Chapter 116: Don't Like Him Anymore (6)

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When she mentioned the word, "Brother Yinan", Su Zhinian subconsciously wanted to turn his head away, but just as he was going to pull his attention back to the conversation around him, he heard Song Qingchun say, with her voice shaking, "From now on, I am giving up on Qin Yinan."

From now on, I am giving up on Qin Yinan…

From now on, I am giving up on Qin Yinan…

From now on, I am giving up on Qin Yinan…

The declaration was like a bomb that blew Su Zhinian's mind wide open. His usually calm brain shut down right then and there. It was only after some time that he continued paying attention to what Song Qingchun was saying.

"Therefore, I am done hitting my head against a wall. I have realized the truth, and it is time for me to move on…"

"I arrived at this decision one week ago. From that moment on, in my heart, Qin Yinan has been nothing but a big brother to me, that's all."

Giving up, just a big brother…

Su Zhinian repeated these two phrases many times in his heart and on his lips before he realized he did not mishear it.

Song Qingchun had really given up on Qin Yinan, and it had happened one week ago…

One week ago?

Su Zhinian could roughly remember one week ago; Song Qingchun returned home and hid in her bedroom, crying for a long time…

She decided to give up on Qin Yinan then?

"Therefore, whether you really love him or not, it has nothing to do with me anymore."

The words were definitely cruel, but how come they were like music to his ears?

Su Zhinian raised his glass to cover the smile that had appeared on his smile. Then he chuckled softly to himself.

It was incredibly soft, but the chuckle floated clearly into the ears of everyone there. Their attention immediately focused on him. When they saw the hint of a smile on his face, there was deep shock in everyone's eyes. After some time, someone stammered, "Mr. Su, are you… smiling?"

Hearing his name called, Su Zhinian raised his head, only to realize that everyone in the room's gazes were on him.

His usual emotionless pair of eyes was softened by the hint of a smile on his face.

Someone in the room commented daringly, "This is actually the first time I have seen Mr. Su smile. Mr. Su, have you thought about something joyous?"

Su Zhinian confirmed with a soft "hmm".

The smile made Su Zhinian more approachable because it made him look more human and less reclusive. One of the girls, who'd had one too many to drink, blurted out a question that enquired into Su Zhinian's personal life. "CEO Su, we're talking about the tendency of men to spend money on their female partners. Has CEO Su lavished financial luxuries on women before? I wonder what kind of woman would be lucky enough to make CEO Su want to pamper her financially."

"I have done that before…" The hint of a smile in the bottom of his eyes had not dispersed. Reflecting the lights of the chandelier, he was radiating with ethereal beauty, one that made the roomful of people involuntarily suck in a breath.

After a few seconds of pause, he added, "But, it was not women, only one woman."

If the only purpose of a man's life was to earn money for his woman to spend, then the money that he had earned his whole life would be Song Qingchun's personal bank.

"Wow, I wonder who that lucky woman is?"

"I had no idea CEO Su has a sweetheart already."

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