Ainsworth knew nothing of the original Ainsley's future, but she thought the baby would still live a good life even when she became a puppet family head. 

Maybe, in the future, she will break free and live her life freely. Perhaps her future is bright, and the Sloan Family also doesn't decline. 

Ainsworth knew nothing of the future, indeed, but she knew one thing. 

She basically robbed the original soul's future by replacing her. 

Ainsworth bit her lips and sighed. She carefully looked at 'Ainsley', the body that she occupied and her sigh deepened. 

"...yes, I feel guilty. I come out of nowhere and take your body." 

Ainsworth thought that the baby in front of her was the original body's soul, and they met by fate or because she went into a coma. 

After all, Ainsley never fell into a deep coma before. 

She only lost unconsciousness for several days after the Aretha Family war, and at that moment, she was busy clearing her inner demons. 

Maybe that's why, the real Ainsley's soul didn't appear or meet her in her subconscious and only did so now. 

Ainsworth gritted her teeth and looked at 'Ainsley' with reddened eyes. 

"I...don't know how I came to this world and took your body. So...I am sorry." 

Ainsworth never thought that she would successfully transmigrate in the first place. She didn't know about it, okay? 

So...she is innocent, right? 

As if knowing Ainsworth's thoughts, 'Ainsley' giggled before shaking her head. 

"Ywou awe a foweign soul from anothel world, right?" 

Ainsworth didn't deny. She nodded. "Yes." 

She couldn't conceal this fact from the original soul, anyway. That's what Ainsworth thought.

However, Ainsworth didn't know the original body's characteristics since she received no memory from the original body. 

Thus, she didn't know that the real Ainsley would never be this eloquent, smart, and brave. 

The real Ainsley was just a typical toddler wanting to play, receive warm love from her family, and grow up safely. 

She's timid, a coward, slow-witted, yet at the same time kind, pure, and benevolent. 

It was precisely why she became the perfect puppet. 

Ainsworth knew nothing of this. She thought that the real Ainsley would also be smart, brave, and charismatic. 

After all, she's the sole heir of the mafia family. She should have been like that, just like other mafia children. 

A pity that neglect and the lack of love made the real Ainsley an honest coward who always tried to please others. 

There's no way she would stand in front of Ainsworth, a young adult, and speak clearly without fear. That baby was timid, and she also feared the adults. 

How could she keep a calm face in front of Ainsworth? 

This version was illusion reflected from Ainsley's perception of the real Ainsley. 

'Ainsley' listened to Ainsworth's confession and snickered. 

"Ywou know twat ywou awe a thief. So why don't ywou retuwn twat body?" 'Ainsley' harrumphed while glaring at Ainsworth. 

With her standing up and Ainsworth sitting in a lotus position, the former inserted more dominance than the latter. 

Ainsworth broke in a cold sweat as she wiped her forehead with her right arm. 

"I-I don't know how. And I also don't know where your soul is." 

In fact, she didn't even know what happened to her previous body. 

After all, she was in the middle of using the magic scroll when she felt dizzy and when she woke up, she had become Ainsley. 

As for whether her previous body died or what, or someone else possessed her, she didn't know, okay? 

Even the Godfather can't possibly help her with this! 

Ainsworth lowered her head and clenched her fists tightly. 

"I don't know how I can return this body to you. So...if you don't mind, I'll keep this body, but I'll grant all your wishes. How is it?" 

Ainsworth only knew how to compensate for the original body's soul. She never saw the soul, never talked to her, and right now, she also didn't know where the soul went. 

Maybe the soul is talking to her now, but she will be gone when she wakes up. 

Ainsworth is powerless, and thus, could only do her best to make the original body happy. 

At Ainsworth's words, 'Ainsley' tilted her head and laughed innocently. 

"If my wish...ish to twake back twat body? Will you gwant it, auntwie?" 

Ainsworth's face changed. She gritted her teeth and sucked in a deep breath. 

"If your soul is around and can still come back, yes. I'll give up." 

But Ainsworth said that because she knew it's quite impossible to return the body. And even if it's possible...well, whatever. 

Rather than robbing someone else's body, she preferred to leave the body and become a spirit like the Godfather. 

If her soul didn't perish, she could still become dead spirits and live for a long time...but of course, she would be like a ghost. 

Clearly, 'Ainsley' didn't think that Ainsworth would give up this quickly. 

As a malicious illusion planted by the hunters through the marble bullets, it wanted to drive Ainsley insane, thus making her soul even more unstable. 

At that time, they would be able to extract her soul even easier than before. 

However, Ainsworth was too calm. She felt guilty, but she didn't cling to her guilt and also generously gave up the body if she had to go. 

Obviously, it was all just the illusion's empty talk. 

However, the ability user saw all of this happening in Ainsley's consciousness, and he was startled that Ainsworth, a foreign soul, wasn't greedy to cling to the body. 

He can't shake the girl's mind, so...he took another approach to confuse Ainsworth. 

This time, he was even crueler than before. 

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