Axelle wasn't a doctor, but as an alchemist, he knew one or two about health. Especially Ainsley's. 

Even when he didn't know much about humans, he had always cared about Ainsley and swore to be her personal alchemist. 

How could he not know one or two about Ainsley? 

Thus, Axelle brought the doctors with him and examined Ainsley's pulse. Just like what Nouvan said, Ainsley was in a coma, and that was related to her soul. 

The doctor probed Ainsley's veins that enabled her to use special abilities, traced it back to her core, and could slightly sense her soul disturbance. 

Of course, unlike soul-related ability users, the doctors couldn't see Ainsley's foreign soul whatsoever. 

They could only feel the weird sensation that the soul emitted to the energy cores. 

A normal person's soul should vibrate strongly, and people with a stronger soul would have an even stronger vibration. Yet, on the other hand, Ainsley's soul vibration was weak. 

It was as if things were intercepting the vibration, turning it into a quiet and weak one. 

The doctors told their examination to Axelle, and as an elf who would naturally be sensitive toward nature and souls, Axelle could agree with the doctors. 

In fact, he could faintly feel there was something inside Ainsley's soul, the core of the trouble. The man couldn't help but frown. 

"Master's soul isn't torn, and it's not dissipating either. But there is a foreign substance inside her soul, and this brings shock to the soul." 

Axelle touched his throbbing forehead and felt his mind buzzing, too shocked to learn the truth. 

However, due to his intense concentration, he didn't realise that he's no longer stuttering. 

"My master's soul is now rejecting the foreign substance, and that's why my master fell into a deep coma." 

Axelle paused for a bit and exhaled. 

"Right now, she's fighting the foreign substances...and if she wins, the substances will be destroyed." 

Axelle was actually a bit startled when he explained this to the doctors and the healers. 

After all, soul injuries were usually something significant and life-threatening that the person with the injury might suddenly die or turn into an idiot. 

However, Ainsley merely fell into a deep coma, and her soul was fiercely fighting the foreign substances. 

It could only mean that her soul is powerful! 

No wonder the Godfather became her contracted spirit. 

Strong spirits liked strong shamans, and all potentially strong shamans had strong souls from birth. 

Axelle explained the circumstances until the end before slowly relaxing his tense nerves. 

"For now, we can use the soul-healing potion to mend some injuries created by the foreign substances." 

Axelle took out the soul-healing potion as he continued his explanation. 

"But we also need other soul-nourishing items so that her soul can fight back the foreign substances invading her soul." 

At Axelle's request, the doctors, the healers, and the higher-ups immediately volunteered themselves to find those soul-nourishing items. 

"We can raid the enemy corpses. Their storage space might have some soul-nourishing items!" 

Everyone agreed with whoever gave this suggestion. 

Raiding and robbing the corpses' belongings was very shameful conduct, but if it was to save their boss, the troops didn't hesitate to abandon their pride and dignity. 

All for the boss! 

While the troops and the generals went to rob the corpses' belongings, Elliana took out the golden pacifier and slowly put it into Ainsley's mouth. 

With just the pacifier in the baby's mouth, it was enough to nourish the soul, evidently helping the baby to regain her consciousness. 

Elliana used the golden pacifier without much thought, but when Axelle saw it, he froze. 

His eyes were glued to the golden pacifier on Ainsley's mouth, and he couldn't help but gape. 

Isn't that...the elf's golden pacifier that only royal babies can use? That's a sacred item for the elves, and it's the royal family's heirloom from generations to generations! 

Why is it in the boss' hands?? Who the heck brought that pacifier and gave it to the boss? Did someone smuggle the item? A traitor from the royal palace? 

Axelle might be an outcast, but he knew his true identity and he knew his true background. 

He knew how difficult it was to smuggle such a sacred item from the royal palace all the way to the human continent. 

Unless...unless the elf was the royal baby's nanny or sometimes trusted by the royal family. 

Axelle was dumbfounded. He silently looked closer at the golden pacifier, and the more he observed, the more familiar the pacifier looked in his eyes. 

He had seen this pacifier before, and it seemed to be…

Axelle didn't want to jump to a conclusion, but he instantly looked around, highly alerted. 

When he was sure no one was looking, not even Elliana, he secretly bit his finger and dropped a drop of his blood onto the golden pacifier. 

Surprisingly, the blood didn't slide down the pacifier's smooth surface but was absorbed into the pacifier! 

And it didn't stop at that. 

Seconds after, small red words written in the elven language slowly appeared on the pacifier's surface, but it only condensed for a few seconds before fading once more. 

However, that few seconds were enough for Axelle to read the words written in red...and his face paled. 

He showed a weird look, between happy, startled, confused, and finally, terrified. 

This...this pacifier…

Axelle gulped and hastily distanced himself from Ainsley. He was afraid that he would snatch the pacifier and steal it! 

Because...the pacifier was unexpectedly...his pacifier. 

That's right. It was the pacifier he used when he was a baby. Around more than 100 years ago. 

This was the pacifier he got when he was a baby until he turned into a toddler. it here? 

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