Ru Xin nearly lost consciousness. The kettle and the tea cup fell from his hands on that floor and shattered into pieces. The hot tea splashed everywhere. He wanted to struggle but the man was too strong. He couldn't barely ask, "…Who… are you….?"

The stranger didn't answer him. That person was covered top to bottom in sky blue clothes. Ru Xin could only see the hostility and hatred in that person's eyes.

Ru Xin's face turned red and he slowly stopped struggling. Just when he was about to die, Mu Lan walked in hearing some noise. "Big brother Xin, are you okay? I think you broke something-" She halted seeing the scenario in front of her. At first, she thought that it was an assassin sent by The Mongoose and then she thought that it might be Ru Xin's enemy but later she had to change her mind when the so-called assassin looked at her with astonishment.

The assassin let go of Ru Xin and called out, "Kid, is that you?"

Ru Xin fell on the floor and lost consciousness. His hands and face were cut by the shattered pieces of cup and kettle.

Mu Lan instantly figured out who that person was. "Pedro, what on earth are you doing?!" She ran forward and went to sit beside Ru Xin and she was caught.

Pedro grabbed her both shoulders and said, "Aren't you supposed to be dead?"

Mu Lan blinked. "Should I die?"

Pedro checked her thoroughly and made sure that she was the real one. After that he exclaimed, "You are alright!"

Mu Lan was ever more stunned than he was. "Why do you look so surprised? Wait… don't tell me Shin lied to you!"

Pedro became gloomy and said, "…He said that you were dying."

Mu Lan's jaw dropped. Then she helplessly shook her head and then looked down at the unconscious man. She used her power to make Ru Xin's body fly towards his bedroom. She coughed vigorously before saying, "Big brother Xin is an old acquaintance of mine and saved me in Hong Kong. I'm staying here because this is the last place my enemy will look at."

Pedro frowned. "Why are you coughing? I'll make your medicine right now."

Mu Lan interrupted him, "Treat his injuries first. He is bleeding. He has been taking care of me. I'm better than before. It won't harm if you treat me fifteen minutes later." She coughed again.

Pedro said, "Alright, don't talk anymore." He went to Ru Xin's room to treat him first. Mu Lan showed him the way.

Since Ru Xin was an outsider, Pedro didn't show him any mercy. He didn't sleep for two days and then Shin pranked him. It was losing control over his emotion. So, when he treated Ru Xin, he used a cheap medicine which burnt Ru Xin's injury, making him gain consciousness. He flinched. Pedro used more strength making him groan in pain.

Mu Lan shook her head again. She opened her mouth to say something but watching Pedro's expression, she gulped down whatever she wanted to say. There was nothing she could do to make this person feel better.

Luckily, Ru Xin's didn't complain or disturb Pedro while he was working. Seeing Mu Lan helping Pedro silently, he realized that she knew him. It made him relax.

After Pedro was done with him, he stood up and said, "Rest a while. Don't let your injuries get wet." He looked at Mu Lan and said, "Take me to your room."

"There is a clinic on the first floor. I will take you there first." Mu Lan told him and then glanced at Ru Xin who was looking at her curiously. She smiled and said, "Rest for now. I will talk to you later."

After that, both of them left. Mu Lan took Pedro to the clinic. Pedro looked around and commented, "You are living in luxury."

"Haha…" Mu Lan let out a dry laugh. She sat down and let Pedro check-up. When he checked her pulse, he frowned. "Kid, you are pregnant."

Mu Lan's heart was filled with joy. However, thinking about the drug, her expression sank. "Is the baby okay?" She coughed again.

Pedro nodded. "It should be. Did you take drugs or something? The pulse is weak but I'm sure the fetus is two months old. Moreover, you know that your blood is special so, don't worry about your child. Your blood will protect it. But before I check the fetus, let me give you some medicine. It will help both of you." He opened his pouch and took out a glass bottle with dry leaves. "It will be more effective if you take it with warm tea. Take me to the kitchen."

After Pedro made tea, he put one of the leaves in the cup and let her drink. "You go and take some rest. After that, you will be fine in no time. In the meantime, I'll prepare lunch for us."

Mu Lan asked concernedly, "But what about you? I think you need to sleep more than I do."

Pedro waved his hand and said, "Do you think if I sleep now, I will wake up within twelve hours?"

Mu Lan scratched her head. She realized that Pedro was a walking dead. It wasn't the first time she experienced it. She only asked, "If you feel bad, where will you sleep?"

Pedro flatly answered, "In the clinic."

Mu Lan nodded. 'Alright, it is a perfect place for him. No wonder about that.'

Before she went back to her room, she visited Ru Xin. She sighed and apologized to him. "I'm so sorry that you have to suffer like that. He is way too strong."

Ru Xin asked, "Who is he?!"

She answered truthfully, "He is a father figure. I grew up with him. Does your neck still hurt?"

Ru Xin lied, "Not at all. The medicine is working. He is a good doctor."

Mu Lan nodded. "He is. That's why I told him to take care of me. Look I hardly cough now."

Now that she mentioned, Ru Xin noticed it. "What did he make you drink?"

Mu Lan shrugged. She had no clue what kind of leaf it was.

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