn't help but grin. 

[Yeah, I also didn't think I'd wake up soon.] 

'Because I was trapped inside that illusion, okay?' 

Ainsley only realised that she was inside an illusion after she broke it. 

Still, whenever she recalled the content of her illusion, she couldn't help but think that the conversation was real. 

'What if the real Ainsley wants to get her body back? As someone who robbed her body, what can I say?' 

Ainsley bit her lips and swiftly hid her emotions residing in her eyes. She didn't want Zev or the Godfather to know about her thoughts and got worried for her too. 

Thus, she quickly changed the conversation. 

[Right, how long have I been asleep?] 

[Three to four days. I think it's close to a week.] Zev casually responded as he checked Ainsley's condition. 

As a system's spirit, how could he not know his host' condition? 

But then, when he scanned Ainsley's body, he found something was wrong with her soul, and his eyes couldn't help but widen. 

[Host! You– your soul– ] 

Ainsley knew nothing about her soul, but she could vaguely feel that something was wrong with her soul. The baby smiled wryly at Zev and sighed. 

[Let's talk about my soul later. For now, can you tell me what's going on with the Godfather?] 

Ainsley never saw the exorcists and their attacks, so she still didn't know why the Godfather suddenly got heavily injured. 

[How did the Godfather get injured? Who attacks him?] 

Zev swiftly answered. 

[It was the exorcists.] When Zev mentioned the exorcists, his usually bubbly and cute eyes suddenly revealed a trace of anger and disdain. 

[I also didn't see the exorcists back then, so I can't remind Dave, ] he added. 

But even if he could see them, as a system bound with a mission, he couldn't do things out of his boundary. 

When he helped Ainsley to detect an illusion alone, that was already quite a foul play. 

If he did things further than that, he might be dismissed from his post, and another spirit would replace him as the system's spirit. 

Zev's eyes darkened at the thought. He couldn't help but bite his baby fingers and sigh. 

[Do you know the exorcists?] 

Ainsley immediately shook her head. [This is my first time hearing them.] 

At such, Zev carefully told Ainsley about the exorcists, and after Ainsley heard about them, she couldn't help but clench her fists. 

Her blue pupils were brewing with anger. 

The exorcists! Ability users that can wound or even kill spirits– 

So those exorcists that injured the Godfather actually tried to kill him?! 

If not for Martin protecting the Godfather, the Godfather would have died?! 

Ainsley felt her blood rushing to her head. 


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