Chapter 1236 - Taking Risk

The Advancement of Rule by the whole grade is huge, and I did not think I would have such quick Advancement. All my Rules had reach Peak of Intermediate Grade before coming to this Ruin, but I did not have hope of them leaping into Advance Grade.

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Rule Advancements need a lot of comprehension and time, and I had thought I would need to leave half a year before my Healing Rule advanced and nine months to a year for the other Rule Powers.

I had hope for quicker Advancement of healing power because of patients' daily healing, but such fast Advancement is still out of my expectations.

The change has occurred in my core space, and now that the clover leaf became even bigger and more vibrant, and faint crystalline patterns could be seen on the leaf. My Rule's healing power also reached the next level, and it will help me very much.

The first advantage I will get off course is healing. Any injuries I would receive would heal instantly, but it is the second advantage I am most excited about; the healing Rule will help my Inheritance become even more resilient.

Every rune of my Inheritance uses the Rule power, one way or another, and the Healing Rule is one of the most important. It increases my armor and attacks' resilience.

Now, attacks like Rose Vine would become stronger; it will be even harder to break through it. Not only Rose Vine, other moves too would benefit from this Advancement.

The joy of level up had dwarfed the pain for the moment before it came back in a blimpy moment, striking me with the curdling blood pain every second.

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As the pain kept striking me, a sudden idea comes to my mind, I would not even think about if my Healing Rule had not advanced, but now, those thoughts came back in full force.

I have the Apex Constitution, which takes my body's potential to a completely different level. The constitution has also made firmer, it that area my elements of constitution focused most.

So, at Duke Stage, there is barely anyone who had strong veins as mine, but despite that, I did not dare to circulate the Cosmic Energy through them because the danger is too great; the slightest mistake could cripple them, with them cripple I would too turn a cripple, but with Healing Rule, that hope has rekindled as benefits of its are just too great.

With such powerful Healing Power present, I could stop any damage that could happen and retreat.

With immense benefits in mind, I decided to circulate the cosmic energy through my veins. As for the method I am going to use, it is the most common method in the world, and nearly everyone knew it.

Supreme Combat Exercise, yes, I am going to circulate the Supreme Combat Exercise. The best method to circulate mana through every vein means taking the energy through every part of my body.

After I had leveled up from the Knight, I sort of lost contact with them and only sometimes practice knowing it is one of the most important methods with unlimited benefits.

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Till now, I had only created about 220 Seals of it, which means 22 Amethyst seals or two Ruby seals. If the circulation is successful, then there will be rapid progress in it.

Taking a couple of deep breaths, I took a tiny amount of energy from the water and took it to my veins.


Just as I did that, I got hit with unimaginable pain that I nearly let off the energy of energies I am holding in my veins. The mana veins are very sensitive; if I feel one unit of pain outside then, I will feel three units inside.

Still, there is one good thing; my veins did not react too badly to cosmic energy. The place where I gathered energy has heated up like molten metal, but there is no damage.


Seeing that smile couldn't help but appear on my pain-filled face before I started circulating the energy. It is extremely painful, especially when I did not get that second like earlier, the root juice working very differently inside the veins.

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As I circulate, it takes both Comic Energy and Vitality with it and fuses with veins while releasing half of it into my body. The amount of energy it is fusing is too much to draw out more and more energies from the water constantly.

It is the reason why I am feeling the hell-like pain because too much cosmic energy is hammering my veins, and also due to that, I had to circulate faster, so too much energy would not spend one part of the vein and damage it.

The funniest thing about this, I am not feeling one bit of that damn resistance that I had felt when I circulated before. It is like it is not there, but I am feeling too much pain to care about any resistance.

I am circulating faster and faster so that Cosmic Energy would not affect a single part of it, and for it, I am drawing more and more energy from the water.

When I first started, I had not throught I will be drawing this much energy every second. I planned to use this much energy in whole sessions while letting the remaining energy work conventionally, but there is no need to rely on conventional energy again.

The energy circulation is the best way; I could feel how energy reinforcing my veins makes them stronger, and half of the energy released from the veins spreading through every part of my body equally, strengthening it one by one.

It is not the only body that is affection but the soul too; the veins are inexplicably connected to the soul also, and when I circulate the energy, it spread into it as well.

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Before I know it, I had circulated 24 moves of supreme combat exercise, and the creation of the 221st Seal of Supreme Combat Exercise has started in my temple, and this is just the starting.

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