Chapter 1242 - 240th

"Your vines have changed; they have become leaner and made the healing much faster," Nina said after I finished with healing. "Yes, I had received a big upgrade during the level up," I said.

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I had healed not only the Princes but also Dukes and Lords. At my current power, I could heal max twenty Prince Stage or Fifty Dukes or Hundred Lords simultaneously, which makes my speed f.u.c.k.i.n.g awesome, especially when it comes to lords as I could thousand in an hour with my current speed.

"Well, its good you have returned; it had taken a lot of pressure off us," Nina said. To that, I just gave a smile. I talked with her for a few minutes before I walked back to my quarters.

It is quite late, but I don't mind; it feels good to heal again. With weak battles, thousands of people got afflicted with curses and poisons and other stuff, and it is come to these always understaffed healers to heal them all.

Charlotte seemed to be making good progress; she had been transferred to other wards where she exclusively deals with poisons; her inheritance worked better on poison than the other affliction.

Soon, I reached my quarters, and after taking a shower, I laid on the bed, and within a few seconds, I fell asleep.

I woke up in the early morning, freshened up before went to cooked for Ashlyn and me. After eating, I went back to the practice room, filled the wooden block with Cosmic Energ rich water and other stuff before dipping myself in.

In the Ruin, I did not have the luxury of refining my body twice a day; I barely do that once a day, but here in the safety of Fort Ardon, I could refine it twice a day, and since I could do it, I will do it.

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'Good,' I said as the fourth seal started forming in my temple; this fourth seal is the 240th seal; just as it finished forming and releasing its energy, it gathered with the rest of the seals and started spinning create an amethyst seal.

The Amethyst seal sucked a lot of energy from my energy storage before it formed and released cool refreshing energy throughout its body.

The strength boost it give me is not much, but the special energy it released will help my body in the long. People did not practice Supreme Combat Exercise for its Visible effects, but they practice its invisible effects.

Nearly all the powerhouses practice it; my teacher and professor Josephine are one of those. With me creating an amethyst seal, I became very happy if I progress with such speed, I would be able to create more than two hundred seals a month.

But it likely won't happen; I could feel how quickly veins are sucking energy, and due to them having a limit, I couldn't practice with too much energy.

Still, no matter how slow I would become, I will always be able to create two seals with daily practice, which would be more than fifty seals a month, which is sick speed if one thinks about it, not forget how my body and soul will strengthen through such practice.

My heart couldn't bubble when I think about these things. I shook my head with those thoughts and went to shower before I became left my apartments.

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It is time to meet my teammates; there is a battle in the late afternoon, and I want to join it; it had been quite long since I fought in the bloody battle, and I couldn't wait to march at Grimm monsters fortress and harvest those bastards.

A few minutes later, I reached the adventurer's paradise and walked inside. When I returned from the Ruin and got messages from all my friends, I was quite happy.

The Grimm Battlefield is a dangerous place, and especially to those of the hunter division who dealt with the Special Profession Grimm Monsters, there is a very high mortality rate in them.

The last time I saw them, it's a day before they went to Ruin; when I went to Castellow ruins, they were still in the Ruin.


I opened the door with a click and found three of my teammates sitting in their seats. "Micheal, welcome back." Said Gina as I entered, "Its feels good to be back." I said as I hugged them one by one.

All of them have made great advancements; jimmy had reached the High Level of Prince Stage when I met him the first time; he was Peak Duke, so was Gina, and Rove was at the High Level of Duke; now all of them have made the huge improvements.

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Jimmy had reached the High Level of Prince while Gina and Rove are at the Mid Level of Prince. Still, my progress is greater; I may not have a great level of improvement as them, but my battle power is progress like a rocket, and I have the confidence to take them altogether.

"The ruin seemed to be very fruitful for your guys," I said as I took my seat, "Yes, it was great; we all had our encountered that made us progress rapidly," Jimmy said with a happy smile before he turned to me.

"Your progress seems to greater than us, your level seemed to low, but the feeling of danger you are giving me quite intense," Jimmy said; I couldn't help but smile hearing that.

Jimmy has quite a sense; it may be the natural ability or rule power; he is quite good at guessing others' level.

"Enough of that, let's discuss the battle we are going to fight today," Gina said, and everyone nodded, and a serious expression drowned on everyone's face.

"The battle we are going to fight today going to be very dangerous, its Grade 5 battle,"

"The Emperors will lead the battle," Jimmy said, and silence descended into the room; The Grade 5 battle is on a completely different scale than Level 4; one has to be extra careful fighting; otherwise, one might die before one knows what happened.

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