Chapter 101: An Impulsive Kiss (1)

Translator: Lonelytree Editor: Millman97

The moment Su Zhinian yanked open the door, he noticed the girl's steps down the stairs stop. Before she even turned around, with a crease of his brows, he controlled her mind, and she stopped moving.

He stopped before her and lowered his head to study her face. A wonderful assembly of colors was swirling at the bottom of his eyes, and even his breath had gotten heavier.

His long lashes flickered, and his tapered fingers ran through her hair to lightly seize the back of her neck. As he raised her face up, he leaned in to kiss her lips.

At that moment, the sounds surrounding him fell away and disappeared, in their place was the gentle sweetness that was unique to her.

He used the entirety of his strength to grind at her lips, and his fingers in her hair were shaking wildly. With an unstoppable strength, his tongue pried open her teeth and reached into her mouth to tangle intimately with her soft tongue.

The whole incident was supposed to be hot and passionate, but for some reason, it smelled deeply of despair and desperation.

He dominated her lips resolutely, refusing to let go. His arms that encircled her waist increased in strength like he wished to grind her body into molecules and absorb her into his body.

The kiss lasted for quite a while before he let go of her. Panting, he slowly parted from her lips and stared into her eyes. At the bottom of his eyes was a haze of bewilderment that had not dispersed.

His hand that was on the back of her neck moved to caress her fair cheek as if on its own accord.

His boiling breath fell on her face, and the eyes that looked at her were heavy with deep-seated love.

"Tingting…" His finger routinely massaged her temple as he called her name, his voice dripping in pain and desire.

"Tingting…" Her name fell out of his lips for one last time before he closed his eyes to lightly peck her on the lips. Then, he suddenly released her as he turned and darted back to his bedroom.

As Su Zhinian closed the door, Song Qingchun, who stood at the top of the stairs, blinked continuously as she stared at Su Zhinian's bedroom door. She frowned deeply when she realized it was still closed.

This is weird; I swear I heard the door open…

Song Qingchun stared at the door for a while before her gaze moved downward to fall on the small plate and plastic bag that remained unmoved. Her frown deepened.

Could it be that I misheard?

Song Qingchun stared at the door with her head titled before shrugging and going back downstairs.

As she walked into the dining room, Song Qingchun unconsciously reached up to touch her face. This is weird. Why is my face so hot? And my lips feel so strange…

Song Qingchun's fingertip touched her lips as she contemplated it… However, in the end, she was unable to pinpoint what the anomaly was, so she sighed and stepped into the dining room.

Song Qingchun had a hard time concentrating during dinner. Perhaps she was overthinking things, but she was certain she had heard the door to Su Zhinian's bedroom open, so why was the door closed when she turned to look at it…

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