She looked at the bread that was plastered with butter and put it down on the plate. "I should go on a diet."

Upon hearing her words, Ru Xin chuckled. "I don't think you need to do that. Just walk a mile and do some exercises. I can let you borrow my bicycle too. Don't waste food."

Mu Lan took the bread once again and chewed gloomily. Afterwards, she went to the clinic that Ru Xin was talking about and checked her weight first. She gasped seeing the number. She gained five kilograms. She covered her mouth and asked herself, 'Is this a curse?'

She looked at the large mirror standing in the corner. Then, she rolled up her t-shirt and looked at her stomach through the mirror. She slowly rubbed it a few times and went into deep thought. Suddenly something came into her mind and she rushed out of the clinic. She walked outside of the castle and went to the small vegetable garden where Ru Xin was. She said, "Big brother Xin, is there any radio room in this castle?" She thought since Ru Xin's main base was in this castle, then there could be a radio room to contact other army bases.

Ru Xin blinked at her not knowing why she asked about the radio out of the blue. He said, "Yes, there is. It's in the basement. Let me show you the way." He stood up, took off his gloves and put them on the fence before leading her inside the castle.

It was a dark basement and the lights were dim. It was cold down there. Mu Lan shivered. Ru Xin opened a door and went inside. She followed him.

"This is the radio room." Ru Xin told her. He turned to face her and asked, "What will you do in here?"

Mu Lan didn't answer him. She asked him back, "It won't be a problem if I create a massacre here, will it?" She couldn't help but cough a few more times.

Ru Xin turned on the heater. He hesitated before asking, "…Umm… what kind of massacre?"

Mu Lan shrugged. "Just doing some stuff like taking some wires and changing some programs."

"Can I stay here with you?" Ru Xin asked. He couldn't let her do whatever he wanted in this room.

"I guess not." She directly refused.

"…Please… just don't do something that will make me regret giving you permission." He didn't want her to be here at all. If possible, he wouldn't show her this place. It was a top-secret place for the army. No civilians were allowed. If the higher ups find out about this, he would be sentenced for treason.

Mu Lan waved her hands. "I was just joking. You can stay here with me but you can't see what I'm going to do."

Upon hearing that Ru Xin sighed in relief. He watched her taking out some wires from the radio and attaching it with her new cell phone that was given by him. He never saw someone type so fast that he couldn't see her fingers properly. "Little Lan, are you a hacker?"

Mu Lan smirked. "I'm a game programmer, not a hacker… alright, I'm done with the software." She looked at Ru Xin and continued, "My work is done. Let's get out of here."

"What did you do?" Ru Xin asked curiously.

"I just made a toy. Nothing special." She grinned.

"…" Ru Xin was speechless. 'Hello? I'm the one who lent you my official top-secret place, alright?'

Mu Lan went back to her room and closed the door. She dialed a random number and called. It rang three times and then someone answered the call.

"Who is it?" A familiar voice asked.

Mu Lan got excited. She said, "Shin, it's me."

"Princess! Is that you?" Shintaro was shocked.

"It's me… cough!" Mu Lan admitted.

Shintaro looked at the number in the screen of his cell phone and asked, "From what sh*tty number have you called?"

Mu Lan waved her hand. "That's a long story. Hey, listen, I called you for an urgent matter."

"Is it because you caught a cold?" Shintaro asked. "What did those Li boys do to you to make you sick?" His tone was full of anger.

Mu Lan shook her head. "Li Sheng indeed locked me up in a cold place for two months but that's not the issue now-"

Shintaro got mad. "What do you mean it's not an issue? It's a big issue! More importantly something happened to Li Sheng and I believe it is your doing. That elder Li boy is searching for you insanely. His younger brother was also attached to The Mongoose. I'm damn sure that they are looking for you too. You cannot fool them. I think they are already suspecting you for being the culprit. After all, you left the moment his body disappeared in the dark night. Princess, you cannot get out of China now and don't dare to use your power."

Mu Lan bit down her lower lip. "…That's going to be a problem. What will I do now?"

Shintaro asked, "Where are you now?"

She answered, "I'm on the island where I was kidnapped before. In big brother Xin's turf."

Shintaro frowned. "Who is that? Wait a second, are you saying that you have been kidnapped again?"

She hurriedly said, "No, no, he is helping me to hide. He is Major General Ru Xin, General Xin's son."

Shintaro replied, "Oh, I remember. But is he a good boy? Didn't he poison you?"

"We are old acquaintances and, no, he won't hurt me anymore. I can guarantee it." Mu Lan coughed again. "I'm taking medicine, so don't worry about that. But I need Pedro here for my checkup. Can he come?"

Shintaro thought about it. "It will be a bad time for us to go there. If we have nothing to worry about your health, why do you want him to go there? It'll be risky for you. The Mongoose might identify you."

Mu Lan said, "I think I'm pregnant."

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