Chapter 1234 - Competition

"I am full," Mary said as she cleaned her plate, I am full too. All the hunger I am feeling earlier has vanished; there is only satisfaction now.

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"We have got a quite great haul in the juice of Central Root; it would have been amazing if we were able to get some fresh fruits too." She said. "I wish we could go back for the fruits." She added with regret.

Going back would be no less than suicide; no matter if we are sneaky, we will get caught. Our auras have spread far and wide, and even blood has spread to the ground.

Normal monsters won't be able to track us, but there is no doubt those oldies meditating in roots will surely able to track us, and that time, we will not face one but several monsters of Copper Armored Apes caliber.

"Here, these fruits will help you some," I said, and a pile of twenty fruits appeared in front of the Mary.


A gasp couldn't help but come out of her mouth as she saw the fruits before she started to check all of them, and the more she looked, the more surprised she would become.

"These are all the Top Grade fruits of the Crown Tree; where did you get them?" she asked as she looked at all the fruits. "Ashlyn did it; she brought all these fruits," I said.

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Since she already saw Ashlyn's strangeness, her plucking out fruits from the Crown Tree would not sound strange. "Ashlyn, hun." She said, and I smiled before we fell into a comfortable silence.

"You have pretty good energy control, right?" She asked suddenly after some time of silence, "I would not say pretty good, but it is good." I said humbly.

Honestly, I am pretty proud of my energy control, and with cooking in Tome and taking control of many parts of my Inheritance Armor, it had improved quite a bit.

"Well, now have time, let's have a little competition," Mary said, and she took out two yellow-colored metallic balls, seeing I couldn't help but surprise; I have a couple of them in my storage; the teacher had given them to me a few months ago.

"We will test who's control is better with these King Grade Flued Balls?" She said she threw one of the yellow metallic balls to me before she tapped a few buttons on the dining table.

The dishes disappeared on, and in the center dining take, a projection of Iron Rhino appeared. It is a projection, but it looks like a real one.

"The test is simple: the one who could make a replica of the Rhino to the smallest details in the shortest time will win." She said.

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"Ok, but what the wager, without wager? It wouldn't be any fun." I asked, hearing that a strange smile appeared on her face before it turned into a normal smile.

"Sure, if you win, I will take you to a place where we might find some good things, and if I win, you will give me something; it could be anything." She said.

I am not the only one she had done this competition, but she had also done with Jim and others and got pretty good things from them.

Seeing her battle and her uncontrollable energy, people would not have much energy control as I thought at first, before seeing her energy control very amazing. The problem is her inheritance energy, which is very wild and hard to tame.

Seeing she is talking about the competition, I mentioned the wager that she would have mentioned it right before we start. She had done it with other too; everyone lost to her except for Jim, who had tied with her see despite being an alchemist known for their superb energy control, he could not win against her.

She might say she would accept whatever we will give her, but she would not. She would like her background and her being the only person in three hundred years to have the core Inheritance of her organization and demand things benefitting her status.

She had bled dry three of them, and now it is my turn; I want to see how I fare against her.

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"Let's start them." She said, and I nodded, and the next moment the yellow liquid turned to puddle before it started to take the shape of a Rhino.

I did not start immediately; I first observed the Rhino for a while before I put the yellow ball down, and I pressed my finger on it; as I did, the ball started to change its shape; it did not turn into a puddle but directly started changing the form.

What I am may seem simple, but it required an immense amount of energy control. The shaping flued we are using is King Grade, not Duke or Prince Stage; its difficulty is enormous.

Just the slightest injunction of mana will turn into a puddle, and when one tried to reshape it, they will felt like they are dealing with extremely unstable and heavy material.

Mary, who had a smile on her face earlier, is now looking at shaping flued in extreme concentration, and if one looks clearly, they will see small beads of sweat on her forehead.

Mary, who slaughtered hundreds of Princes with one swing of the spear, was sweating when she worked on it, so one could imagine how difficult it is to work on King Grade Shaping Fluid.

"Mary," I said gently, not wanting to disturb her, but I did, and her concentration broke, and Fluid, which had taken the shape of Rhino, become a puddle before turning into a sphere again.

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"Micheal, if said my name to disturb me, let me te" she stopped herself when she saw the exact copy of the Iron Rhino in front of me, seeing that word stuck in her mouth, and a look of shock appeared in front of me.

"Little Rhino, go say hi to Mary," I said to the yellow Rhino in front of me, and the next moment the yellow Rhino walk toward Mary in tiny steps, and when it reached in front of her, it opened its mouth and let out a silent roar.

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