The more 'Martin' browsed through the mimicked person's memory, the more confused he became. 

'Is this family...really a mafia family? I've never seen such a mafia family this clean before…' 

Martin recalled his job as one of the government's special forces that now got assigned to join the Golden Scale Group, a group formed solely to end the mafia society's new forces. 

As someone who worked for the government, how could he not hate the dirty mafias? He had seen many mafias that did disgusting deeds...and he could never like them. 

Yet the first time he has seen someone so pure in the mafia world.

'Even the Walter Family Head still did some dirty businesses such as selling drugs and weapons despite not going against humanity…' 

But the Sloan Family didn't sell drugs or weapons anymore. Their business mainly focused on potions, monsters, herbs, real estate, and so on. 

Oh, they also did business like normal business people….they didn't open shady shops or anything. 

'Are you sure this family isn't a business family instead of a mafia family? A mafia should be doing all sorts of illegal things, right?!' 

Martin didn't know why he became frustrated. All the illegal things that the Sloan Family did was mainly because they didn't have a business license. 

Or they did tax evasion. 

Or they bribed the officials. 

Or anything that didn't have anything to do with the old-fashioned mafia way. 

'Seriously...why would the government think of attacking and destroying this family, then?' 

Martin rubbed his chin as he walked around the backfield, waiting for the tournament to start. 

'Maybe they try to destroy the Sloan Family because of the new family head? That baby is really dangerously powerful, indeed, but she's not the type to commit any dirty business…'

Martin didn't realise that he subconsciously thought that the Sloan Family didn't deserve being labelled as the society trash or something like that. 

In the end, they only became a mafia family because their family was a mafia family from generation to generation, right? 

Martin scratched the back of his head and sighed. 

'Anyway, let's just focus on this tournament and not arouse anyone's suspicion…' 

After waiting for a while, it was finally 9 a.m, the start of the tournament. Grandpa Yofan immediately stood up, took the microphone on the podium, and opened his mouth. 

"To all Sloan mafia members with only one special ability, please get ready and gather at the centre of the backfield. The other members can make way for them and wait at the sidelines!" 

With Grandpa Yofan personally seeing the tournament, the members did whatever he commanded them to do without much delay. 

In just a few minutes, the multiple ability users already stepped out of the backfield's border and let the solo ability users gathered at the centre. 

There were more solo ability users than multiple ability users in total, so Grandpa Yofan had to divide the backfield used for the battle venue into ring A and ring B. 

"Okay, for those assigned to Ring A, please go there, and those assigned to Ring B, stay here. The judges will immediately surround the battle area!" 

Grandpa Yofan already sent the information about those assigned to ring A and ring B through the family application way before the tournament started. 

Thus, the mafia members weren't confused anymore and immediately rushed to their assigned rings. 

Once they had entered the venues, the judges on the stage, excluding Ainsley and Grandpa Yofan, immediately went down and approached their assigned venue. 

There were 20 judges without Elliana, the one in charge of overseeing the whole tournament. 

Each venue got 10 judges watching their every movement and cross checked their listed abilities with the abilities they displayed. 

If the mafia members gained a new ability during their stay as the Sloan Family's mafia member, they had to report it to the administration department. If not, they might be suspected as spies…

Just like the poor little Martin who had to prepare an illusion stone to fool others. 

Once the judges took their places around the venue to get a clear view of the tournament participants, Grandpa Yofan raised his microphone once more and spoke. 

"Alright, everyone. You know that the theme for the solo ability users tournament is battle royale, right? The rules are as stated before…." 

You can't kill your opponent, and you can't heavily injure your opponent or kill them. The way you can win is to make them faint or kick them out of the venue. 

If anyone broke the rule whether it's by purpose or just an accident, they will be expelled from the family or will be stripped of their special abilities. 

"The time limit is 30 minutes, and we will pick the last three people remaining in each ring!" Grandpa Yofan continued to give the details of the battle royale for the solo ability users. 

"After the battle royale finishes each of the survivors will engage in a one vs one duel before we determine the top three winners for the solo ability users category!" 

The old man slowly pushed the microphone away from his mouth before continuing. 

"With that said, let the battle royale!" 

The moment Grandpa Yofan gave the signal, the two groups in different venues instantly activated their special abilities and started to attack each other. 

"Ahhhh! Take this, sleeping gas!" 

"Fire meteor!" 

"Water helmet!" 

"Hypnosis! Sleep, sleep!" 

Some of the ability users used offensive attacks, some used manipulative abilities and some used passive abilities that could help them stay as a survivor. 

While the members were busy showing off their abilities, the judges were also silently doing their job. 

They're searching for any spies! 

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