Chapter 1237 - The Invisible Spot

"Three Seals," I said ecstatically as I got out of the wooden block; I had created three seals of supreme combat exercise, and I did that within twenty-five minutes before the energy in water is finished.

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I could have added more water, but I did not; my veins had reached their limit, and I did not want to overexert them; if I did, I might crush them, and that would be the end of me.

The advancement I got from these sessions was quite good; not only I created the three seals of Supreme Combat Exercise, but I also refined my body and soul through my mana veins.

If I continue doing that, it won't be long before I got a strong body. A body that is even stronger than that of Mary's.

Mary had an amazingly strong body; if not, she would have burst out like a balloon. I was lucky enough to see how her defensive method burst out like a balloon, and enormous physical energy entered her body.

Her body bore it all that enormous energy, even though she got seriously injured; her bearing it with her body is enough proof of how amazingly powerful body she has.

These members of supremes never cease to amaze one, its no wonder no one dares to challenge their supremacy when cultivating the excellent seeds.

I emptied the wooden block before storing it in my storage; this wood of Crown Tree is amazing; it kept the balance of different energy and insulated the water from the outside interference.

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With that done, I walked into the shower before lying on the bed, I am quite tired, but I have no intentions to sleep this early.

There are too many things to do and see how I have to run like a dog from that Copper Armored Ape; I do not have any wish to hold back on my training; it is one of the reason I took the risk of circulating energy through my veins.

If not for the pressure I feel, I would have never taken such a risk, but I did, and it was worth seeing the results.

I rested for half an hour before I took out the Tome and started practicing my cooking; since I began to refine, I got less and less time for cooking, and for two days, Event even practiced.

I practiced in the Tome for an hour with a half-hour break before I finally slept with a very tired mind.

When I woke up, it is early morning; I followed my usual routine of freshening up ad showering before cooking. When I finished cooking, Mary was already waiting for the hall.

I served three of us, Ashlyn had woken up just a few minutes ago from her long sleep, and the first thing she needed was food.

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"How can she eat so much food, so fast," Mary asked as she saw Ashlyn eating speedily and finishing plate after plate of food. I have no answer to Mary's question about Ashlyn, so I answered with a smile.

"Don't hold back on speed; after what we experience in crown Tree, there is nothing much that could threaten us except for some Grimm Monsters," Mary said as we took the air.

"Ok!" I said, seeing that she shot out like an arrow; I also activated my speed and flying runes and flew beside her. Though her speed is fast, I have no problem in keeping with her speed.

She tried to increase her speed to make me chase her, but I always match my speed to her, so she never was able to go ahead; I could tell it is irking her, but I don't care; I am having too much fun to see her irked face.

Many monsters tried to attack us, but most of them never matched our speed; most of their attacks fell before they could touch us as for those who were come closer to us, killed without exception.

We have spotted quite a few Grimm Monsters, but not a single one of them had chased us or attack, and we did not antagonize them either as we have treasure house to raid, which is currently more important than the Grimm Monster.

Though we did not attack them, it doesn't mean someone isn't. Ashlyn is attacking these Grimm Monsters sneakily. Most of them killed, but some survived due to various means like talismans and other things.

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Time passed by, and we continued flying, getting further and further away from the Crown Tree, but no matter how further we go, we could still it from a distance. The Crown Tree could be seen through every part of this ruin, as long as one goes high enough.

"We reached it," Mary said suddenly and stopped when I stopped and looked at her angrily; the only answer I got was laughter. I don't why suddenly, I had urged to kiss her juicy red lips to shut up her laughter.

I had even taken a step toward her in my trance before stopping myself. 'Idiot!' I cursed myself; I don't know what had come to me that I was flying toward her kiss those kissable lips of hers, if I did that, I would have got beaten to every inch of my life.

When I first met her, I found her extremely beautiful but attracted her as I did with Rachel when I saw her first time.

I think the first time I had got attracted to her would be yesterday when she transformed into a fire Goddess to fend off against that Copper Armored Ape monster. That scene was amazing and still itched perfectly in my mind.


I heard a sudden shout from my marry and found her looking at me, "Where have you been lost to? Let's go." She said and landed on the ground, and a second later, I landed beside her.

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The next moment, she crouched down, picked up an invisible thing, and yanked it, and the next moment, a huge sheet became visible, which seemed to be hiding a big hole beneath.

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