Chapter 1257 - Emergency Mission

I stayed in the Inheritance Palace for a day, and when I walked out if it, there was a smile all over my face.

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The day had gone better than I had thought; I had learned many important things and gained much of the inspiration I needed. If not for me wanting to return in the evening, I would have stayed there for the night too.

Soon, I had returned to the lakehouse. I freshened up before I cooked dinner, which I ate with Ashlyn. After then, I went out to meet the master carpenter and commissioned my work to him.

It took two hours, and when I returned, I directly went to the practice room for my usual refinement. When I am done with that, I showered and slept.

Three days passed as such, these days spent in contentment. Not only my research is going well, my practice too. I am making slow and steady progress, and for someone of my Inheritance, it is a very good thing.

Usually, those who choose the Creation Heart Inheritance have a very hard time making progress. Most of them abandoned it and start anew once they stopped making progress in it.

I have not reached that point yet; my mind is bubbling with inspiration, and I had enough ideas that I could take my Inheritance to the King Stage. I am sure by the time I reached King Stage, I will have even more Knowledge and Inspiration to craft the next stage.

"Professor!" I said in surprise when I found her sitting on the porch; I had just gone through the refinement, and now I was leaving for the Inheritance Palace when I spotted the Professor sitting on the porch.

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"Professor, do you need something?" I asked again, seeing her riffling through the file on her holowatch. My voice seemed to wake her up from the reading, and she turned to me.

"Yes, there is a mission for you." She said, "I am sending a file at you; take a look." She added.


A file arrived my holowatched, and I opened it before I started reading it, and soon a frown appeared on my face as things have become very tricky. The chances are that it will become dangerous; these things have a habit of becoming dangerous.

"The energy is acting weirdly around strong powerhouses, and lower level one can't bear the pressure of thd energy," I muttered. As I read the last paragraph, which made it very hard for someone like her or Elena to go near this energy, it reacts strangely to bloodlines.

"When do you want me to leave?" I asked, "As soon as you can as you can see, it is kind of import" She replied, "Ok, I will go change." I said and went inside the lakehouse.

An hour later, my airship was streaking across the clouds toward the Hez forest. It will take me two hours to get there with my current speed.

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Twelve days ago, a forbidden Zone inside the Hez Forest started having problems. First, its energy had become dense before it began to act strangely, like converging around the powerhouses.

When people responsible for keeping an eye on the forbidden zone noticed it, they immediately informed the academy. To our luck, there was an Emperor level powerhouse in a nearby area.

He went to look into it and barely able to run away with his life; according to him, all the energy of Forbidden Zone converged around him, pressuring him, wanting to tear his body apart.

Academy sent a Tyrant level powerhouse after that, and he too suffered the same fate and had to run away from the forbidden zone to avoid the fate of getting crushed by all the energy.

Seeing that, the teacher decided to sent Professor; when she entered, she said she found her bloodline heating up strangely, and a huge amount of pressure came at her, way more than others.

It also happened to Elena when Professor brough her here, her bloodline too reacted strangely.

Seeing this happening, they started on a different approach; they began to send low-level powerhouse like Lords inside under cover of protections suit and strangely; the energy much react to them, but they could not go deeper due to limitation.

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The Duke and Princes are also the same; the energy reacts slightly heavy to them but not too threatening, but they also were not able to go much deeper either, and as for the King Stage, the energy reacted to the same as it did to Emperor and Tyrant, pressuring them to the breaking point.

So, that leaves me. Unlike supreme, the academy did not have anyone with Apex Inheritance at Lord, Duke, and Prince stage. I am the closest thing they have to the Apex Inheritance holder and also Duke.

The teacher will not have sent me on such a dangerouns mission if there is no other choice.

Hez forest is a small forest, and there are many cities around it. If even a small part of Cosmic Energy is released to the public, it will be disastrous for them.

So, I have to collect the data in Forbidden Zone for higher-ups to decide whether it will be dangerous for the general public and perform costly evacuation and relocation.

Professor also given me permission to deal with the problem if it is within my ability.

I hope nothing bad happened in forbidden zone, but hoping that is a fool's dream. In most cases when Forbidden Zones reacts strangely, it either means the space gap is contracting or widening.

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And seeing how energy became denser and started spreading, they are signs of space gap widening. The academy already evacuated smaller towns around the Hez forest.

The two hours passed, and the airship landed in the watching post responsible for keeping an eye on the forbidden zone.

The door of the airship opened, and I walked out and found three people were already waiting. The leading woman is seemed to be in her late thirties and a King Stage powerhouse, and the and women behind her appear to mid-twenties are at Peak Prince Stage.

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