Cellino was dumbfounded. He tried to recall what Chris said. 

Ain...fell into a deep coma. 


Before Cellino could even react, Chris already beat him to it. 

"The situation is like that. We can't rush to go back to the mansion. Too dangerous." 

Chris took a deep breath and sighed. 

"That's why, we decided to camp in the mausoleum while waiting for some reinforcement." 

The reinforcement he said was actually only Axelle and a few guards. Nouvan volunteered to go back to the mansion to get Axelle. 

After all, the elf had many weird potions that could heal the Godfather and maybe inspected Ainsley's condition too. 

However, Cellino didn't hear any of Chris's explanations except for some parts. 

Ain...is unconscious? She fainted?? Wait, no. She fell into a deep coma! For real?! My ears aren't playing with me? 

Cellino recalled the previous reports that said Ainsley only fainted from exhaustion. 

How could they suddenly say the baby was in a deep coma instead? 

Cellino's head was buzzing. He didn't know what Chris said and only watched the battlefield with blank eyes. 

The enemies already retreated the moment he changed the flag, and the Sloan Family troops rushed into the mausoleum to rest. 

Mixed among them was Martin, Elliana, Friskilia and Ainsley. 

Martin seemed to be looking at the thin air, supervising something while Elliana and Friskilia held Ainsley's body closely. 

The mood was low. The troops didn't look happy even when they basically won the war. 

The sun was still hiding behind the horizon, and they could only light up the surroundings with their torches. 

The injured members, the surviving members, all of them gathered at the mauseloum's hall with Ainsley and the higher-ups at the center. 

The troops were busy getting the healers to heal them, but they would occasionally glance at the baby lying on the floor with worried gazes. 

'The boss is unconscious. Someone said that she's in a deep coma...what to do?' 

If even the normal troops had this thought, how could the inner members didn't think like this? 

Jevon was the most distressed and showed his feelings openly. 

"What did Nouvan say before he left?" Jevon seemed to be in a daze. He clearly remembered what Nouvan said, but he chose not to believe it. 

Marietta, the one sitting beside Jevon, had to bit her lips to forcefully answer what Jevon asked. 

"...he said that...the boss' soul has some changes...and...it makes her fall into a deep coma." 

Nouvan was a healer, not a doctor, but he knew a lot more than what other healers knew. 

Thus, he could detect some changes in Ainsley's soul, although he couldn't be sure. 

And he concluded that it was the reason why Ainsley fell into a deep coma. 

Maybe...her soul is injured? Or something? Don't know. 

The others around Jevon and Marietta held their breath and the atmosphere became even more gloomy. 

At the same time, Martin was looking at the abundant spirits surrounding them with a blank gaze. 

He couldn't hear what the spirits said, but since they were pointing at the Godfather on the floor, he could more or less guess their conversation. 

[Look, look, isn't that the Godfather? Why is he wounded to that extent?] 

[It must be an exorcist! Those evil beings!] 

[Oh, God! I didn't expect to see the legendary Godfather but he's so pitiful! His body is leaking tons of energy. He will die if this continues!] 

[Can't he just absorb the energy in this mausoleum? The mausoleum is his in the first place.] 

[He can. But these wounds will keep wasting his spiritual energy. It will be a vicious cycle where the Godfather have to depend on the mausoleum to survive.] 

After all, the wounds created by the exorcists' special ability wasn't something to be scoffed at. 

If they didn't find a way to heal the wounds, the Godfather would be done for. 

[Don't humans have a potion to heal spirits like us? Some seniors who make a contract with the shamans say that recently, there's a potion like that auctioned off.] 

[Really? If the Godfather's shaman can get it, that's good. But don't you see his shaman? Isn't it that baby over there?] 

The spirits were trapped but it didn't mean they didn't know the outside world. 

Their fellow spirits who were already contracted to some shamans would occasionally go back and tell them news related to spirits. 

The Godfather and his shaman was one of the topics. 

The spirits in the hall couldn't help but look at Ainsley and all of them clicked their tongues. 

[So young! But don't you think her soul is quite...different? I don't know why but it's just weird.] One of the spirits commented. 

The spirits had quite a close relation with souls since they originated from souls. Thus, they were quite sensitive to souls as well, and Ainsley's soul was odd for them. 

Not because of her unique identity as a transmigrator, but because of the marble bullets residing inside her soul. 

[I think there are some weird substances in her soul. It's like a parasite...or a GPS? Anyway, those things will more or less affect her special abilities, right?] 

All special abilities were linked to one's soul and body. 

Ainsley's body was supposed to have charm and keen hearing ability, so Ainsley's charm and radar ability wasn't affected by her soul. 

But the shaman and the Luck manipulation...that was another matter. 

Would those abilities suffer some changes, or get weakened, or maybe can't be used at all? 

No one knew. 

No one among Ainsley's people could hear the spirits' conversation, anyway, and Martin could only see but not hear. 

The group was in the dark about the truth.

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