Chapter 164 Reincarnation Earth Immortal Realm!

The sudden lightning shocked the Heavenly Troops.

They thought that it was an enemy attack and immediately reported it to the Heavenly Generals. Then, they began to investigate where the lightning came from.

In next to no time, a Heavenly General wearing heavy silver armor and a crown made of phoenix wings and beads rushed over with a large blade.

This Heavenly General had a dignified appearance and his eyes were like torches. He was awe-inspiring even without showing emotions.

“Where did the lightning come from?” The Heavenly General asked in a low voice.

A Heavenly Soldier replied, “From a mortal world.”

“A mortal world?”

The Heavenly General became interested. He took a few steps forward and took out a mirror. He looked down and used his left hand to cast a spell on the back of the mirror.

The mirror shone and shot into the sea of clouds.

Before long, the light vanished. The Heavenly General raised the mirror and saw the scene of Ji Xianshen transcending the tribulation.

“Eh? Such a prodigy has appeared in the mortal world again. To be able to shake the heavenly rules, he’s truly impressive.”

The Heavenly General muttered as his eyes lit up.

He had to take this kid under his wing!

Thirty years later.

Han Jue successfully broke through to the perfected Reincarnation Loose Immortal Realm.

This speed of breakthrough was not much slower than before the Loose Immortal Realm. It could even be said to be about the same.

In the past, he could break through a major realm in about a hundred years. Now, it was about the same.

After breaking through, Han Jue took out the Book of Misfortune and started to do his daily missions.

Every ten years, he would curse once to prevent his enemies from living too comfortably. While cursing, he checked his emails.

(Your disciple Tu Ling’er was attacked by demon beasts] x10489

(Your disciple Tu Ling’er was attacked by a Demon King and was severely injured. At the critical moment, she activated the soul power of a Grand Magus.)

[Your grand-disciple Fang Liang has returned to the mortal world. His providence has increased greatly.] (Your good friend Ji Xianshen received a dream from an Immortal God. His providence has increased greatly.)

(Your good friend Zhou Fan has comprehended an ancient Mystical Power. His cultivation has increased greatly.]

(Your good friend Liu Bumie was attacked by a sinister demon and was severely injured.)

(Your grand-disciple Fang Liang sacrificed himself to save the saintess of the demon race who had transformed into a fish. His cultivation has increased greatly.]

Was this the terminal lucidity of the Heavenly Dao?

How terrifying!

Han Jue couldn’t help but retort internally.

Many people obtained opportunities!

Han Jue noticed that Liu Bumie was attacked by demons. The current Liu Bumie was the Elder of Discipline of the Jade Pure Sacred Sect and had a special status.

He checked his profile. It was still there, which meant that he was fine.

Han Jue continued cursing.

Half a month later.

He began to cultivate the Six Paths of Reincarnation Technique and prepared to break through to the Earth Immortal Realm!

He placed the Heaven Evading Stone at his waist. The closer the stone was to him, the safer he felt.

He wondered how long the Heaven Evading Stone could let him stay in the mortal world.

The Immortal Qi of the Cultivate Diligently Become Immortal Mountain surged towards him. A whirlwind formed in the cave abode, preventing Dao Comprehension Sword from cultivating in peace.

Han Jue let Dao Comprehension Sword out.

This time, he had to break through to the Earth Immortal Realm!

Under the blue sky, the sea was vast.

On the beach, Fang Liang sat on the reef and looked at the sky, lost in thought.

He was no longer the youth from before. He had matured and his shoulders had broadened.

A graceful woman in black walked out of the forest behind him. She had a beautiful face and a pair of beast ears on her head. Walking to Fang Liang’s side and sitting down, she said softly, “Liang, what do you plan to do next?”

Fang Liang came back to his senses and said, “I want to go back and see my Grandmaster.”

“Why? Didn’t you say you were going to ask my father for my hand in marriage?”

“This matter needs my Grandmaster’s approval.”

“Oh? You were raised by your Grandmaster?”

“No. But without my Grandmaster, I wouldn’t be who I am today.”

“I’ll go with you?”

“You can go back first. Once my Grandmaster agrees, I’ll immediately propose a marriage.”

“What if your Grandmaster doesn’t agree?”

“He will. Don’t worry. My Grandmaster doesn’t like to interfere in our private affairs. I just feel that we have to inform him first. This is respect.” “Fine.”

The woman in black frowned, but she still agreed.

Fang Liang stood up and said, “That’s all. See you next time.”

The woman in black responded and watched him leave.

“Hmph, this is the kid you like? Although his potential isn’t bad, he’s already so old, yet he still listens to his Grandmaster. Could it be that his Grandmaster is a Mahayana cultivator?”

A rough and imposing voice sounded in the black-robed woman’s ears.

The woman in black said coquettishly, “Isn’t that good? He’s very filial.”

“The relationship between humans and demons is hard to say. If his Grandmaster objects…”

“No! Liang won’t give up on me!”

“Then let’s wait and see.”

Two years later.

Han Jue finally broke through!

[Name: Han Jue]

(Lifespan: 873 / 5,761,200]

[Race: Immortal]

(Cultivation: Early-stage of the Reincarnation Earth Immortal Realm]

Looking at his attributes panel, Han Jue was very excited.

5.7 million years of lifespan! This was true longevity!

Han Jue’s Dharmic powers continued to increase and his divine sense also strengthened.

After stepping into the Earth Immortal Realm, all his senses had transformed. The world had become different in his eyes.

“I can’t be proud. This cultivation is nothing!”

Han Jue thought silently.

After breaking through, he still had to hurry up and cultivate. Half a year later, Han Jue completely consolidated his Earth Immortal Realm Dharmic powers.

To celebrate this matter, he took out the Book of Misfortune and began grinding his daily missions.

After cursing, he called Dao Comprehension Sword back in and continued cultivating.

Dao Comprehension Sword asked curiously, “Master, you broke through again?”

She was also becoming stronger, but Han Jue was becoming more and more unfathomable in her eyes.

“Yes,” Han Jue replied casually.

Dao Comprehension Sword continued, “Xun Chang’an wants to talk to you, but he doesn’t dare.”

Hearing this, Han Jue opened his eyes and asked, “What is it?”.

“He wants to find Miss Qian’er’s reincarnation. During this period of time, he didn’t cultivate. He sat under the Fusang Tree as if he had lost his soul.”

Dao Comprehension Sword shook her head.

She couldn’t understand Xun Chang’an’s state.

Did he have to be this obsessed with that woman?

Han Jue remained silent.

Was the curse of the Divine Buddha so terrifying? The Heartless Flying Sword couldn’t make Xun Chang’an completely forget her.

“Forget it. Let Qi’er accompany his master. It’s a good opportunity to train him,” Han Jue said.

Murong Qi had already returned and was cultivating under the Fusang Tree.

Dao Comprehension Sword immediately stood up to pass the message. Originally distracted, Xun Chang’an immediately got up excitedly and kowtowed to the Connate Cave Abode.

Murong Qi curled his lips and said, “I’ll protect my master?”

Xun Chang’an glared at him and said angrily, “What? You don’t acknowledge me as your master?”

“No, I just feel that you’ve nothing better to do. There are many women in the world, but you insist on pursuing one.”

“Hmph, you don’t understand. The most sincere, pure, and sacred thing in the world is love.”

“Can love not break through the obstacle of appearance?”

Not far away, Yang Tiandong was envious. This ugly monk was really lucky to have such a powerful disciple accompanying him.

If he had such a powerful disciple, why would he worry about not becoming a Demon King and having immense power?

Perfect. After he leaves, if Master wants to take in a new disciple, I can become a master too. Yang Tiandong thought happily. He was too envious of Murong Qi and Fang Liang.

Their talent was too ridiculous!

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