Chapter 93: Her Concern (3)

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Song Qingchun went through everything that was on her mind in one breath. She did feel much better internally. She turned and left immediately, without a thought for the roomful of people she had stunned motionless.

The clicking sound of high heels against the floor was amplified as Song Qingchun returned to her personal office.

After her emotions settled down, Song Qingchun picked up the phone on the table and clicked opened her messages.

As she stared at the familiar number and the six words "Xia Ji is a drug addict" beneath it, the tension between her brows softened. Actually, when she saw the message for the first time herself, she also had a hard time believing it.

Xia Ji had always enjoyed a positive public image; he was perfection incarnate; he came from a good family, always a gentleman, and did not touch alcohol or cigarettes. His innumerable merits made him the idol of the nation. His popularity was unrivalled.

Therefore, when she heard Tang Nuan had got an inside source about Xia Ji's marriage, she had thought it was definitely over for her.

However, this message of six words was like a godsend to her; it had helped her flip the table so beautifully!

Tang Nuan was so proud of the news about Xia Ji that she had in her hands, and she had attempted to rub it in Song Qingchun's face.

So, when Song Qingchun used another piece about Xia Ji to defeat her, that must have been a gigantic face slap to Tang Nuan!

Su Zhinian had a meeting with his client at City Clubhouse at 10:30 am, so Cheng Qingchong and the driver were already waiting for him at the bungalow at around 8 am.

The traffic that morning was horrendous. The traffic at the second traffic circle had pretty much slowed to a halt. Realizing there was only half an hour to the scheduled meeting, the driver had no choice but to escape from the second traffic circle to the third traffic circle.

Who could have known that the situation there was no better?

Even though it was not Su Zhinian personally behind the wheel, the annoyance of being stuck in traffic got to him as well. Frustrated, he finally slammed the document he was reading shut and let it land on the empty seat beside him. He turned to look out the window, and his wandering gaze eventually fell on the letters "TW" on the street opposite.

Isn't this Song Qingchun's company… She should be at work now… I wonder if she has successfully submitted in that breaking news.

Su Zhinian's eyes were glued to the letters "TW", and after a while, he closed his eyes subconsciously as he tried to search for Song Qingchun's voice.

"To be honest, there is really no need for you to be jealous of me, because based on the two examples I've given you, don't they go to show that…"

Su Zhinian frowned immediately. Song Qingchun is in the middle of an altercation with someone?

"In terms of shamelessness, I, Song Qingchun, am really no match for you, Tang Nuan!"

After that, Su Zhinian could hear the whooshing sound of arm slashing through the air. Even though Su Zhinian was not personally there, he could imagine Song Qingchun's words inciting Tang Nuan's wrath, and the latter was going to slap her.

The aura around Su Zhinian turned cold, and without thinking about it, he took control of Tang Nuan and used as much energy as she could muster to slap herself on her face!

As Tang Nuan's palm made contact with her face, Su Zhinian felt a sharp pain jolt through his body, originating from his right cheek. As he came out of the mind control, he grabbed at the document beside him quickly to cover his face.

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