Both brothers barged into the room and were shocked to see the inside.

"What?!" Mu Feng exclaimed.

Mu Liang frowned. Mu Lan wasn't in the room. The room was empty and the windows were wide open. The curtains were dancing in the wind. He scanned the whole room to check if there was anything Mu Lan used to get out the room through the window. However, there was no rope or anything that was being used by her to leave the third floor.

Mu Feng looked around and stood beside Mu Liang in front of the open windows. "There is no way that she jumped from here, right?"

"She is a good athlete." Mu Liang commented. His eyes were down in the dark place. "Let's go outside to check if she is injured or not."

"B-but… how can we search for her when Li Sheng is probably dead?" Mu Feng gulped. "Do you think his death is related to sister Lan?" Even if he asked that, he couldn't believe that Mu Lan could do something like that. It was more like horror movies when an evil spirit tried to kill God's followers.

"We will know after we find her." Mu Liang had a hunch that Mu Lan could move Li Sheng's body with her power but he couldn't imagine that Mu Lan would do something so terrifying. He gritted his teeth and sped up his walking.

At that moment, there were two possibilities. One, the attacker killed Li Sheng and took Mu Lan to hurt her or to rescue her and two, Mu Lan herself attacked Li Sheng and as she found a chance, she escaped. Mu Liang prayed for the second option.

Soon they reached the ground and stoop under Mu Lan's balcony. Mu Feng turned on the torch in his mobile and searched for clues. It was the backside of the mansion and the ground was wet. Probably the gardener watered the flower plants.

Mu Liang crouched down and pointed out a place. "The bed of the grass here is lying low. Someone fell in here, from the mansion or a tree." He touched the grass and then looked up. It was exactly under the open windows of the third floor beside the balcony. If anyone fell, it was Mu Lan.

Mu Feng also scanned the area. He commented, "I don't think she is injured. There is no trace of blood."

Mu Liang looked around. 'Where did she go?' He thought. "Since I told her that she couldn't go out of this country with me, she decided to go by herself. Now she doesn't have to worry about her friend's safety. It won't be a problem for her to leave." However, The Mongoose and Juan's warning for not using her power during her stay in China made him worried.

He thought, 'She used her power. What if the enemy notices her?' He couldn't talk about it to his brother because the less people knew about Mu Lan, the better. He kept his thoughts to himself.

Mu Feng stood up. "Since she left by herself, we should get inside the mansion before anyone notices our odd behavior."

"Let's go." Mu Liang stood up and left with Mu Feng.

On the way, Mu Feng asked in a hushed tone, "Don't you think Li Sheng's accident was unbelievable. I'm a thousand percent sure that it has nothing to do with a normal human being. There was no wire tied up with his body. Could it be The Cobra might have done that?"

Mu Liang shook his head. "They are not related to it. But something similar…" He knew that The Cobra wouldn't come to help Mu Lan for her own safety.

Unknown to them, someone was standing in the dark corner and heard Mu Feng talking about The Cobra. That person flinched. 'T-The Cobra? Are they related to the incident that happened to Li Sheng? I must inform my master as soon as possible.'


Mu Lan flew towards the south but fell on the ground once again. "Huf! Huf! Huf!" Her heart was racing and she took a deep breath. She was sweating heavily because of excessive power loss. Torturing Li Sheng didn't take that much of her power. It was quite easy. However, the distance between Hong Kong and Beijing was 1,965 kilometers. To make the Li Family suffer, she used her power to send him flying to Beijing where his family lived. She was planning to smash the body in front of the entrance of the mansion of the Li Family.

To her, it was nothing personal between him and her. Li Sheng didn't hurt her in the past but his brother Li Shen and that's why after coming back to China, she planned to punish Li Shen. But Li Sheng had a death wish and so, he hurt Mu Lan for who knew why. That's why she didn't let him go either. No matter who it was, as long as they hurt her, they wouldn't have a good ending. She wasn't the Terror of The Cobra for nothing. She loved to bathe in the blood. But she wouldn't hurt the innocent. Since the evil people gave her a chance to bathe in the blood, she would gladly eliminate them.

However, now she was exhausted. She wanted to leave Hong Kong as soon as possible. Or else, she might blow up Mu Liang, Mu Feng and Hugo's disguise.

She was amazed how reckless those three were, coming here all by themselves just to rescue her. Then again, to get the enemies trust, they had to come without guards.

Because of political reasons, no matter how powerful Mu Liang was, he couldn't take her out of this country. If the enemy doubt something, Mu Liang wouldn't go out of this country in one piece. That's why, there was no reason for her to stick to him. Xue Lin wasn't holding her back anymore either. At first, she distracted her enemy by taking care of their boss. Then, using her power, she could hide somewhere and after regaining her strength, she would leave.

Mu Lan hid herself in the back alley. Hong Kong was the main hideout for the criminals. Back alleys weren't safe in here. But she couldn't go out of the street either.

"Huf! Huf! Cough! Cough! Cough!" She covered her mouth and tried to stay low as much as possible.

And just then, a car stopped right in front of her and the driver opened the window.

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